中国经济的历史 The Historic Economy of China

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Kim Jong-un
no mention of the opium wars this really is an over simplifications of why china lost its dominance
Zeitgeist X
I like how your mis stated PPP. You should've explained that it's not just poor countries but also countries that keep their currency exchange rates low versus the dollar like Japan. During Abe's version of QE their GDP took a due to Japan artificially keeping the value of the yen down. You literally say the reported income and profit reports of Japan's largest corporations in USD dropping drastically from one quarter to the next due to the change in the yen's value.
blaze armoru
A bit of an off question but do you have more information regarding comparative wars within china VS within the western world, and how far back that information spans? I'm curious about way back in the 3 kingdoms era when china kept breaking apart due to total incompetence. :x
Indiana Thrills
Economics Explained but what about the future of the Chinese economy and could it take over the US? We can see now that the US and other countries are being harsh on the totalitarian CCP due to the Hong Kong Protests and how they suck at treating its citizens with respect and giving them freedom. In the US and other western nations a political shift is occurring which is bringing in more business friendly and anti socialist leaders; and since the trade war began business have been moving back to the US especially in the past year. While China is facing instability and protests. So can the question is can China overtake the US or due to political and economic reasons fall further behind and potentially be passed by another country?
S Smart
Meanwhile India have finally become a world famous rapist and the most polluted nation in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tian le Zheng
we are happy to see you can make the world to know real China
Tobias Grieg-Halvorsen
Not entirely accurate that Rome's knowledge was "lost". The Roman empire kept on going with all its knowledge through the Byzantine Empire. Many of the younger nations of the Western Roman Empire (Spain, Frankisk Empire) continued as "smaller Roman Empires". You are right though to say that some technology, such as cement/concrete, was either lost or just abandoned as trade faded out with the collapse of the Roman Empire and roads were therefore not a primary concern.
Durandisse84 Durandisse
China has no throne. Too many of their people still work in U.S. factories for pennies on the dollar.
Oh no, US is not going to like this video. Especially US is trying every trick in the playbook to ban Huawei 5G.
Still depicting Africa as poor and starving in 2019. $10K in Lagos Nigeria won't do nearly as much as u said it would. Do proper research and stop depicting African countries as poor and starving. Many Africans like myself do business in Africa and live far better lives than many Americans and Europeans. I recommend u read Factfulness by Hans Rosling. Someone with a channel like yours should have depth, and not just making videos for ad revenue.
Alex Zhang
Indiana Thrills i don't know why US government cheats his citizen that Chinese people don't like their government. In fact, 91% Chinese people think China is on the right way to rise. (some HK students are exception, NGO from US there to teach them). You really think US care Chinese people's right, No! Look at Huawei.
@Torque  This assclown didn't do any research whatsoever and simply pulled random 'facts/statistics' from his ass. You have to understand that he is a typical ignorant, white westerner who thinks he could go to Lagos with 100 of whatever currency his country uses and expect to live like a king then gets mad when reality hits them.
I find that you neglected the western invasion and colonization of China in the 19th century. Maybe you can consider that China's backwardness in the 20th century is because it was robbed of wealth by Westerners. The British and French burned down Chinese palaces, slaughtered Chinese people and plundered Chinese land. That's why in the 20th century China's economy declined and its political situation became unstable.
@blaze armoru It didnt keep breaking apart, 3 kingdoms were consolidated, wei ended up conquering shu(and parts of korea which were also in their own 3 kingdoms period), sima clan overthrew wei and established jin and conquered wu.
Duncan Black
Dude, $10,000 it's a year rent in urban cities, you can't build a house sorry to disappoint you
The rise and fall and rise and fall and rise and fall and rise and fall and rise and fall and rice of china
it'll fall again
Darwin Magsino
@milky well if china surpassing usa to become worlds biggest economy it will hard for another countries to surpass china because by 2050 Chinas economy will be 3x bigger than usa economy in the coming future...

Pete Petersen
I'm half Chinese so I can be honest. The Indians have better rice.
Roy Ji
@Pete Petersen totally agreed. Chinese and Thai rice is full of sugar. Indian and Pakistan rice is more healthy.
northKorean out
The international community ignores China's inconvenient or bad things Many people in the world who should protest human rights repression, speech repression and democratization to China forever do not know China
Erwin GoBig
More accurately, before industrialization, China is the only single powerhouse in Asia, so China didn't fall, it only breaks into pieces and units again.
Frank El Tanka yes, ancient China had been strong in history, just like other ancient civilisations. But it fell multiple times. It fell due to barbaric invasions. As an example, there was a Chinese anti-Mongolian war, when China was in war defending Mongolian invasion in 12DC, and lost 70% of it’s population. It took hundreds of years to pull it up and rise again.
That's right, only China can cycle thru the rise and fall for 5000 years, most empires go extinct in a much shorter time frame.
SO smart this comment esp the use of rice. Racists are the lowest denominator of the human race.
Bnei Bľanco
@just your average joe hope they can rise after the fall...they going to need a lot of slave labor bcuz that was what made them great..
Chng Chee Hwee
China has many areas to learn from Western countries.
Chng Chee Hwee
@Darwin Magsino India is catching up, China still has so much to learn.
Andrew Smith
@just your average joe I'd be more impressed if America too like China survived from.the Bronze Age of Humanity to this day. Surviving smallpox, plague out reals, the Huns, Advent of gunpowder weapons and countless invasions/raiders
Taiwan Sausage
@Chng Chee Hwee  nah....india needs an indian version of chairman mao to rise. india's massive population and deep rooted caste system are major barricades to modernity and industrialization. even tho the western medias are trying very hard to prop up india, india will never be able to turn itself into an industrialized nation before it makes massive social and cultural reforms.
Bruce Yeh
@Subramanian Mani Unless USA fell apart in the future, India max level is the 3rd largest economy.
@Darwin Magsino Its very hard to surpass an economy as an export economy. If the countries decide to not trade with you, your kinda boned. A consumer economy with a mix of local business and international one is better like how the US only relies on 7-8 percent of international trade while countries like Germany depends on the US cause it is 30-45ish percent of the exports.
很难超越一个出口型经济体。如果这些国家决定不和你做生意,你就会变得骨瘦如柴。一个混合了本地企业和国际企业的消费经济更好,就像美国只依赖7% - 8%的国际贸易,而像德国这样的国家依赖美国,因为它的出口占30% - 45%左右。
James Hui
@MeGawOOt99  buttttttt why would countries not want to trade?
@James Hui Well US has all the natural resource and farmland. They only thing other countries can offer is the same products at a cheaper price. Like I always said access to market is not a right its a privilege. Allies should trade with one another, but I don't see the point of trading with countries that are actively trying to undermine your country. No matter how cheap their goods are.
James Hui
@MeGawOOt99 actively trying to undermine your country???? where did you learn that from?? if anything it's only the other way around also providing cheap goods is only benefitial to everyone, sounds to me you are just biased against china
@James Hui  You mean like places like China? The man-made islands which are illegal internationally and was told they were refueling islands and promised not to militarize them? Countries that will talk about rule of law but willing to cancel them at a moments notice when there are protest. Promises of 50 years of independent rule broken? (Hong Kong). Reeducation camps of Muslims forcing them to drink alcohol and eat pork? All I am saying is you should trade with countries with the same values as you. Its simple. We don't need Venezuela, China, Iran, or Russia. They want to join in trading with the west, its simple. Reform. Establish rule of law. Countries like Poland did it.
@James Hui Its pure and simple a country who funds 22-28 percent ($10 billion in 2017) regular budget to the UN, US finanical commitment to the IMF is $128billion, 11 percent (Highest contribution at 22billion) to the WTO. Apparently all countries are the same right? Its pure and simple world institution is like a corporation. We have shares, US has the highest shares we have the highest amount of say because of it. Does someone want to more say in world stage. Simple spend more. No one is stopping you or your country from buying more shares. Explain why do we need to be multi-lateral with our decision when we fund most of it? The US financial system is literally the bank of the world. 100 Percent of naval commercial insurance is American.
它(美国)是一个单纯的国家,向联合国提供22% - 28%(2017年100亿美元)的经常预算,美国对IMF的财政承诺是1280亿美元,向世贸组织的贡献是11%(最高的220亿美元)。显然所有国家都是一样的,对吗?纯粹而简单的世界机构就像一个公司。我们美国有最高的股份,因此我们有最高的发言权。有人想在世界舞台上有更多发言权吗?很简单,花更多的钱。没有人阻止你或你的国家购买更多的股份。解释一下,当我们为大部分决策提供资金时,为什么我们需要进行多方决策?美国金融体系简直就是世界银行。海军商业保险100%是美国的。
James Hui
​@MeGawOOt99 looks like the trade war did do something to you, negatively that is, as you obviously cant comprehend what i'm saying this was never about the US, stop praising a country built on blood money and stolen technology my first question as actually very simple to understand - why would any country stop trading with china, not just US then i ask how china is undermining the US, and you dismiss the question by speaking about american propaganda, BOO CHINA BAD BOO unasked for, you again boast about how the US is the most powerful country in the world, further emphasising the ignorance and bias towards the US you have perhaps you just have to accept that fact that the growth of the chinese economy is at a much faster rate than that of the US, and it is just the variable of time that is stopping china from becoming the largest economically developed country
James Hui
@MeGawOOt99  well well well, look who avoided my question once again
James Hui
@MeGawOOt99 im not answering your questions until you answer my questions strange how you always seem to go off topic and start praising the usa and their power
@MeGawOOt99 laughing looking at you praising u.s, look at daylight bombing on iraq, u.s troop raping japan civilian, both country vote for u.s leaves democracy, but ya u.s doesn;t care about it.
Soumya Banerjee
Stability is the foundation of a good economy. * Everybody agreed with that *
Internet Troll
stability through fear is tyranny. that's the kind of stability China is.
I don't agree with that. Stability is the foundation of measuring an economy. @Internet Troll it definitely is a tyranny... but so every other large nation state. Freedom can only be local, and voluntary, no matter where you are.
Fusion um definitely not every other large nation state. US is nothing like China. When you live in China you hear what they want you to hear and say what they want you to say. Unless you want to break the law and use a VPN.
@OG C other nations are a lot nicer to you while they take taxes from you and regulate your life by force. But if the threat is violence or loss of liberty if you don't comply, it's a tyranny. Yes, the US is nothing like China. I'm American, and I have lived in China. But anything that is not voluntary, without coercion, can only be called "involuntary" or "coerced" - this is why I say that freedom can only be local. You can actually change things at the local level. This way of thinking is called "libertarian."
@Internet Troll  That is largely incorrect. The stability in China is achieved through maximizing the economic vitality for the majority of the population and the use of propaganda and information control. Most people are no more fearful of the government than are fearful of not being able to climb up the socio-economic ladder. Fear alone is never enough to control and unite a country the size of China.
Wong Xuance
Don't say that China has VPN so that they cannot access to the foreign networks, you can easily do that with downloading an app, and there are around 110million people using these way for better information! But interestingly , after they could access to the foreign network they become more Pro-Peking, since they know how fake the western media are. The only question about Chinese news is information limit, unlike u guys who are telling lies or saying something that is only based on ur guess!
niel liang
@Fusion  I merely got a plain question for your opinion. If you think the privilege of freedom in China is contrived, reticent, and inhibited that why you have to insist on staying and living in China. Likewise, I had been living and working in the US for a couple of years, yet I disliked the environment there so that I moved to other nations for living. Of course, I may still go back to tackle a few business assignments sometimes if I needed, still, I wouldn't fight against my will to live there.
niel liang
@Fusion don't need to apologize for your authentic experience and story and I didn't criticize you nor get irritated by what you had replied above, hence, don't get me wrong. The sole factor I asked you for the question is that I was curious about your circumstances, thereby feeling regret for you. As my modest notion, I empathize with what you had been through due to a similar situation like yours I had been in the US, which was veracious shoddy and dire dimensions most people won't encounter in the world. Anyway, I'm just happy for you about the outcome finally you made. Appreciate your share.
Many European wars and the driver for exploration was them just trying to get better trade routes to China.
and Europeans didn't bring opium into China. Chinese people did that, and the market for selling opium to the Chinese existed before The White Man arrived.
There has never been a driver of exploration. Sure columbus might have wanted to explore, but he wouldn't have gotten the funding if it weren't for the economic incentives. 
@Tezzeen Colimbus literally set out with the goal of sailing into Asia, and he thought that was possible with supplies because he got his numbers wrong when calculating the size of the Earth
Stalin Steel
@Fusion Funny we Hispanics can say the same thing about the Anglos up North, you made the drug problem on your own.
Singapore Capitalist
He also conveniently omitted the Opium wars. Just saying that China was unstable.
J 19
@Singapore Captialist - What he’s saying is that in the 20th century China had lots of civil wars from 1912. The opium wars didn’t make China unstable
Paper Cat
True because current Chinese likes learn from out side. Whites seems like they don’t give a shit most of the time









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