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Allie Cat 305
One of the things I loved about the animated Mulan was that she used more of her quick thinking and brains to solve the conflicts than her fighting ability so to hear that she was basically the chosen one and some supreme fighter in the live action is super disappointing.


Stefannia Rios
Why disney� Mulan is such a masterpiece the animation was my childhood! From start to finish it was such a dramatic and epic movie! This live action remake didn’t do it for me, it was boring and I felt like it was missing the comedic aspect and the music, as well as the connection between the characters. The ancestors/ grandma/ cricket/ mushu the dragon/ and yes the incredible music and songs that made the movie! Ughhhhh �

为什么啊,迪士尼的花木兰这种杰作是我的童年啊! 这部史诗级的电影从头到尾都非常有戏剧性! 但是这次的真人翻拍我感觉没有做到那么好,很无聊,我觉得它缺少了喜剧,音乐以及角色之间的联系。是祖先/祖母/木须龙/和完美的的音乐和歌曲成就了这部电影!  啊啊啊啊啊.....


The sad part is that Disney knows it’s going to continue to make money for releasing sub-par movies just because of how big a name it is. People need to stop watching their movies until they start putting some effort in, releasing movies with smart writing, heart and charisma, things we used to associate with Disney. Walt would be rolling in his grave.

可悲的是,迪斯尼会继续利用著名故事的名气,然后把它们做成垃圾电影来赚钱。 我认为在他们开始下功夫制作具有有内涵,有心和真正吸引人的电影之前都不要再看了,直到他找回初心,回到真正的”迪士尼”。 沃尔特的棺材板都要按不住了。


Another film whose theme is that identity > struggle, hard work, and action. Another pseudo-feminist film that fails to stick the landing. Films that truly honor the courage, capability, and worth of women (like the animated version of Mulan) are hard to come by these days. RIP 90’s Disney,RIP.

又是一部身份大于奋斗的电影, 一部失败的伪女权电影。 如今,几乎没有一部电影能够真正颂扬女性的勇气,能力和价值(例如《花木兰》的动画版本)。  安息吧,90岁的迪士尼,安息吧。

Mary Winter
So, instead of having a strong main character, who is strong because of their own efforts and bravery... we get a main character who’s always been strong, and has no character development?
That’s... that’s sad � I always liked to see Mulan because it motivated me to do my best. I really enjoyed seeing her climb that tower and show all the men that she’s smarter and more dedicated, it was my favorite scene as a kid. Seeing a character struggle to then rise to the top feels amazing, specially if you relate to them as a kid like I did.
It... it motivates you. It motivated me, a sensitive kid who was bullied and wanted to disappear, who was laughed at. Mulan motivated me, helped me become strong.
Idk, haven’t seen that movie yet so I can’t say it’s bad or good... but this is already a bit disappointing �
Edit: grammar mistakes, sorry. English is not my first language!

 …那是可悲的,我一直很想看花木兰,因为它激发了我去尽我所能去奋斗。 我真的很高兴看到她爬上那座塔向所有男人展示她更聪明,更努力,这是我小时候最喜欢的场景。 看到一个角色努力奋斗,然后走上巅峰的感觉真是太好了,特别是如果像我这样在小时候把自己想象成他们时。
这鼓励了了我,一个敏感的孩子,从小被欺负被嘲笑,总是想挖个地洞消失掉。 花木兰激励了我,帮助我变得坚强。

Rosauno Lalintino
I enjoy watching the remakes most of the time because even though the acting is subpar, I like watching to see how they will elaborate on old characters and I like the new music. Like Emma Watson as Belle was obviously a huge casting mistake but I thought the added snippet of backstory about Belle's mom in BATB was interesting and it was a good moment to help further bond her and beast together and Evermore is a bomb song. With Mulan they gave her some powers but they didn't help develop her character it actually just took away from who she already was, plus they ditched the music so there's really nothing interesting about the movie to keep me or anyone watching. (I didn't buy they movie someone spoiled it for me lol)

我一般挺喜欢看翻拍的电影,因为即便演技不好,我还是喜欢看他们如何处理旧角色,我也很喜欢新的音乐。 就像艾玛·沃特森(Emma Watson)演的《美女与野兽》一样,很明显这是一个巨大的选角失误,但我认为电影里增加的Belle的妈妈在BATB的一小段片段很有趣,这是一个她和野兽进一步建立感情的好时机,而Evermore是一首很燃的歌。 对木兰来说,他们赋予了她主角光环,但他们并没有帮助她发展自己的性格,实际上这已经使她脱离了原本的人设,再加上他们放弃了以前的音乐,所以电影对我或其他人来说不怎么有意思。(我没买他们的电影因为有人为给我剧透了,哈哈)

Felipe neves
Original Mulan: Not necessarily a great fighter, but an amazing tactician with an iron will and a heart of gold
Remake Mulan: Can kick real good
Now guess who is going to be remembered as the "empowering" version of the character




Papi Rooster
They went for a realistic movie, but made it more unrealistic.


Sevag Manoukian
You mentioned about the language in English but Beauty and the Beast is in France and everyone is speaking English.
Why change now because it is in China?


I speak Mandarin and have known the lead actress Liu Yifei (Crystal) for years. And...yeah...she’s always kinda wooden and overly reserved in her roles. She has a very reserved and elegant personality which, in my opinion, she’s never able to shake off while she’s on screen. Definitely NOT the most talented actress in China.
If I were Disney, I would choose a much more capable (and equally beautiful) young Chinese actress such as
 Li Qin, Wu Qian, Yang Zi, Zhang Xueying, Xing fei, Zhang Huiwen etc. There are so many of them out there.

我讲中文,并且认识主演刘亦菲(Crystal)很多年了。 不过我觉得她总是有点笨拙,在角色上过于保守。 她的性格非常内向和优雅,在我看来,演戏的时候她永远都无法摆脱原来的性格,她绝对不是中国最有才华的女演员。


I just rewatched the original (saw it once at the cinema long, long ago). That Mulan was clumsy and awkward and worked hard and used her intelligence to become a great soldier. A great character for a young girl to look up to.  Now it sounds like she just another mary sue.


TJ Jordan
“I like too that Mulan isn’t naturally a fighter.  Nothing about her background or environment would indict that she would be.  In fact, if anything it makes her risk and sacrifice all the more meaningful, she’s going into a fight not knowing how to fight.  She has to learn like everyone else. Which allows growth for the character, as well as growth with the army.”
This quote from a review of the cartoon pretty much sums up what I believe would not happen in the live-action remake


Jeff Kovacs
Ironic isn’t it… they turned Mulan into Rey…


Disney still hasn't learned that one of the main reasons their animated movies are so great is that they are so good at showing us the emotions of the characters via the exaggerated expressions and body language of the animated characters. This does NOT translate to live actors or realistic CGI animals.
Either get some talented writers and directors who specialize in live action films and know how to do this in that medium, or stick with animation.

迪斯尼依旧不知道其动画电影如此出色的主要原因之一是,它们善于通过动画人物的夸张表达和肢体语言向我们展示人物的情感, 这是现场演员或者电脑生成的动物不可能做得到的。

Thank you for paying money to see the film and reviewing it so I don’t have to


Ribotto Studios
Disney's new trend of people being just innately MAGICAL as Chris said goes directly against what Walt Disney himself stood for. Hell his favorite fairy tale was Cinderella was because of her hard work and perseverance. When they say "wish upon a star" most people know YOU have to make that wish a reality like Tiana did. Ugh. Thanks i hate it.


Evelyn Okay
My favorite scene from any Disney movie is when Mulan uses her last night at military camp to climb that gd pole and then throws the arrow at Shang's feet, finally earning his respect



I read a review that stated this Mulan is closer to the Chinese poem, Mulan is actually based of. In fact, Mulan is a historical figure in China. Knowing that, I still read reviews saying the film lacks in many aspects. When I heard there was no Mushu or many of the characters from the animated film, I immediately associated it with the many Chinese movie versions which depict the real Mulan not the animated version we are used to. Despite the fact that it was made by Disney, I was surprised they decided to ditch what made the animated version great. I don’t know when I’ll actually see it. I don’t really want to support the actress who has openly spoken against the HK protesters. Reviews are coming out and they’re not even great, so…

我看了一篇评论说,这部《花木兰》更接近中国的诗歌原著。 实际上,木兰是中国的一位历史人物。 了解这一点以后我还是能看到关于这部电影有很多不足的评论。 当我听说这部电影中没有木须龙和其他角色时,我立刻联想到许多中国的电影版本,它们描绘的是真实的木兰,而不是我们习惯的动画版本。 尽管它是迪士尼制作的,但令我惊讶的是,他们竟然放弃了动画版的优秀之处。 我不知道什么时候才能看到真正优秀的作品, 我真的不想支持这位公开反对HK示威者的女演员。 影评即将发布,但是目前口碑不是很好,所以…


Brett Wood
Welp, that was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I am not kidding. They basically diluted or took away everything that made Mulan's struggle interesting. Also had barely any dialogue, character/friendship development. It was so bad. I felt zero emotion besides complete disbelief with how garbage this movie was

呕,这是我看过的最糟糕的电影之一,我是认真的。 他们基本上淡化或剔除了使木兰的奋斗变得有趣的一切。 也几乎没有任何对话,性格/友谊发展。 太糟糕了,除了完全不相信这部电影多么垃圾之外,全程无感。







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