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本文译自YOUTUBE,原标题:What if A Paper Airplane Was Launched From Space?


Andreas Dahlgren
Don’t do it. Someone gonna get a bad paper cut.
I Pad
U remind me of comedian Russell Peters “somebody gonna get a hurt real bad”
你让我想起了喜剧演员Russell Peters的某些人皮开始痒痒了”。
Ms Ignautus
In those days, that money could buy a piece of land and build a bungalow in our village.

mnldgb d
Can't they at the International Station get a paper's notebook page fold it, throw it and get one of that spy satellites to track it..
Sole Survivor
mnldgb d they also need something else than regular paper otherwise the airplane would have burned up before they could properly test it
Charles Clements
Maybe, but I don't think so. The reason being is because the mass of the object. When the paper airplane hits the atmosphere, the resistance will slow the paper down to where it will not burn up. Remember all other objects that hit the Earth's atmosphere have some amount of mass. The paper, for the most part, is massless.
Rocky Dee
you forgot pressure. No matter how light the mass of an object is multiplied to earths atmospheric pressure. You get the idea
mnldgb d
yes..but they can easily withstand the atmospheric pressure right, I just folded one and it stayed intact!!
是的. .但是它们可以很容易地承受大气压,对吧,我折了一个,它还是完好无损的!!
Charles Clements
Yea, that is true but the paper is so light that it wold not take very much pressure to slow it down, Remember when Baumgardner (I forgot how to spell his name.) did his jump?
Runewolf 77
well it has never been done, so there's a 50/50 chance they may learn something new.

Charles Clements weight relative to surface area. Get the proportion right and it can bleed all of its speed off where the atmosphere is thin and not heat up.
They tested a feather vs a hammer on the moon and they fall at the same speed. The difference on earth is the drag from the atmosphere. The upper atmosphere is very thin so the plane would reach mach 20 and once the atmosphere starts to get thicker on the way down that extra drag on the plane is going to work against it and it would burn quite nicely.

Charles Clements
I am sorry, I am going to have to disagree. Even if the paper plane started out going mach 20, I believe that the light weight would allow it to decelerate quickly enough to prevent it from burning up. Felix Baumgartner, "the world record supersonic skydiver" did not burn up when he re-entered the Earth's atmosphere.
对不起,我不同意。即使这架纸飞机一开始以20马赫的速度飞行,我相信它的质也能让它快速减速,以防止燃烧殆尽。Felix Baumgartner,“创下世界纪录的超音速跳伞运动员”,在重返地球大气层时并没有燃烧起来。
Charles Clements
That is what I am thinking, undertow, but shwaavay is saying that the paper plane would burn up. Could you explain it to the rest of them?
Al Perrin
Right, but Felix Baumgartner wasn't orbiting the Earth. He went straight up, so his initial velocity was essentially zero. The ISS is traveling faster than 17,500 mph which is minimum orbital velocity. The paper airplane would have to slow down much faster much sooner - hence - it would burn up.
没错,但Felix Baumgartner并没有绕着地球转。是竖直向上的,所以的初速度是0。国际空间站的运行速度超过了最低轨道速度17500英里每小时。纸飞机将不得不以更快的速度减速——因此——它将燃烧起来。


Booh Hooh
A diamond drop from space would be an exciting one.
SkillED GaminG
They will never get it back unless they install a gps system inside the diamond
Cheeky Monkees
Depends on the shape and size of the diamond. Tungsten rods can make it down (Google: “Rods from God”) why not diamond?
取决于钻石的形状和大小钨棒可以制成钻石(谷歌:“RODS FROM GOD”)。译注:上帝之杖又名为上帝之杵天基动能武器系统,外文名(RODS FROM GOD)。有传言说美军从2012年开始研制,计划在2025年之前完成“上帝之杖”的部署。
Owen Kennedy
i am aware of that weapon idea i still think they would burn and crack
Rory Dakin
Yeah but tungsten doesn't start to burn until it hits like 3000 degrees, diamond starts to burn below 1000. 
Also the rods from god were going to be about a meter long of solid tungsten and weigh over 25 kg, but only 10 kg was expected to make it to the ground.
 If your willing to find me a diamond that's larger than a meter and weighs more than 30 kg I could try testing it for you lol, its only 150,000 carats it shouldn't be too hard to find one flawless enough.
 Also since the cost of a 1 carat flawless white diamond is $6000, and for a 2 carat its $18,500, then a low ball park figure would be about 2 billion seven hundred and seventy-five million dollars

soviet boi
Japan: lets make a supersonic origami paper plane and launch it from space
why help
I would leave a packet of gum for the next person to see how gum degrades in space.

Roberto Salas
Do things degrade in space? I mean there is no air or water just the vacuum of space.
why help
what I mean is what stuff in space could start to break down certain items or remove some elements from the gum.
Roberto Salas
@why help 
so basically which ingredients expire and which don't then?

why help
@Roberto Salas
Kind of, it like a question on how the gum would react to every element being in space. Also with the lack of elements and environment the earth has.
Roberto Salas
@why help
would the pack of gum be in contact with anything other then invisible to the naked eye gasses though? I mean moon dust doesn't contain every trace element that we are aware of does it?
why help
@Roberto Salas
Like micro particles/fragments because has no ozone I'm guessing the gum would get the particles that naturally hit the moon and the radiation. Which would make me wonder if the gum would change entirely.
Roberto Salas
@why help
it would probably freeze when it's not facing the sun and melt once the sun hits it again. I thought micro particles were considered to be micro asteroids or micro meteors. Well whatever isn't man made space debris. I find it funny how we polluted not only our planet but our atmosphere and now here were are taking about leaving rubbish on the lunar surface... was going to say new trash but it appears that the USA can't even get to space without Hollywoods help, some would even consider it enough proof to debunk the lunar landings. Perhaps it would eventually look like a chewed up piece of gum that's full of dirt and ice


Its gonna burn up in the atmosphere...
Imagine for a second this concept being brought up during the days we first set a mission to space
What do I wanna leave on the moon? My own feces. I wanna know how it decays or will it even decay. Funny answer but I'm genuinely curious what would happen.
Anthony Williams
Imagine getting hit by an paper airplane going mach 20 one day on your way to work

Rebecca Turner
Well can’t say I have anything to launch but I’d love to leave one of my sculptures on the moon! lol that would be so cool.
我不能说我有什么东西要发射,但我想把我的一个雕塑留在月球上! 哈哈,那太酷了。

9:30 that’s how we wanted to be remembered in space? As litter bugs?
Clendon Ramos
I will leave my girlfriend on the moon and surely I will be remembered
Cryotic Zero
I will leave my heart because no body loves me
Asian Thomas
At least you have a heart, mine has a hole in it.

I would leave a bottle of Scotch on the moon if I could go. Imagine finding a bottle of Scotch a few hundred years into the future that was aged that long IN SPACE instead of a cellar. It would be a wonderful experiment to see how or even if it ages differently
That’s so much expensive stuff they left on the moon, somebody could go up there and steal it Maybe space police will catch them.

easy, it would move with the same velocity with any orientation since there is no atmosphere to impart drag.
Im gonna throw paper roses into space so that when the aliens pick it, they'll fall in love with it.


Aduunyo Wacan
It was my first ever successful plane i made in my childhood. I never knew i was that engineer.

Artist N Recovery
Excellent! I love questions like this. I'm gonna incorporate more physics/cool theory subjects on my videos!
Minecraft Facts & Gameplay
bruh I would send up a submarine and be like yup this is my space station let's go to Mars
aditya thevar
Maybe I’ll put an time Capsule in to moon and I’ll keep all the thing that we are using today

Liam Murphy
the alien picks up the packet and says to the other '' hey bro, these earthling are a bunch of wankers"
The golden olive branch on the moon confound aliens into thinking that how can humans with technology to reach the moon believe Noah discovered Antarctica.
After seeing the bit about a spear being left on the Moon, I thought of placing a human skeleton with a stone spear and some nearby mammoth bones on the Moon just to f*ck with any aliens who explore it later.

Launching it from the earth is a WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY than launching it from a space station which is moving with round about 25000km/h.

What I’m wondering is if it would REALLY burn up in the atmosphere. I think much earlier than it started burning up it would decrease to its terminal velocity
I’d love to somehow arrange to have my ashes dropped off to another planet during some satellite fly by.
Andrew Lohbihler
I'll leave a remnant of my DNA on the moon, so someday humans or aliens can replicate me back to life.


Fireball XL5
Ahhhhhh, the old paper airplane covered with special heat resistant glass. So not a paper airplane then...
m 88
There is a huge difference in releasing a plane from the station that is moving fast enough to maintain an orbit, or a nearly static baloon

Josh Gaston
Being honest I would actually I will bury my wallet on the moon or just put it on the ground on the moon with all the cards in everything in the money inside of it I can't honestly care it's worth it to me
I think the astronauts left four hundred thousand pounds of stuff on the moon.

Sean Black
I leave a memory card or a solid state hard drive with a life documentary of everything till that very space journey
Beau James
I'd like to leave a fairly large mirror so one day when cameras can focus that far I can get an epic selfie
Yeet Boi
I want to drop a car and on the moon I want to place a message that says “if your the future then look at this” and I would place a pic of everything like the map of the globe and pics of famous things or landmarks
Honest Tea
I find that, the things they left on the moon were much more interesting. And the fact that they said "This is what we want to be remembered as." was incredibly historical







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