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本文译自Youtube,原标题:Why China can build its own space station?


Alice Limmer
International Space Station is a joke, when the country of a quarter of the Earth’s population is denied access. So the Chinese built their own!


Goliath de Laru
Why China can?
Thanks to embargo, sanction & boycott from the West that forcing China to develop her own space program.


China can build its own junk space station but, what will they research for? They’re only good at copying research materials from other countries and why they have been forbidden to join the ISS. China on its own is be left twiddling its thumbs.


The design of the Chinese station looks like a big middle finger pointing to the White House.


Yong Zhou
Because the United snake banned China from the ISS. China has no choice but to do it on its own. Now money, talents, techs and political will are in the right place. Of course China can build its own space station.


NorCal OutDoor
Why US ban china for ISS because If US let China join, the China/Chinese will never contribute to the project bu instead standing/watching around and wait for the opportunity to steal the technologies and make their own. This is the China 5000 year culture.


Turuka Ath
@NorCal OutDoor Tf, you mean like how the Chinese invented paper and gunpowder and the west stole them to colonize countries

@NorCal OutDoor,你的意思是中国人发明了纸和火药,而西方却把它们偷走去殖民别的国家?

Apollo Tin
Wow, never knew the US has been denying China access to the international space station all the while. But the Chinese probably won’t mind sharing with the US when they get ahead in the future. Thats the difference


Winter Jasmine
If China can built the Thousands Mile Great Wall more than thousand years ago without the modern tools & machinery’s........ what is the problem to build its own space station.....


Diaz Miller China invented gunpowder, first rocket, first manned launch too, although it was a man with gunpowder rockets strapped to a chair..

Diaz Miller,中国发明了火药,第一枚火箭,以及进行了第一次载人发射,尽管是一个男人把火箭绑在椅子上....(译注:万户

Azzrudin Jamil
The problem is the US & British having a tough time swallowing the new narrative. Didn't expect after the 100 years of humiliation they did to China and making whole nation literally down on it's knees with opium addictiom they would rebound back this fast and  be on par in just 30 years. Now US & British are in mindfcuking paranoia not knowing what to do. The knee jerking response to slow China's progress is just throw everything at them and see which ones hits, including their own stupidity.


Heartless Near无良逆耳
We been here for thousands of years, we seen endless wars and countless rise and fall of empire. Whether everyone like it or not we will be here for another thousand years to come.
People thought the rise of China economy is a miracle, it isn't, we had experienced many times.
Now is our time. We love peace and we are never afraid to share our happiness and fruit.
Now this is our time. We hate war but we never afriad of facing wars.
If confrontation with the west superpower is inevitable towards goal of peace, we will sacrifice another thousand years to rebuild china again.
Because we are the sons and daughters of the dragon.




John Haggerty
I am so glad China is taking the lead on international cooperation in space.  I apologize for my government's belligerence and hope that China will continue to use tolerance and understanding when it comes to dealing with the United States government.  It has been really amazing to watch the government of China do so much good while our government here in the United States does so much harm.  Keep up the good work.


It doesn't take the lead and far to be. If you had any knoweldge on space programs around the world, you would know that China actual space development is just about what Russian and American did in the 80's.  No great achievment so far.  While China was sending a international rover on the moon ( 2 days flight 300 000 km from earth )  NASA new horizon was reaching Pluto (  6 years flight 150 million km from earth )  and in same time the Parker solar mission was reaching the speed of 700 000 km/h, the fastest human object ...to reach the sun and study it.  The US, Europe and Japan have done so many missions landing on cometes, asteroids, Mars, Europa : Jupiter's moon...
Chinese taikonauts study gravityless flight and work in France ( the second country with the US ) who has the know-how weightless flight on airplanes.
China has still a lot of to learn and to do before reaching other developed nations,  and they learn fast, thanks for these other nations scientists to teach them.

中国没有占主导地位,它差的还很远。如果你对世界各地的太空计划有任何了解,你就会知道中国实际上的太空发展与俄罗斯和美国在80年代所做的差不多,到目前为止还没有什么大的成就。当中国向月球发射月球车(距地球2天飞行30万公里)时,美国宇航局的“新地平线”号正在到达冥王星(距地球6年飞行1.5亿公里),与此同时,“帕克”太阳探测器(the Parker solar mission)的速度达到70万公里/小时,这是人类到达并研究太阳的最快的探测器。美国、欧洲和日本已经完成了许多登陆彗星、小行星、火星、木卫二,木星卫星的任务......

Well China invited India, south Korea, and few other Asian nations to build a new international space station.
But things are not going really well.
I hope India and China work together to create  history.
After European and American agencies hurdles to block both countries space program on ISS.


I think its sad that space was meant to be the one arena where man acts in unison, with American and Russion scientific agencies sharing and working together as a great example. Guess those days are long gone.


Tzi Khan
What has really  been accomplished in space exploration for human race, spending billions of dollars. Would it be really helpful if this money is spent to feed hungry and make houses for homeless. We do not even know if space is real.


winston kam
Space exploration is a risky, dangerous and expensive business and should be treated with respect. People have lost their lives. The person who introduced this show showed little respect and treated it as a joke. Is it because it's the CHINESE Space program?
Who is the producer at CGTN who said this was ok? Based on this I wouldn't take China's space program seriously. As a space buff myself I find this pathetic!


liew william
Well done China. Despite US forbidden on China to join the space union and restrict any US components to be used in Chinese space programme,  China overcame all these obstacles and emerge a power house in space. It's always good overcome the evil(US).

干得好,中国。尽管美国禁止中国加入太空联盟,并限制任何美国零部件用于中国的太空计划,但中国克服了所有这些障碍,成为了一个太空强权(emerge a power house)。战胜邪恶(美国)总是好事。

Kim Jakab
China needs to send a lunar orbiter with high resolution camera and make videos of the Apollo "lunar landing sites". This would once and for all end the constantly lying USA. All the photos and videos on NASA-webpage are manipulated.


Wyatt Earp
Why would any country support such an unstable nation as the USA? The USA a country that denies it's populace such advantages as bullet trains , massive building projects, free education, and just basic economic security.
The money for these projects just disappears  and goes where?
The entire system is based on the length of an elected term!


Fk Bagus
US never had landed the moon!   because photos of landed moon from China,  dust on the ground is divided into 2 type of colors clearly , gray and yellow.
But the photos in the United States are only gray. Did the United States land another moon?


Moh B
CGTN is the least interesting channel on China. Every single sentence said by the host is the most boring and self evident thing. "International cooperation is important", "to become an astronaut required a lot of training". What about some real news and content guys ?






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