你不会相信这里的公园有多美 深圳的公园让各国网友大开眼界

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你不会相信这里的公园有多美 深圳的公园让各国网友大开眼界


本文译自Youtube,原标题:This is how we celebrate the 40th anniversary of this extraordinary city in China








Edgar Herrera

Shenzhen is a migrant city and the first special economic zone in China, covering an area of 1,997 square kilometers with a population of 13 million.

As of March 2018, Shenzhen had 106 skyscrapers over 200 meters high, ranking first in the world. Shenzhen is not only a "garden city", but also a "forest city". The forest coverage rate has reached more than 40%, the greening rate has reached more than 50%, and the number of parks has reached 1,000. Shenzhen now operates eight subway lines, and buses and taxis are 100 percent electric. Shenzhen is a smart city for scientific and technological innovation in China. Companies like One Plus, Huawei, ZTE, BYD, Tencent and DJI drone are all from here. Also known as Asia's Silicon Valley, where you can get everything done with just a mobile phone, Shenzhen's GDP surpassed That of Hong Kong in 2018



Plant of Humor

I remember one of the video about Shenzhen, a France who lives in SZ says: “You live in Shenzhen , you’re a part of the city’s history! “, and a American who lives in Shenzhen says: “ we don’t learn Shenzhen’s history from books, we’re writing the history right now.” I want to say: “Hey bro, thank you very much for the beautiful video and your hard work for this city , you’re real Shenzhener and you’re writing the history right now .”




It is heaps more liveable and more beautiful than Hong Kong. It is also way way safer than Hong Kong.




fane babanu

@VOV HK is beautiful to visit... but to live there... is a shithole... most people work like crazy all day to pay to live in a shoebox. and forget about owning a car... Is all good for the rich, but even middle class is struggling there. I'm probably lower middle class in Europe and I still have a 4 bedroom home, 2 car garage, swimming pool, and a garden with 25 trees and lots of flowers. To get the same thing in HK, you need to be a corporate executive if not a millionaire.




Man I'm really envious... would love to visit  China sometime... let's hope this pandemic is done with already... geesh (I'm from Los Angeles)



Dario Mendoza

CHInese people are Amazing my boss in the us was Chinese and he was  a  Cool human being as they  get, great truthful video!!



Barkin Choi

amazing drone shots! but unfortunately, I guess YouTube limited it cuz ur videos totally againsted the western governments public opinion war to China



Abc Def

The parks are beautiful and looks safe to walk at night there too.



Raymond Liu

Born and raised in Shenzhen, studied and lived in Europe and North America for many years and now back in Shenzhen again. I can tell you Shenzhen has gone through tremendous changes during the last two decades: modern infrastructures, hi-tech innovations, more civilized human behaviours and government efficiency...

Thanks for sharing the beauty of my hometown. Already subscribed your channel!



Maria Alvarez

I love all parks in Shenzhen but the last one you showed is one of my greatest favourites. I used to live in one of the towers right behind the Kingkey Tower, the tower I like most in Shenzhen. Don't miss having a drink or full English style afternoon tea at its "Drawing Room" on the 96th foor. The best view in Shenzhen for me. Staying until sunset time and seeing all the lights being lit up in the whole city is totally unbelievable.

Another place I recommend is a new seaside walk at the Seaworld area, beyond the ship and beyond the three or four towers they have recently built there. These towers overlook a park, the walk and the sea. Very, very beautiful, an amazing view and generally a quiet place. There is also there the Design Museum run together with the Victoria and Albert Museum of London. The one in this SeaWorld area is a masterpiece of architecture. There is also a Hilton Hotel with a gorgeous lobby and view and a beautiful small marina.




Simon Ng

So lovely.  U sure are living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. How original.



Dominion Span

Can't believe how beautiful, green and clean Shenzhen is. Thanks for sharing.



Greyson Lee

Wow!! These park is very beautiful! The light show is very incredible, very nature !! Thank for sharing!



Arthuro L.C.

Man, I just love the scenery and the footages! Awesome fantastic stunning!



lili yang

The views More like painted screen so beautiful.




Marissa Cornett

after i watched your videos, i want to move to Shenzhen now!





Shenzhen all park are free tickets, except XIANHU PLANT GARDEN, I think center park and children park should include, next one wish u do about shenzhen moutain and hike line




Michael Y

Great video..... LOL that picture taking $ situation was funny... Funny how in America or Europe, most are worry about being shot, mugged, beaten or attacked for no reason..... in Shenzhen China it is the conflict of a mini petty $1 conflict scam.   In Toronto moving back to Zhuhai ext year CANNOT wait.....Living in Canada is financially draining and  Exhausting mentally from all the FAKE sense of good life, when everything is not what it is, trust me I know as I have been here for 25 yrs and decided to pack and leave before its too late.





Carrie Aimishi PH

Wow well-done. My first visit in Shenzhen was 2010 haha.. Time flies. Been there a countless times. And,  has an apartment in Foshan for business purposes.  I miss China as all trips are cancelled due to Covid19.  Your editing is great.  Taking lots of pics & videos in SZ but I'm not good at Photography  haha.. Struggle is real lol.. Anyway,  good job Rafael....



Aaron Sun

Shenzhen is.the perfect place for uni guaduates, so many oppotunities here and so lively.



Snack Gila

I was in shenzen around 2001, now i only watched it from youtube  at 2020. It changed a lot. WOW!! amazing




OMG, I can’t wait to go back to China after the pandemic. I love China. The future will be in China.




Bradley Zhang

9:47 When the background music made me want to play Taichi and I actually see the man in black playing Taichi while I am doing it in front of my computer hahahahaha




I was at this park a couple of months ago when traveling across from Hong Kong was still possible, and it's really gorgeous.  Can't wait to be able to cross the border again.



Roy Yung

空谈误国,实干兴邦”  which means -Empty talk is harmful to the nation while doing practical work will make it thrive.

It was from the Ming dynasty(1368-1644) China, and it feels like an exclusive spirit goes through people of this land. Our government has inherited this very well.

We have been working hard to achieve all of these.

“空谈误国,实干兴邦” 这句话来自中国明朝(1368-1644),也是这片土地上的人们独特的精神。我们的政府很好地继承了这一点,而我们也一直在努力实现这些。


Frank Hong

I used to live in Shenzhen for 10 years, and now I still miss the life there after 10 years away. Shenzhen is definitely the most tolerant and beautiful city in China. additionally, welcome to my hometown Chengdu city.



Norman Guan

if you have a chance to go to Fuzhou福州,please go to Fudao 福道(Lucky Trail)in Jinniushan 金牛山 park, it's amazing! or if you have interests in it please google it. Parks in China are not just park, it's kind of artwork!!!!




Lotus F

Westerners can feel safe and welcome in China not like the Chinese in some 5 eyes countries where they feel fear. Fearing who will attack them just walking down the street even in broad daylight.



grace wee

Beautiful. The city is well structured, organised, beautiful and very clean. China has really transformed.



Hang Tuah

Rafa, thank you for the expose on the parks of Shenzhen and hopefully more parks throughout China. Great videos and shots both at street level and overhead.  The good thing is that the parks are often utilised by dancing and exercising grandmas and aunties.  Also great thing is that it is so clean despite the floating paper cup next to the man doing tai chi.  Stay safe and thank you for the video on the parks.



Terence Kwong

My last visit to Shenzhen was 2012, looks completely different. Once they open up to visitors from Canada, I'm gonna make a trip out their and Chongqing.



Christelle Ma

Amazing views! Such a great job! Just a real Wonderland! There’s also a point that actually drones are banned in lot of cities around the world, but clearly in China it’s not the case. That’s definitely another prof that China and Chinese people have nothing to hide and technologies can be properly used. Sorry to disappoint those hatters but we have whole bunch of freedom here.



J Zeng

There are a lot of parks in various cities in China, some of them are surprisingly large. These parks have become places for city people to relax and release stress. But most of the parks, you will find that they are occupied by those dancing aunts. Thank you for sharing, Shenzhen’s parks are exquisite.



zhiyan chen

Shenzhen is a city that has only developed for 20 to 30 years. It used to be a fishing village. There are no aboriginal people here. 99% of them have emigrated from other places. Everything is new here. It can accommodate anyone. GDP surpassed Hong Kong in 2018, which was US$3.1 billion more than Hong Kong’s GDP, but its financial status remains to be seen. After all, Shenzhen is still a young man



You can explore all over Chinese major cities without running into homeless encampments, drug addicts, and homeless urinating & defecating on the street. You can feel very safe. Walk through the streets of major American cities, and you will see many homeless encampments, their associated sanitation & safety problems, and dangerous ghetto areas. There are many parts of LA and New York that I wouldn't dare walk through in broad daylight, let alone at night.








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