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本文译自Youtube,原标题:Breathtaking winter wonderland in China as country is blanketed in snow



Czankx Duites
Feels so much like White Christmas, I'd do anything just to experience this for once


If you can endure the cold (-30C, like crazy cold), check out the Snow and Ice Festival in Harbin, China. It's in the province bordering Russia so the most winter-like winter you could get here in China.


Ebrar Yoshi
It's so peaceful. In contrast, the West is increasingly chaotic and messy. Protests are everywhere there, from anti-lockdown, to anti-government. The BLM movement has silently infected western europe. The sinophobia and islamophobia are also more and more common.


CS Lewis
I can't believe it's so beautiful in China.  I hope I could be there when the pandemic is over�


Kevin Clement
As someone who has visited China, I'd like to recommend you to visit Shanghai and Beijing first as those two cities are more tourist-friendly than most parts (English signs to guide tourists, international hotels with English-speaking staffs, presence of foreign embassies, easily navigable areas, etc). I was lucky that I have several mainland-Chinese friends to guide me, otherwise, I would be lost during my trip to Zhangjiajie (the famous 'Avatar' mountain) as it is not that tourist-friendly yet.


Traditional Chinese architecture is the perfect harmony of Man and Nature.
For those wondering why there are so many temples on mountains in China, it's because Chinese Daoism and Buddhism sees Mountains as sacred sites.  There are more than 30 sacred mountains in China, the mountain featured here 3:58 is Mount Hua the Western Great Mountain of the 5 Great Mountains, and have many Daoism temples and Hermitages.


Almost all religion and culture revere mountains, it's more to do with Chinese engineering capability, not religion. Great Wall were mostly built on mountain top too,  many structures and roads were built on mountainous terrains all over China.


Opaque z
;( most of the one from their actual golden age tang and song dynasty are extinct except in japan.
most of what u see and still stand is from qing dynasty 18th-onwards :v, it can never rivalled the extravagance of 6th-12th century temple, now we can only see it in ancient painting or japan nara


@Opaque z utter bs That's like saying Britain preserved French culture better than the French.
Chinese culture today is an amalgamation of all the dynasties that came before.
You obviously never been to Japan, 99% of Kyoto and Nara are made up of modern buildings. sheesh if you're going to lie at least make it convincing.

@ Opaque z这就像在说英国比法国人更好地保存了法国文化。

Hao Liu
Sometimes we almost forget China is as big as Europe in size.


sans :/
Mann! I'm from Chennai and since I was a kid I wanted to go to China. This looks like Heaven on earth. Someday China Someday �


kids perfect
I was doing my homework but this seemed to be more important �


The snow and winter looks beautiful. ❄️ But the freezing cold which hurts your face � and the slippery snow/frozen ice floor which you can slip on and badly hurt yourself is not fun


Random potato
You may dislike China's government but you gotta admit, the country itself is so beautiful. Something about Chinese architecture and nature blends so well together.


LighteN Ing
Curious to know what you hate China's government about? Other than hearsay, how do you actually know China and its' government?


Sly P
@Random potato just let you know, more than 90% of Chinese people like Chinese government according to a poll done by Harvard university ever year.
That's the important thing.
It doesn't matter other countries People like or not.

@Random potato 好教你知道,根据哈佛大学历年的一项民意调查,超过90%的中国人喜欢中国ZF。

K C Koay
LighteN Ing
It puzzles me too, that the great majority of these bigots — whore consumed by xenophobic prejudice against China — have never been to China, and know very little about China. Theyre in fact victims of Western propaganda and proselytism.
What Charlotte Bronte, the English novelist and poet, says about prejudice aptly described these bigots.
Prejudices, it is well known,” she says, are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loosened or fertilised by education: they grow there, firm as weeds among stones.

英国小说家和诗人夏洛特·勃朗特(Charlotte Bronte)对偏见的描述恰如其分地描述了这些偏执狂。

pickle potato chip
Yep, literally has ice wonderland to desert and mountains to beaches. I don’t rlly understand how ppl claim to hate the Chinese government but not the people, the people ARE basically the government


I am Legend
And i gonna say i hate Usa because millions of Indians killed and I hate UK government because killed a lot of people in the Commanwealth countries and both of them robbed too much treasure from their country..




Tomazho 393
I thought mountain-top temples is just CGI in wuxia movies. Now I see they're real!


Sirius V
I would hate to be the guy that carries water to the temple every day.


粟小虎 Lil Tigris
Well usually they had a well ebside or inside the temple in ancient time. Nowdays they have running water.


Mona George
It is amazing, I wish I could go there and see it with my own eyes in China.❄❄��


Kenny Lee
there are so many places to visit China during winter..I've been to Harbin during this season and it was absolutely beautiful!


Anarina TV
Wow, it's nice to look at but I don't want to live there. I hope to visit in the future, i want to see the pandas :)


It is just how I always dreamed and imagined China with magical mountains high up in the clouds sooooo beautiful, I lost my heart to China since childhood watching Chinese movies and series of Xao Lin fighters etc, a simple girl from the Caribbean dreaming of this magical country. Amazingly beautiful


Francine valdez
It’s absolutely Gorgeous! If I met a nice middle aged guy from there Id definitely marry him! Its the ultimate snuggle weather!


The Lorax
I’d do anything to have a little warm cozy shack nestled on a mountain, if it meant I could I have the amazing view.


I Lau
I have been travelling around China many times. I think Harbin in Heilongjiang province have the best scenery in winter but it's so cold when I went there -30C until my feet and face feel a bit hurt. Here in Australia our winter is not as cold as Harbin even though in here we have snow in the mountain.


Moonrise Howler
Gosh, China's beauty never ceases to surprise and enthrall me! I hope my family and I will be able to visit sometime in the future. �


Ted Ted
Wow..it s pretty....I've visited China (Beijing and Tianjin) on 2010 for company holiday travel...I really impressed how modern the city there..also the tradisional or ancient building and beauty of nature....also people there is nice....before the visited I thought China will look undeveloped, not a safe to travel due to news I heard...but after the visit it really change my mind about China


The same experience occurred to me in Shanghai. I find that Chinese people do enjoy a large extent of freedom of speech at least not as strict as what medias told us. I went there for a research survey done both in Mandarin and English, questions are very political sensitive, but not a single one of interviewee asked me to turn off my cam, blur their face or pixelate their voices,  and no one seems hesitating, this indeed shocked me.


Miao Sun
It’s all western propaganda to make China looks undeveloped... and no matter what I say to my foreign friends they wouldnt believe China is a safe place to go. Thats really a shame.


@Miao Sun I once had a small talk with some of my pals during the break between lecture that China is rather a communist society to me, it is actually way more capitalism than many Western societies. I felt a awkward atmosphere spread in the air after I claimed my remarks. They were like Hmmmm..... what the hack are you talking about or like what are your smoking for XD.

@Miao Sun我曾在课间休息时和我的一些朋友闲聊,说中国与其说是一个GC主义社会,实际上它比许多西方社会更资本主义。在我发言后,我感到空气中弥漫着一种尴尬的气氛。他们就像嗯....你在说什么?或者说你抽嗨了?

Miao Sun
@Watson so true, once I say to one of my friends that you should go China someday to have a look, he says Nah I don't wanna go to a communist country, I will be killed. I was like ....that's fking ridiculous!!!

@Watson 是真的,一旦我对我的一个朋友说有一天你应该去中国看看,他说不,我不想去GC 主义国家,我会被杀的。我想…那太荒谬了!!!

Savage Rice Cake
I prefer to travel in summer time... I prefer warmer places...
But, I'd challenge myself to visit those place in winter even to suffer the cold.


Sreelexmi Sai
China is so beautiful I was planning to make a trip their I even planned with my online friend to enjoy their. Then covid came and also fight and problems between borders came , now my mom will not allow me to go to China. I love my Country and  I am patriotic but it doesn't mean I have to dislike china or their culture . I hope my mom will allow me to go and now I am little shortage of money too. Hope I can visit china . Although our countries have difference  , I want to say I love you china and your culture. Hope both of our countries come to peace. Love you, jiayou.





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