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Tomorrow is Chinese New Year’s Eve!
We put up lanterns, paste Spring Festival couplets, and do shopping and stock up for the new year!
Another year is dawning!
Chinese New Year’s decorations, goods and snacks are ready for the big day.
Melon seeds, peanuts, candied haws, Sanzi (fried dough twists), and fried prawn crackers, to name a few.
A big hug for those who can’t get together with their families back in the hometown.
I’m convinced that infinite hope and luck
are sure to come in 2021!

瓜子 花生 糖葫芦、馓子 虾片走起来!


Happy New Years LiZiQi, I never thought of making those puffed "shrimp?" crackers before but definitely going to try this one. I just love the idea. and so cool to see grandma got a new hooded warmer. How sweet those candies fruits are as well. so many ideas that i'll be working on this new year. Happy and Bountiful OX year to you as always.


Walter Stokes
and here's miss liziqi again this sweet gorgeous lil lady is always busy working her magic what ever it may be it's going to be good cause she's the best at everything she does always


Life in the village
This girl is inspiring millions to return to the roots and live with the earth. She is the inspiration for the whole world and my channel. Love from Sri Lanka.


cui shao
not every Chinese live like Like,  but most of us dream to live like her. She just show the dream model live of traditional Chinese life.


She stored grass, flowers and leaves from Spring, Summer and Autumn, and now in the winter she used all of them to decorate the New Year's lanterns! What an attitude towards nature! What a philosophy of life ! My highest respect goes to this lady! Happy Chinese New Year my girl!


Debora Sinaga
Happy Chinese New Year from Indonesia ��
May this moment can bring many lucky and this pandemic will pass as soon as possible ��


Ellis Artyana
If you remember, she always does the same thing every new year; make a lot of sweets, snacks, and share it to (probably) her relatives and neighbours. She has very pure heart and absolutely generous. �


Im just gona go buy a house not far from her so i can "accidently" run into her when im fleeing from world war 3. She will provide for me ��


Blair Han
Thousands years’ history culture and tradition of Spring Festival and Chinese New Year are condensed in this delicate video! Being abroad but feel so warm when watching this video. More importantly, I am really touched by the friendly comments under this video that so many foreign friends still respect, like and appreciate our culture, despite so many misunderstandings and hatred were spread by certain people in the past year. Happy Chinese New Year everyone and wish all of you a wonderful Ox year!! If your Chinese zodiac is ox, dont forget to wear something red which can bring you good luck!!! ��


Diane N
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR LIZIQI AND GRANDMOTHER.  As usual, you have shown the world how wonderful Chinese culture is.  You are a master of everything you do.  I love that you shared a piece of jerky with the puppy. May 2021 bring you and your family much health and happiness, it is well deserved...


thanh pham
One of the most beautiful new year decorations and delicious snacks made by a multitalented, gorgeous young lady I have seen lately. I really enjoyed watching this vid. I wish you and your grandma good health, good luck and good fortune for the new year Liziqi.


blue trees
Oh thank you Buddha she finally put out her Chinese New Year's video I was starting to worry that I wouldn't see one from her this year thank you liziqi  for your hard work and being so inspirational and awesome Happy Chinese New Year's to you and all people of the great motherland of China ����������


Leah Orallo
God showered her with amazing talent and skills to do incredible things the food she prepares and cook always make me hungry � happy Chinese New Year � to all Chinese community!omg thats a huge sunflower seed! Nice decorations ,good food ,the abundance of produce around just perfect!

上帝赐予了她惊人的天赋和技能去做不可思议的事情,她准备和烹调的食物总是让我感到饥饿� 新年快乐� 向所有华人社区致意!天哪,那是一颗巨大的向日葵!漂亮的装饰,美味的食物,丰富的农产品,简直是完美!

She is very famous now, but still she loves living with her grandmom in the country �
You are inspiring People � Adore you 

你在激励人们� 我崇拜你❤

Shiroki Sasaki
For anyone who saw this, Happy Chinese New Year to you!! May happiness and prosperity be with you.
This year is the' year of Ox 'on the Chinese zodiac signs,so people who are born in the year 1961/1973/1985/1997/2009. This is your year!!! Congrats


Miranda Yan
Everything is so familiar, I miss all the things during the Chinese New Year at home, everything is so beautiful, thank you, Li Ziqi has made me worry again, I wish you all a happy Chinese New Year!


shopping 123
Chinese knotting (Chinese: 中国结; pinyin: Zhōngguó jié) is a decorative handcraft art that began as a form of Chinese folk art in the Tang and Song dynasty (9601279 CE) in China.[1] The technique was later popularized in the Ming dynasty and subsequently spread to Japan, Korea, Singapore and other parts of Asia.This art is also called "Chinese traditional decorative knots".In other cultures, it is known as "decorative knots".


thata xx
I finally know how all those snacks are made....grandma looks adorable as always. Have a very very very Happy Chinese New Year. My family is just ordering some takeout, a far cry from the traditional celebration our lovely LZQ is sharing with everyone, but thank you so much for putting me in a festive mood.


Mon diesel Amour
I wish I can come there and invited in your place and that is my dream before I die.  You are so gentle and kind I fell that


Sherle Wolford
You did a beautiful job on your place with all the decorations you  design and all the snack looks so delicious. You are a talented young woman
Proud of you and I know grandma is to . It's breathe taking . Love it !  Thumbs up for you sweetie



Vanitha Devi
She is blessed, surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere n though only she n her grandma, she living a life that everyone envy including me... Stay the same always lingzi


liveli rah
Wht a beautiful culture china is.... You're talented and hard working girl.. u deserve what you've accomplished. Happy Chinese new year


Daniel Juanta
She is just Amazing no words are enough to describe her talent and commitment to make high quality videos. Please guys give her some more love


Jeffry Owen
Happy chinese new year
Saw that paper cutting makes me remember when my mandarin teacher taught us how to do tiger face paper cutting (it's tiger year at that time). Instead of making a face of a tiger, I ended up with a face of a kitten. Oh, what a memories.


Priya N
I'm coming here after watching dianxi's video and I'm finding Chinese New year's dishes varied from province to province and all looks so delicious


Aedan Cuisine Filipino Way
Been watching Ziqi since she's still at 2M Subs. Up until now that she's about to go for 15M, I am still an avid fan of her. Watching her creative cooking way over and over again enlightens my day. I love you Ziqi and Happy Chinese New Year. �


Yukon Boon
Man, I got so happy watching her get excited over the snow and the beautiful lights she set up. I almost teared up. She’s cultivated a beautiful life for herself and her grandmother, and Im so happy for her. One day I hope to live like this 


Srionti Maitra
Whenever I watch something by Li Ziqi, I realize belatedly that I've been smiling for the entirety of the video. My eyes widen when I figure out what she's making, and after that point I'm transfixed by the breadth of her knowledge. What a treasure.


ninjn qngn
The Spring Festival is a festival for Chinese people to worship gods and ancestors, pray for good fortune and ward off evil spirits, get together with relatives, celebrate entertainment and eating. Happy Spring Festival to people all over the world!❤❤


Andi Marolah
Happy Chinese New Year Liziqi, I hope you and Grandma are always healthy there, I really want to go to your place, but it's only me every time I watch your channel.


Yvonne P
In China, Chinese New Year is the biggest celebration in the year and it’s the time that people gather together with family. Ziqi only has her grandma now. Hope her gramma a healthy new year. Hope Ziqi can also find her beloved one and have more family members in the future.


kinkrit Luminou
Chinese New Year is a time for family reunion, we will have plenty of food.And we have a custom of staying up late or all night on New Year's Eve,call “shou sui.In the end,happy Chinese new year to everybody!


Dee B.
I dont have any new year traditions aside from cleaning and reading my horoscope... So this was so lovely to watch. You deserve all your success! Happy prosperous New Year to all those reading this! You made it to year of the Ox!! So many didn't


Farihatul Muti'ah
It was very interesting when she spun the skewers of the fruit and suddenly the liquid sugar formed which was like cotton candy.�


My grandfather passed away last Saturday... he loves your videos.We will watch your videos until he sleeps. He was so amazed by your handcrafts, cooking skills and hardworking character. I just want you to know that you are loved by so many. I will forever treasure your videos, it always reminds me of my memories with my grandfather. Thank you.


IQ Bang
Thank you Li Ziqi for keeping the tradition and skills in time of the Chinese New Year. People who living in the cities and even overseas are very pleasant to see and appreciated what you are doing, these, combined with other traditions are the important parts of Chinese culture and Chinese civilization. Happy Chinese New Year to you dear.


LewHen Silvar
China is the most ancient of modern cultures. I really love the videos where Li Ziqi showcases Chinese culture along with the usual food preparation. It is very interesting to watch and it makes me wonder what is it like to be part of such an ancient culture.
Also, the background music is so nice to listen to as always �


Priya Sharma
This is probably the most serene tranquil channel of YouTube which shows how nature can be your best buddy in case you don't have others I can bet that is no 1 like her she is best love from India❤


Mui K
This year I cannot go home to visit my family for Chinese New Year, and cannot even celebrate with Chinese friends in Hamburg due to lockdown. Feeling sad...but watching this video takes my sadness away. Happy Chinese New Year!


Trucphuong Tram
I know it would be tons of comment here but I still need to put mine. You’re such a hard working girl, very smart and lovely. Who on earth can think that all the sweet on the table are your works? They look definitely tasty!
For the year of the buffalow is coming, wish you have good heath and happiness for your long long long journey ahead. Happy New Year!


Kind of blew me away watching her open up that pine cone and seeing little SEEDS in there - I never knew they had little seeds you could eat like that. Shows how little modern people like me know lol I love watching this channel, I'm always learning something I never knew before. Happy Chinese New Year Liziqi!


Wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year! It’s sad to see this pandemic separating families and friends on this very special holiday. I couldnt get to my family in China. However, we can all celebrate it with memories (or even phone/face calls). Just wish that everyone is doing well and safe. Stay happy!



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