为什么这么多人喜欢李子柒?各国网友现身说法 各种羡慕

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Юлия Кандыба
She has haters? Impossible.

Joy Gaudiano
Oh yes. She has. There are so many who loves her anyway so do not mind those haters.

Living I
there are some people overseas, they hate anything good about China/Chinese. It's their job.

Many Chinese feel inferior to their traditional culture and blindly worship advanced technology in Europe and the United States. They are worried that Li Ziqi ’s videos will make foreigners think China is backward, so they are angry with Li Ziqi.

@吴逆天 No they are angry because they know the life depicted in her videos are unrealistic.

@luccifero They watched Star Wars and why aren't they angry because the story isn't real? Haters hates anything that they can't do, nothing about being realistic! It makes them felt like they are more successful by putting people down.
他们看了《星球大战》,为什么他们不生气,因为故事不是真的? 憎恨者憎恨任何他们做不到的事情,和现不现实没有关系! 通过贬低别人,他们会觉得自己更成功。

Iced coffee
I just found her and I am obsessed. She is so productive and creative.

Queen Cleopatra
Her videos is relaxing and she’s wonderful person, I can’t get enough of her videos and watching them again and again .... I wished I can speak her language.

Henry Gu
Of courses, she exports the most bright side of Chinese culture.

andrew Davis
when i found out that her grandfather who raised her was the village cook it all made sense .What She is showing the world is food , from seed to table

Papa Jose
The difference is that she romanticizes the all thing like in a movie. They are many regular Chinese women doing traditional Chinese cookie, but they do it straight about the cooking, not involving the entire family, village, and environment. In other words, she is making short movies like reality TV does, but she uses food & farming/country living life as the focus. Now many other Chinese women are coping her model, just like they do in reality TV. It is all good.

Papa Jose
@Natalia Jikharev Of course it is a very good thing. I am sure that you have at least noticed that she uses wood/coal cooking, etc... What people fail to realize while watching these videos is that China, Asia, Africa, South America. Whole the people living in the world but the West and the US will never live the "fake global warming scam" life style. And the globalist controllers know it while scamming the Europeans, and Americans (who do not know the real facts) in living in a way that is not realistic. In addition to the fact that there is nothing we can do about it as the earth and the universe are infinite. Nothing gets wasted, everything gets recycled one way or another because all elements (chemistry 101) come from the earth and the universe. We should be talking a bout pollution. But they do not want to focus on pollution because they themselves are the biggest polluters. Carbon footprint is the biggest scam of them all it does nothing for climate change but is a way to create a new industry for the globalist controllers to laugh all the way to the bank. The ocean create 95-98% of all the CO2. No matter what we do, humans are responsible for only 5 to 2% of the CO2 created. In addition everything green plants around us need CO2...
当然这是一件好事。我相信你至少注意到她用木头/煤做饭,等等……人们在观看这些视频时没有意识到的是,中国、亚洲、非洲、南美,除了西方和美国,全世界的人都不会过上“全球变暖骗局”的生活。全球主义者知道这一点,他们欺骗欧洲人和美国人(他们不知道真实的事实),以一种不现实的方式生活。除此之外,我们对此无能为力,因为地球和宇宙是无限的。没有任何东西被浪费,所有的东西都以这样或那样的方式被回收利用,因为所有的元素(化学101)都来自地球和宇宙。我们应该讨论一下污染问题。但他们不想关注污染,因为他们自己就是最大的污染者。碳排放量是其中最大的骗局,它对气候变化没有任何作用,它是一种创造新产业的方式,让全球主义的控制者笑到最后。海洋产生了95% -98%的二氧化碳。无论我们做什么,人类只对所产生的二氧化碳的2 - 5%负责。此外,我们周围的绿色植物需要二氧化碳……

Deb L
I absolutely agree with you. I have watched her videos and admire her skills and art. No machines. Just pure labour of love for what she does. The videos which stay with us are made with hearts. Just like I enjoy your videos about ordinary invisible Chinese who worked hard in their own ways. The world is not perfect. It is these imperfections which make us real.


Liziqi is a talented person making her video for us to appreciate the simple form of living. To those haters, her presentation of the art of cooking might be an inspiration for you as an aspiring chef. Think about it! Ychina, you too deserve my appreciation and thanks for making this video about Liziqi - greeting from Chester, UK.
李子柒是一个有才华的人,她的视频让我们欣赏到简单的生活方式。对于那些讨厌她的人来说,她对烹饪艺术的介绍可能会激励你成为一名有抱负的厨师。谢谢吧! 歪果仁研究协会,你也值得欣赏和感谢,感谢你制作了这个关于李子柒的视频——来自英国切斯特的问候。

tw bc
Thank you for the video, and so appreciate of your points! As a Taiwan-Chinese, I am so proud to be a Chinese and grateful of Chinese culture and history, which are the most strength parts we possess and should keep carefully and explore to the world.

E. S.
I am a biracial woman living in America and I binge watch her videos all the time. I have learned a lot about cooking, preserving foods, growing foods and sewing. Am working my way up to making furniture. What I really admire about her is the love and care she puts into everything she does. Too many people complain about about everything- their jobs, cooking, cleaning- and project misery when they do anything. To see someone like her do traditional, time consuming tasks and elevate it to an art form with the care she puts into it is amazing. Let's face it, we have way too much pollution, misery and food waste. We should all learn a few things from Lizi Qi that we can put into practice wherever we live.

LH Chow
You've nailed it Raz. She showed a different facet of China to her audience, something they haven't seen before. We should appreciate our root and culture and not to be ashamed.

Qi Liu
Can’t agree with you more! We, our culture, are shaped by thousands years of history. Farming is one single most important part of our Chinese culture. Her videos help people to understand that Chinese as a whole is very peaceful, we have deep bonds to our family and to the land we are from. We prefer to stay close to home. We are hardly aggressive, we instead built the Great Wall to fend off aggressors, we encourage mutual respect and reconciliations not wars. We want the world to know that unlike some other nations, we don’t build our wealth from robbing from other people, we put in hard work ourselves. And we truly believe that we are better off if our friends and neighbours are also doing well.

Yuan Shuan
I like her YouTube. I just don’t understand why anyone can not like her lifestyle.

Holly Morrison
Thank you for honoring this lovely hard working young lady. She is preserving her ancestry. It's beautiful!!!!! Pre-modern!!! ♥️♥️♥️ I love you are from Israel
感谢您对这位可爱的、努力工作的年轻女士的嘉许。她在保护她的祖先文化。它是美丽的! ! ! ! !前现代的! ! !♥♥♥我爱你来自以色列。

The difference is this: if the cooler fails, you, high developed, fast living creature, will not survive. That woman will and, last but not least, her food, her life style are much, much more tastier and healthier.
不同之处在于: 如果冰箱坏了,你这个高度发达、生长极快的生物将无法生存。最后,但却是最重要的是,她的食物更加美味,,她的生活方式则更健康。

Debbie Hines
I love her channel. It's so soothing and relaxing. I like to watch her do things in the traditional way. I learn a lot and just enjoy her videos they are beautiful. I like to watch many cultures doing things the old way. There is something so beautiful about the old traditional ways whatever the culture. I also love the relationship between her and her grandmother.

Mamai Salas
I love watching liziqi. She is simply amazing and amazes me all the time. I love how she knows so much and has so much passion for the things she does everyday. I hope she will continue to make more videos because I just cant get enough.

Jingrui Yu
Very well said. As Chinese living abroad, I come to appreciate more the different aspects of China.

Christine Mitchell
I discovered Li Ziqi over the summer, and I love her videos. They are so relaxing to watch. I'm definitely drawn to the simplicity of her life. It's comforting in a world that is so modernized, and busy, and conflicted. I love her so much, and her grandmother!

Fendi Yanz
Chinese love and support their chinese culture even they dont know much of mandarin. Including me from chinese overseas,indonesia.

Serena Chen
China got more culture then world want to know b cos they think China still thirth world country I had seen a lot chinese cultures story this is just one of them .

Fancy Mkt
Whether she is Chinese or not, she shows us simple and impressive life. More over her living style is familiar to our culture.

Anna Lai
Well said. I love all her videos. It gives a sense of serenity. I can't understand why some people doesn't like her. May be they are jealous of her.

Diana McCay
You hit the nail on the head! I am absolutely mesmerized by the beauty, bounty, and simplicity of China, and how Lizqi perfectly expresses it to all of us who have never been there! I want to be in her garden and pick the fruit and vegetables from the well-tended plants! I want to taste the gorgeous food she prepares and enjoy those magnificent night skies! She is a truly beautiful person and she paints an exquisite view of China!
你真是一针见血! 我完全被中国的美丽、富饶和简单迷住了,还有李子柒是如何向我们这些从未到过中国的人完美地表达这一切的! 我想去她的花园,从这些被精心照料的植物上采摘水果和蔬菜! 我想尝尝她做的美味佳肴,享受那壮丽的夜空! 她是一个美丽的人,她描绘了一幅精致的中国画卷!


我非常崇拜她所有的视频! 真诚,原始,非常真实!! 她带我回了牙买加的家! 来自和谐的美和简单,尊重自然和资源!

Ingrid Winn
She is hard working. She doesn't talk in her videos. She shows how it is. So I feel warm and invited when i see her videos. Sending prayers for all those infected with the new sickness

Forget about Chinese culture export, that sounds so formal and official

Natalia Jikharev
Could not agree with you more ❤️ We have to go back to our roots , this is a happy place ❤️

miyo morinaga
I love watching Liziqi video and envy her life style. It’s ease my mind and makes me nostalgic feeling. I admire her very much.

I have just learned about her recently. I did not realize that she produces the video by herself, until I saw the video of her interview. I find that her videos really display the essence of Chinese culture on the art of living, or the philosophy of living a life.

I’ve been watching her videos lately as well. I’m super impressed with the videos she made. I getting ready to be a YouTuber as well, and i learn so much from her.

Rajeswari ravi
people are nowadays like "only modern development is actual growth" I think there is no development without using our primeval histories and that would be the best kind of development

William pei
I like watch Liziqi Video, it makes me a bit nostalgic and home missing when watching the idyllic lifestyle which is good very enjoyable, that is why I really could not understand why there are many haters in China, is it because utilitarianism, they measure everything by money behind of it ?

Rolanda Haloo
Love Liziqi’s videos! Native Americans are proud of their heritage and culture. We may one day fall back on the things that our ancestors learned.
爱李子柒的视频! 美国原住民对他们的传统和文化感到自豪。也许有一天我们会回到我们祖先学到的东西上。

Michelle Hendricks
I love watching her videos because it is a way to live so close to nature, the way some have forgotten due to advanced technology. It reminds us we can incorporate both & staying connected to the Gaia or Mother Earth is very important in our everyday lives. Go hug a tree today, Blessings to all beings

Xiao-Rong Peng
Many of us spend our day in rat race and eating processed food, her video brings an alternative world which is beautiful and natural. This could have been in any part of the world

Fui Foong
Mr Raz, I agree with you what you shared about Miss Li. A friend shared with me about her videos and when I first watched it I was bowled over. Even as my Dad (who is 85) was recuperating from a fall and was immobile for a bit, was thrilled to watch her videos. You accurately pointed out that those of us who live in cities do not get to do what Miss Li experience. There are many plants/ dishes I have not encountered. So to me, Miss Li, in her down to earth ways captured my attention. It kind of make me dream of fields of vegetable farms and fruit trees in the wild or her home orchard. It is really a blessing to see the God given abundance of Yunnan.  Makes me want to visit her! (Any plans to draw up tour packages?)


Max Gorozin
Indeed it's a great insight into beautiful tradition Chinese way of life, with its simplicity to get along with nature. But one shouldn't forget that's still a movie, though nicely made. Because this simple life requires a huge amount of everyday very heavy work. Think of getting the water or making a fire - that can't be done in 3 sec like you see it on the screen. But for sure it's one of the most touching moments - to see how the fragile lady performs this hard work effortless everyday.

Ruffled Feathers
the simplicity of the traditional way of life she depicts. Much gratitude for her sharing!

Mark Mamin
We love Li Ziqi because she represents the real China. There have been too many fake things made in China that finally we have something simple and real from Sichuan!

It is crazy how the production quality of her videos exceed many large companies and organizations, with teams of people behind them.

James Gretsch
She’s good. It seems authentic but regardless of authentic or not I watch to be entertained. So I believe she does her arts and crafts herself but even if she gets help, so what. It’s entertaining.

We get to escape from our busy life and experience something peaceful, natural for a while, that's the beauty of liziqi's video I think.

视角晶晶 JingJingComing
that‘s the future life of all of us on the earth. Awaken ppl will live a similar life like liziqi. Tibet will be the first place for us on the earth . And the Indian will lead this life style back to us. Looking forward to it.

Well I am English man born in England UK, for many years of my life had friends from the Far East Asia, lived in Vancouver British Columbia Canada after I lost my eldest sister, made many more friends from the multi international culture of Vancouver.I lived there for about a year, went back home to UK, started to travel .After some time passed,I was going over to South Korea to meet up with friends, met Chinese lady at the airport, swapped phone numbers, I was busy with work after, after a few months got a call, wanted to meet up, we clicked, about 1/2 year later got married, about a year later went to China, wow 13.5 hours landed met with huge family at the airport, really had a fantastic time with the family - friends etc, I will say Chinese people are friendly really deep family culture, so nice, part of the in built culture is to look after older generation, a few years later we had two children, I always feel at home with Chinese people, chatty nice close family feeling, wifes family comfortable living, mother in law and farther in law from countryside, life in China hard, compared to western culture, Chinese people are harder to survive in a nice way, where westerners would rush just to put on the heating, Chinese people would put on warmer clothes, Li Ziqi is brilliant at giving a Chinese perspective of Countryside living, she is no doubt whatsoever a really kind and gentle caring woman when it comes to looking after grandmother & the family, brilliant woman, Westerners look at a ideal life in countryside self supporting, but it's a harder life than we really are used to, Li Ziqi is showing us how it is, I would love to live back in the countryside again, I lived in the countryside between 9 and 16, but it's not the same as China, In China it's a hard life to fight for your existence, for a lot of people they see a fairy tale in China, but it's a hard life when you really have to work very hard to keep on going, By the way I am not saying Li Ziqi is showing anything that is not true to life in the countryside, she is showing how it is, "a lot of hard work for Chinese people to survive" in UK if anything goes really wrong we can go to doctors get opperation done free, in China you pay, if no money it's a very hard life, I've seen people in China and their house is as big as a garage, as Chinese people are stronger is the word I should use they do very well to survive, I admire Li Ziqi in every way that she is giving the world a true life of countryside people in China, I wish her great success in her life and good health for her family, as I said once it would be great to have her family as a neighbour all that laughter between grandmother and herself, People say wow she is rich, to me it does not matter if a person is rich or poor it's how you are treated that really matters, & Chinese people have a very close family culture of kindness






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