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Youtube李子柒频道:紫米南瓜的一生…,还有花生 The life of purple rice, pumpkins, and … peanuts
本文译自Youtube,原标题:The life of purple rice, pumpkins, and … peanuts紫米南瓜的一生…,还有花生



kimi kimi
I love Liziqi the most because she shows us how she plant her very own veggies and fruits.. harvest them and she cook them. Complete!


Random stuff
At last when every one was playing she was jumping like a small kid my heart like totally melt


AliSha Jace Nzy
I don't  understand how some people can unlike her videos�‍♀


jencheng tsai
The strange thing is that people who choose the “unlike” watch the video every time and then choose the “unlike” every time.


Vin Vin
Yeah,  Why I don't understand too !!! All her video I liked all and I loved how she doing great and all many hard works she cans did it perfectly.! ! !


Hidup di desa
Youtube should make awards for this kind of inspiring content creator


davii_ th
I really like seeing her have fun and jump around excitedly, makes me see a side of her we rarely see. Love you liziqi


swati patem
She doesn't make just one dish , she has to make a whole feast everytime and give us complex . ❤❤❤❤


Ana Villanueva
Does she keep all the things that she harvests In her farm or does she sell some ?


Sugandhi Saxena
Just one thing why is she so beautiful? Like is it because of living in such a good environment?! Such a multitasker!!



Như Quỳnh Trần Nguyễn
This video is really really really great. No matter how tired I am, just watching your video makes me feel so peaceful and refresh. Enjoying life and doing what you like. Girl, you are so lucky because may be everyone always tries to find happiness but no one is enough lucky to find it like you. I wish all the best to you, your grandpa, your cameraman and hope that in the future you will bring to us more interesting video like this. Thank you so much for your video!!!


Mini cute
This woman can be my goddess. I like this kind of life very much have the same feeling is not from China's message praise thank you.


China is so beautiful! There are beautiful sights, amazing animals, kind people and sooooo on besides Liziqi. Welcome to China


Molly Ahmad
These remind me of my childhood living in north of malaysia closed to the Thailand border. The crops remains the same but on a smaller scale now but we are quite self sufficient



Ra Ra Chua
When I was a kid, I also helped harvest, although that time I was a 7-year-old girl. None of my cousins stay at our rural village, all of us left hometown. I miss that.


megadezzies cat
She always has enough of every thing she needs in her own home. Beautiful life and beautiful family. The food she cooks and the art that goes into is just beautiful.
I bet every single bite is so delicious right down to the beautiful color drink and glasses.


njn bcnt
I don't care about other people. They can hate or dislike.. All I care is that I will watch liziqi's video because I loved them and its so relaxing.




Mansoor Khan
You know I feel very happy when I share my thoughts in comment section right now I am biology student but I want to be a creative person who can do everything in life cooking painting hiking everything I want to do everything that's why I like li Zi qi and I like watching her videos because I get inspiration you know yesterday night I made my own noodles i mean I made noodles from flour which they learn us and I felt very happy � and I don't understand who's the haters I think they don't tolerate their hardwork

当我在评论区分享我的想法时,我感到非常高兴。我是生物系的学生,但我想成为一个有创造力的人,在生活烹饪绘画中什么都能做,这就是为什么我喜欢李子柒。我喜欢看她的视频,因为我从中得到了灵感,昨天晚上我自己做了面条,我是说我用面粉做面条,我觉得很高兴� 我不明白谁是仇恨者,我想他们不能容忍自己的努力。

Gugun Gunawan
The most beautiful time is when the harvest arrives, all tiredness and fatigue turn into happy smiles. It was implied on the faces of you Li Ziqi and the other farmers
Saat yang paling indah adalah saat panen tiba, segala kecapaian dan kelelahan berubah menjadi senyuman bahagia. Hal itu tersirat di wajahmu li ziqi dan petani lainnya.


manisha bamba
well i belong to those generation "if some body ask me what gives egg my answer would be shop" so i wanted to learn how does it feel  plants growing from small to big trees. I am her great fan not only me but my family too. You inspire me and make me realize that how beautiful feeling is this that living in a country side and growing every thing by ones no need of shop for small things. Well i am from your neighbouring country NEPAL and wanted to learn desperately, i must say you are really very creative. I am your great fan. Love from Nepal.


Not sure why this was in my recommended but I do know that it was very relaxing and I liked it a lot. Quite the talented cook and farmer.


M Morrok
So .. if you're lucky enough to be invited in Liziqi's feasts..
every dishes has to start from scratch - from soil to plate.
.. and then it ends with a fun game with Liziqi winning the game. �

.. 最后是一场有趣的比赛,李子柒赢了。�

I think the reason people love liziqi is that we are all under the impression and his video can give us a place to escape realistic and feel our own freedom  world.


yunus Rishan
When I'm feeling sadly.. I come to ur YouTube  channel.. I'm getting refreshing.. Feeling good  ❤Thanks for sharing the beautiful view.


I · have · no · subscribers
This is what true wealth look likes. Not million dollar houses or fancy cars. A wealth of knowledge and self sustainability.


Nandini Naidu
Such a disappointment...she doesn't care about her subscribers who earn her income.....having ur videos in Chinese...how does ur non chinese subscribers understand...with out us viewing your video...u will  not have an subscribers ...can you start having English translation...if y can not...then u dont care for your viewers...I rather unsubscribe your channel



shopping baby
Whenever I m stressed out, I watch ur videos and I just can't express that feeling of calmness and refreshment that your videos are giving... Soothing music and beautiful visuals and truly inspiring.... Thank you so much... May God bless you... Love you lots


luzserves_ themosthigh
She's not just beautiful but everything thing she does is as beautiful as she is love your video and all you do is so inspiring. Wish I was living that life style beautiful �


Wynn Zhang
Want to see this kind of life in real? Go to the thousands of Nong Jia Le tours in China. I enjoy such tours, Stay in the farmers' house. pick up the vegetable I like in their garden and the house owner cook for us. Help them pick fruits and they gave us a lot for our work.


Basra Abdulle
What is this, I have seen before, how come only one farmer woman can do, or they are lying because the World today you can't trust specially China.


Shilpi Rajoria
O wow li ziqi...its amazing, out of the world. It seem to be living in heaven. What to describe, those greenery, orange clouds, those seeds emergeing from the ground, a variety of dish, those beautiful flowers. I was happy seeing you enjoying .After all it is the result of lots n lots of hard work with the feeling of joy and happiness in doing it. Love from India�


Lizzie Higgs
There's nothing that makes me feel better than watching one of your beautiful videos and your kind soul nurturing everything back to life and fruition around you� Bless you and tell your grandma I said hello�

没有什么比看你的一个美丽的视频和你善良的灵魂滋养你周围的一切让我感觉更好的了� 祝福你,告诉你奶奶我向她问好�

Adrian Cann
I have always enjoyed your videos, they are so calming and we need this so much these days.  i really like it when you have a number of people at the table to eat the meals you have created from scratch.  their enjoyment and laughter are just another gift for us.  thank you


Sharleen Hill
Li Ziqi told us that serious and simple life can move people's hearts. If there is less harm to each other in the world, the world can be so beautiful.


florenny jace rosli
The way how she being so patient waiting everything grow for her video Its amazinggggggg.... Every each part of this video make  we understand, how everything got proess and  hard work makes us understand  there is something we can enjoy with much pleasure, satisfied with what we do in our  own efforts.. Much respect to this women..  
This is why i dearly patient waiting she upload her content.








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