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King Leong
A communist country can't be this developed, western media says it's illegal.


cris li
that because China is not communist. China is signaling left but turning right. They're actually  national capitalism.


China is communist state by name only. It is not a straight democratic but neither is the US.   You would notice that US actually provide more welfare than China. The roles of China central government is not to provide welfare. Its central government is to oversee the local government and provide help in case of special situation like disaster or in this case pandemic. Yet the local people have freedom to point out any problem of the local government to the central government. And central government can punish the local official or even ban him from ever serving again. This is why local governments are working hard to make local people happy.    Yet you look at US system with two parties. They only talk big but very little get done. And there are probably more corruption in US than China nowadays. And do the western system produce better leaders always. The answer is no. Does the Chinese system work in the west. Probably not.  Each system has pros and cons. You can only let democracy grow according to each country. There isn't one system fit all scenario.


If the Chinese people are happy with their government, why would that matter to someone who doesn't live in China. Like I said the path to Democracy is different for each country. Eventually when Chinese are better off, they may be interested in more politics. At least in general, China is teaching kids to not break the laws and high morals. They are not teaching kids to hate someone or something. Unlike that in America, we are told we have freedom to hate and even to do illegal things like rioting, destroying properties, assaulting people and spreading lies and rumors. Just also look at the rioters in Hong Kong, they want to hurt people so they can get what they want.


John Tam   
I just never understand cities allowed homeless people while streets are dirty. What China do is atleast give them a job to maintain the streets, street cleaners are a constant sight in China cities. A win win.


TheDeluxe guy
Bro they meant the tech used.  Im not a china hater but understand.. One thing.  Suppose let's start with a simple  example USA invented 1 and 2  number but they worked on 2 ..so they made 2+2 = 4 and they ignored 1 for later use. China tool that idea and used 1 model concept and made it 1+1+1+1 = 4 and released it. So in both cases the results are same whit little modifications


Zheng Huang
@TheDeluxe guy Think about the fact that math and physics are invented in ancient Greece and paper is invented in China. Can Greece claim the ownership of everything math involved in?


street manner
Zheng Huang good point but keep in mind that there are also property rights and trademark rights and other legal issue involved nowadays in tech competition.


Zheng Huang
@street manner Totally agree with you. We are talking about legal issues which should only be judged on court after through investigations. I am just mentioning that it never should be some kindergarten blaming games or raw material of any China-Bad propaganda.


For people doubt about belt and road initiative, shenzhen is good example. At beginning no one really wants to go there because there is nothing. But the government started to build infrastructure and created policy to encourage people to invest there. Later you see now. I was wondered and stayed for 6 months and left, and regret.


lauey lam
In the west we have drones dropping bombs in the ME, but not as colorful though.


char sensei
Sorry but China is also a big player in millitary drone market who has already sold drones to many ME countries.You can find Chinese drones in Lybia ,Yemen and Syria.


Land of pîss and pôôp
@char sensei Yah! The difference is if you have an advanced weapon, you will have buyers. China never drop any bombs but the US did. Big difference. But I want to mention one thing to you. In order to survive, you must have strong and powerful military if you do not want to be like Iraq or Libya 2.0.




4:20  Time is money, efficiency is life.
4:29  Empty talks jeopardize a nation, practical work rejuvenate a nation.

4:20 时间就是金钱,效率就是生命。

4:29 空谈误国,实干兴邦。

Jojo Zhang
I have almost Cried when I saw “空谈误国,实干兴邦” which means - Gabbing will mislead the country, working hard can thrive the whole nation. It was from Ming dynasty China, and it feels like an exclusive spirit go through people of this land. Our government has inherited this very well. We have been working hard to achieve all of these. For some western people who emphasize “freedom”, maybe they should first about “responsibility”. Good to know that you like Shenzhen as well, I’m from Guangxi and been in Shenzhen for 6 years, it’s my second home.


Ray H.
one of the dispalys says "时间就是金钱", which means time is money! well! SZ wasted no time in 40 years, truly awesome city!


Tate Tanner
I am not sure, I just saw your pure love for Shenzhen, regardless of all the hatred now towards China. Maybe it takes courage to post a video like this. Whatever, all the best!


Unfortunately, a lot of westerners thinks China is still like in the 1950's !!


Xiang Li
As a Chinese, I have been living in North America for 10 years. Seeing tons of bias report about China from western media,  I feel touched and proud each time when someone reports the real China.  Not only Shenzhen, the whole China is brand new (70 years). And I really hope all the big countries can take responsibility and work together to make the world a better place.


Sylvester Fong
True, Shenzhen is such a beautiful city, and even more lovely at night when the light displays are on. Fantastic city - can only happen in China. I used to travel to Shenzhen on business up to year 2009. Understand that it has undergone even more progress and changes since then, especially in terms of technological advancements. Can’t wait to re-visit soon.


Western media keep doing the fake news to bruin China, we don't care. We know we are in a good life, more safe more free more PACE and LOVE, someone will know the truths.


I've lived in the same place in the US for 20 years, and I feel not many things have changed within these 20 years except how expensive things have become. But in China, there is literally change every single day, you go back to a place after a short period away, and you literally feel uneasy because you need to readjust and learn these new changes.





Maria Alvarez
I'm a great great admirer of Shenzhen. I visited the city for the first time in 2012, fell madly in love with it and then kept going every until 2019, watching all the constant changes you mention. Love your videos and your beautiful and elegant living room too. Congrats.
My favourites in Shenzhen: Shennan Avenue, OCT Lofts, Kingkey 100 Tower and its mesmerizing Drawing Room on the 96th floor, the whole Civic Center area specially in the evening and its fantastic buildings, library, theater, museum, the new seaside walk at SeaWorld and its Design Museum and  Dafen, the cute painters neighbourhood.




When i saw your videos i was like this is my future home, I'm coming to shenzhen like for sure, it's amazing, and thank you so much for the videos you're making, you're a great man, love you... be safe.


jeannette ng
Wow a very spectacular display. Really want to visit Shenzen this wonderful  city. I hv been to China  a few times but not Shenzen hope to visit in future  after all is my forefathers homeland. To all the  people of China you all should be proud  of your country. God bless China


Dave Psk
China is already in the future. While the rest of the world still lingers in the middle ages. Things like these are only available in science fiction movies for us.


Alan Sia
China is very well progress , well develope in just 40 years.
Everything have change. No other country can compare in tecnology. See visit one day. No one is above, China proud to be top of the world. Keep it up




Kehang Xiao
When I graduated in Guangzhou and then worked here for more than one year, I had been to Shenzhen more than twenty times to do bussiness thing and Shenzhen of course the best city as well as Guangzhou in the world.From my experience, Shenzhen is more young and active,Guangzhou is more casual and suitable.And GZ'CBD at night is the best.hope you enjoy your life in SZ and feel at home.


Nick AI
Definitely Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley, a brilliant garden city with pretty view, fresh air and world-class innovative new tech; plus unprecedented legend from a small fishing village with a population around 10 thousand villagers to the world-class metropolis with a population of 10 million people just within 40 years (established in Jan. 1979).
Shenzhen's world-class companies and brands, started from and established in Shenzhen in the past decades, including: Huawei, WeChat, Tencent, BYD (Electric car), ZTE, DJI (Drone), Ping An (Bank & Insurance Firm), Mindray…











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