如琪在中国(Ruchi in China):印度媳妇在吉林和家人朋友出去玩一天

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如琪在中国(Ruchi in China):印度媳妇在吉林和家人朋友出去玩一天
本文译自Youtube,原标题:Day out with family friends in Jilin



R Patel
Indian Chinese family my best wishes. One day I will visit China .


wumao npc
I'm really impressed that someone would just lend money like that. Im an American and one side of my family is from Jilin, it really makes me want to go visit again


nanm Ca
Countryside people are good and nice.


Suresh Saste
Everyone is nice in china


Pls show us the dog of your father-in-law�


Ruchi in China
Next video


designQ Q
It is a good sign when people are talking all the time instead of staring at their phones.


That long stick is actually the stalk of corn…It looks like sugarcane also tastes like sugarcane.


Yiani Zhang
Northern Chinese is taller and southern Chinese is shorter very true hahaha....good observation. Northerners also have pointier nose compared to southerners and fairer skinned as well:)


bts fangirl
China is so beautiful ��...and Chinese people are kind too


David Liu
It is very interesting to see China northern village from the eyes of an indian lady.  Your son is very cute. I like your channel


People r just sooo cute I also have some Chinese friends some of them r so cuteee,listen I think u need to get to know the people instead of believing on some random news on internet that's  my personal experience hahaheheh


Ivan sees massive open space: “I’m not walking!” - smart boy :D
This is another nice typical Ruchi video that smashes a few Chinese stereotypes and make people update their perceptions.
Looking forward to seeing your family lunch and square dancing at night.


Sally Tan
It’s interesting to be in Jilin,somehow life’s a bit different,perhaps slower phase & more relaxing.You’re truly thankful & blessed to have such a wonderful mom-in-law,pls love & take ��care of her as she’s looking after Ivan well.You too try to learn some Mandarin,so that you can understand & mingle with them well ��Share your love journey 1 day,�take great care,stay healthy & safe,cheers�

在吉林很有意思,不知怎么的,生活有点不一样,也许是更慢的生活节奏和更多的放松。你真的应该感谢上帝赐予你这么好的岳母�� 请爱她并照顾她就像她照顾Ivan一样。
你可以试着学一些普通话,这样你就能听懂并与他们很好地交流�� 分享你的爱情旅程,�多保重,保持健康和安全,干杯�

Dave WA
It's very sad indeed that some news outlets would resort to fabricate lies to influent the mind of some sheep. It's an utter desperation out of control.
Anyway, you are doing an amazing job to reveal the real China to them.


tsai winsor
I think this is more like a town instead of village.


Huarong Liu
It could be a village,I work in a small village of rural Guangzhou ,but there‘s a metro station not very far away


Asterix Obelix
Everything is relative. It's a village in China if it's less than 1 million people while in other country it's a mega city.


Huarong Liu
@Asterix Obelix As Chinese, I can't explain it either,my hometown county only has 200 thousands people,but it is a county,maybe it is decided by the size of land

@Asterix Obelix 作为中国人,我也无法解释,我的家乡只有20万人,但它是一个县,也许这个是由土地面积的大小决定的。

no cinema. no supermarket. not  seeing any stores around the 'dancing park'. I'm guessing it's a village. ��


Bhupesh Singh
I would love to see a separate channel just based on Ivan �.
And yes China is much safer and healthier :)




Livon A
Ivan's grandmother really dotes on him. Heartwarming


Bhawana Gautam
After watching this I realise that chinese village people are very similar to indians as they  are friendly , talkative and ready to help like many Indians .we share same culture I feel this


Calvyn Craven
Coming from Malaysia where we have large communities of Indian and Chinese. I would say we share alot of similar culture.


Bhawana Gautam
@Calvyn Craven we literally have similar cultures but the political boundaries are the only reason because of which  hate spreads among the world

@Calvyn Craven  我们确实有相似的文化,但政治边界是仇恨在世界上传播的唯一原因。

People are same all over the world. Human nature is deeply coded. It doesn't matter if you go to a village in the US, Peru, Ghana, Siberia, Papua, whichever continent, you will find similar fundamental human nature. Superficial things, rituals etc are different. Except for a few isolated tribal societies, you will find similar people wherever you go.


ben 10 non
This village is more developed than my district


Jessica2049 F
Btw,Ruchi,is there anyone told u that u don't look like 32 years old?in general,East Asian ppl looks younger than their age,n westerners or typical indian beauties look older than their age,but u give me the feeling that u r round 24~26 years old


Ruchi in China
Wow thanks for the compliment. Yes almost everyone guesses between 22-26. I think I am an exception because my skin is very oily which keeps it young. Got it from my father hehe


Jessica2049 F
@Ruchi in China Lucky,but I guess not only this point, it may have something to do with the softness of your facial lines,make u have a baby face



Sovit Rai
please, make a video about how safe women are in china ?


Ruchi in China
China is one of the safest countries for women in the world


Heqiu Yisheng
Your mother in law really loves Ivan, take so good care of him.


when people realize their descendants are their successors in the world, to carry forward their legacy, they really start to love them. �


Ivan is the first grandson of your in-laws, right? But In general Chinese grandparents are very solicitous of their grandkids. It's the main dream of many grandparents to see and take care of their grandkids,  especially if they only have 1 child,  so the son or daughter of that only child is really considered precious. Continuing the lineage and passing on  the family name is really very important to Chinese people.


Dipali Jawale
You are very bold and active,I really admire you,My last comment,for your another video I mistakenly wrote anxious, but actually I am very eager to know,My husband frequently visited China for his work related company, always he bought nice,juicy fruits from china on each visit,but due to covid pandemic his visit on March 2020 suddenly cancelled or postponed I think,he always visited China,south koria,japan for through his company work.perhaps I automatically got interested in another countries' tradition, atmosphere.your videos are nice ,so keep it up ,thanks�


Ruchi in China
it's great. Sometimes you should visit too. The fruits have a wide variety here


Bulbul Sarkar
How you married a Chinese plz tell .I am curious ��


Watch her old videos..she explained


rhea dawson
Makes me thinking to marry a guy from China �


amoy solomon
Chinese here waiting for you.If you have made up your mind,please let me know.


To whoever asked you if there is enough food in China, they obviously haven't seen your video of the supermarket which was overflowing with all kinds of food  imaginable.


We Chinese are so happy that foreigners know nothing about us, so that we can continue developing our economy and nobody regard us as threat.


Northeast China is much less populated but with very large and fertile land. Land holding there is very big. Only they have very cold winter.


Ruchi in China
You are so knowledgeable. Yes the kand is really fertile here. Rice from here is the best in China too


ping ya
They love your big eyes hahah, because big eyes are considered beautiful in east Asia . Especially Ivan , must be the cutest boy in village hahah


So the street vendors in Jilin do not have WeChat QR codes and still use cash? Here in Suzhou, even street musicians playing and asking for money from passers-by have a WeChat QR code on display beside a basket where people can also drop coins if they want...LOL!! � Especially during  this time of the oandemic,  everybody wants to avoid  touching money.

吉林的街头摊贩没有微信二维码,还在用现金吗?在苏州,即使是街头艺人和向路人要钱的乞丐,也会在篮子旁边展示一个微信二维码,人们可以在那里随意付款……哈哈!!� 尤其是在这段时间里,每个人都不想碰钱。

David Liu
In  small village , old ppl still are not used to pay by mobile phone . but in the city, if you don't know how to pay by mobile phone , that is a big trouble .





JJ Joker
Indian girls, find ways to get Chinese government’s scholarship. You can get free college education in some of the best colleges in China. You can go out and eat bbq, shopping, watch movies at anytime during the night, and ppl will be super friendly to you.


Asterix Obelix
Ruchi, another lovely travelog from you. Your son is definitely a star and handsome too. He will break many ladies heart one day�.
Very happy to see YouTube channel that show people interacting as friends without regards to politics or religion etc. People just want to live a happy peaceful lives and you proved it���


pikachu hihi
Is China a  very expensive country


Ruchi in China
Very inexpensive. Food and household things are lot cheaper than India. Even rent


Hauki Fisher
This countryside little place is cleaner than 99% of Indian cities, if not 100%


Jessica2049 F
Ruchi,ur subscribes grow so fast,I'm really happy for u. Also many thanks to u. In today's world,brainless nationalism is so ampant, ppl have forgotten how to communicate peacefully. It's the only place where Chinese and Indians can talk normally,so I like it so much,we can see that a lot of Chinese and Indians have raised their questions and expressed their real thought here.It's so precious,communication is the key,if those toxic politicians can spare us,give up "divide and rule"tricks,u can imagine how beautiful the world can be


Wei Man
Correction, there is no such thing as dancing park in China :) But only Chinese ladies, especially retired ladies would like to use the open field to do some collective physical execises....hence the group dancing in the park or some squrares....it is everywhere basically in China.....
I have to say, people live in rural China, still treat foreignor like a panda :D My hometown is Harbin....further north from Jilin.....you should visit it during the winter, the
Harbin Ice and Snow Festival will impress you for sure.


yamini sharma
You once mentioned in one of your comments on a video that you have kept your indian citizenship. Is it possible because after marriage , is not the indian citizenship have to be surrendered in case husband is a foreigner?


What kind of law it is? Married a foreign husband makes one lose citizenship? Sounds like medieval.


sayali magar
How they controlled Corona? Situation becomes uncontrollable here!


sayali magar They controlled it by mass testing and high technology. Everyone has mobile phone and when there’s a positive case, people around that person will be notified to quarantine automatically. You need to scan the QR code in your phone when you go to shopping malls or restaurants etc. The QR code indicates that you are not positive for virus and not doing quarantine.

sayali magar他们通过大规模测试和高科技来控制它。每个人都有手机,当有阳性病例时,会自动通知周围的人隔离。当你去购物中心或餐馆等时,你需要扫描你手机里的二维码,需要这个二维码表明你没有感染病毒,也没有进行过隔离。 

Mad Y
some advice to you for india condition 1.all family with mask(dont't use cotton mask or scarf,both of them couldn't help a lot) when go out   2.wash hands after touch something from outside  home  3.don't go to some place with many people indoor,if have to you wear a goggle and mask (N95)
above 3 tis for common people,some experience from our goverment:1.If your local town have many cases ,all of the paticent need to stay in hospital or some mobile cabin hospitals  rather than staying home.2.track a patient and take a epidemiological investigation,test all people had contacted with  the patient.3.some palces need to close until the Cornoa have been controled.

1. 所有的家庭外出时都带口罩(不要使用棉质口罩或围巾,这两个都帮不了什么忙)
2. 从家里摸东西后洗手
3. 不要到室内有很多人的地方,如果必须去请戴上护目镜和口罩(N95)
1. 如果你当地镇上有很多病例,所有患者都需要住院或到一些流动舱室医院进行隔离,而不是呆在家里。
2. 跟踪病人并进行流行病学调查,检查所有接触过病人的人。
3. 有些地方需要关闭,直到病毒得到控制。







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