如琪在中国(Ruchi in China):在广州一个美丽的公园逛了一下午

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如琪在中国(Ruchi in China):在广州一个美丽的公园逛了一下午


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Zyroxyz Zero
Really nice to see Indians and Chinese getting along


Every individual in this world is different.People don't behave the same just because they have the same skin colour. People who are racist, would hate a whole entire race and that cannot be justified.


Jusain Apple
Hello, sister you are so lucky to be in China many Chinese haters talk negative about China but in reality China is most beautiful place in the world.


Sleipnir Production
I wouldn't say the most beautiful but it is a lot better than many places in this world. The self-haters want to turn China into Iraq, Syria and those war torn countries, then they will be happy.


wang wang
As a Chinese ,I wouldn't say China the  most beautiful place , there are definitely many negative things like any other place in the world, we should be more objective.


Veena Verma
@wang wang Indians don't hate Chinese people. We know so little about Chinese. Only some actions of their govt or army. People are cute. Wish we could visit China more.We are neighbours after all

@wang wang印度人不恨中国人,我们对中国人知之甚少。只有一些是ZF或军队的行为。中国人很可爱,希望我们能更多地访问中国更多,毕竟我们是邻居。

J Peter
Your husband is a very good caregiver and he is really patient with  Ivan. I hope you have a happy life.


Neha Upadhayay
Why you never communicate or talk to your husband in your video I would  like to see more interaction between you and your husband



Pompy Deka
Falling in love with China because of Ruchi and also the famous food blogger "Food Ranger". Hello from Assam, India.., ��.. Would really like to visit and try the foods there..

我爱上中国是因为Ruchi和著名的美食博主“Food Ranger”。来自印度阿萨姆邦的问候,��.. 真的很想去看看,尝尝那里的食物。。

Nidhi Gogoi
I want to see how you guyz communicate with each other.. Please make a video with your husband together..By the way I love to see your all vloggs❣



Ruchi in China
Nidhi Gogoi yaar recently my videos have started blowing up and I get a lot of question about our relationship. It is difficult to answer because Odin is very shy and doesn’t want to be in the camera. It is really overwhelming as a lot of people especially few men from India can be really judge mental. That’s why I have been trying to avoid this topic.


Arthuro L.C.
Every where is so clean, unbelievable!



workman song
Almost all Chinese cities are clean. This is the benefit of infrastructure.I believe that India will also change a lot in the next 10 years.


yang yun
in big chinese city, it is clean. Lots of cleaners work hard. India should set a brith control. If you have huge population, this means lots of people have no chance to obtain education, and then they have no sense to environmental protection. In fact, if you go to chinese rual area, it is not clean like that. But in big city, people always follow the rules-not drop litter carelessly


@yang yun birth control isn't the answer!
Proper and dedicated hard work could be helpful!!

@yang yun节育不是答案!

yang yun
@vardhamanist common citizen should have environmental awareness. I am in wenzhou, a city of east china. Back to ten years before, the city is not clean. Now it becomes better and better. Particlarly, the young people have strong envirnomental awareness. Teacher in school always tell them it is uncivil to throw rubbish carelessly. Even the kids tell their parent not to drop rubbish carelessly. I think the city will be much cleaner after ten years.

@vardhamanist 普通公民应该有环保意识。我在温州,一个中国东部的城市。回想十年前,这个城市并不干净,但现在它变得越来越好了,特别是年轻人有很强的环保意识。学校的老师总是告诉他们乱扔垃圾是不文明的,甚至孩子们都会告诉他们的父母不要随便扔垃圾。我想十年后这个城市会干净得多。




Ayush Vatsal
@workman song I also think it is going to be like that, I wish China prosper more ... China is doing great at the moment... Only political tensions with some other countries is a problem right now... I hope all this political tension become less soon

@workman song 我也认为会是这样,我希望中国更加繁荣。。。中国现在做得很好。。。目前唯一的问题是与其他国家的政治紧张关系。。。我希望所有这些政治紧张局势尽快缓和下来。

Ayush Vatsal
@yang yun yes I agree, birth control is necessary in India now... China has done an awesome job to control population rate... Implementing such schemes is beneficial for India but not easy... India is a democracy and I believe , democracy is the bad form of government, especially Indian democracy... All they care about is vote bank... Communism is better for a country growth ....
I hope my country politician apply similar measures China has taken for birth control and economic development...

@yang yun 是的,我同意,现在印度有必要实行节育。。。中国在控制人口比例方面做得很好。。。实施这样的计划对印度有利,但这并不容易。。。印度是一个MZ国家,我相信,MZ是糟糕的政府形式,尤其是印度的MZ。。。他们关心的只是选票。。。GC主义对一个国家的发展更有利。。。。

Atilyca swu Chisho
Suggest me Chinese guy ��
lots of love from Northeast India ❤


Thanks for making these videos. I hope more Indians will see your vids and see.for themselves China is a beautiful country and Chinese people are friendly. Media tells a lot of lies!


The hostess was highly respected. Her husband and children were always with her, and the hostess liberated her hands to make films. This kind of life is very happy, looking forward to the lady to continue to give us more surprises


Ruchi in China
1 个月前
Thank you for the kind words. We are not perfect. But we try to keep the family together


Park Jimin
Ni hao. I'm very glad an Indian is showing positive side of China.
China seems very peaceful and clean and calm place. U both r very sweet too. And our little ivan is like a smiling fluffy toy.
I just have one request. Pls make some videos on Chinese language too. Like basics and general conversation so that if I or anyone visits China in future we can communicate with Chinese people. I've watched few Chinese dramas and Chinese language is sweet to hear but I heard its really tough. Pls help us if u can.
Have a happy life. Stay blessed.
Love from Maharashtra. �


Ruchi in China
I didn’t make this video because I can also only speak very basic. Maybe I will make a video about the basic words


For lovely park like this in California where I am, or New York while I was. They will be filled with hundreds homeless and drug addicted people, with trash everywhere.
China is what a great society should look like ✊


Ruchi in China
Never seen homeless people here in China


Harsh Dhare
@Ruchi in China Don't lie china is a very poor country you just stay in your bubble and only show nice parts. Please also show us slums and dirty wet markets in China

@Ruchi 不要撒谎,中国是一个非常贫穷的国家,你只是活在你的泡沫里,只看到了美好的一面。也请让我们看看中国的贫民窟和肮脏的湿货市场。

Ruchi in China
Harsh Dhare I haven’t seen slums, beggars anywhere. Wet markets are not related to poverty at all. In guangzhou, we have only lived in the rural area where it is mostly farmers living close by. The poverty of China is only 1.7% now. Maybe visit sometime and see for yourself.


Harsh Dhare
@Ruchi in China
Don't lie,the 1.7% poverty rate is just a lie CCP consider the universal 1.2$ per day as a poverty mark, so if someone one earns just 2$ a day it will be considered that the person is low income. Remember that 900 million people in china earn less than 10$ a day that means around 60% of china live under poverty a Chinese government official said that in the recent party congress. Maybe You should go out and see real china by yourself

@Ruchi in China



Ruchi in China
Harsh Dhare I have travelled all across China and seen it for myself. But have you? You can’t be one sided and follow the news. Our hometown is actually a village but people there are well off too. Poverty line different in every country. You have to take the expenses and cost of living in consideration. People are not starving, there are no beggars on the streets. The poorest have at least somewhere to live and food. Less than 10$ a day is poor? That is what my friends earned after they did engineering and mba in India. Not so bad is it


Ruchi in China
Harsh Dhare the wages are high in Shanghai. The poor folks aren’t living there. The poverty rate has come down considerably. We can’t even afford plumbers, painters.. they charge a lot. Construction workers make 1 lakh a month


Harsh Dhare
@Ruchi in China average salary of a person in Shanghai 1000$ price per square meter is 7000$ outside of the city centre and 14000$ in city centre. I don't think it's sustainable if a construction worker earns 1 lakhs(around 1000$) a month

@Ruchi in China,上海人的平均工资是1000美元每月,在市中心以外的房价是7000美元/平米,在市中心是14000美元/平米。我不认为如果一个建筑工人月收入10万卢比(约1000美元)是可持续的。

Harsh Dhare
Poverty rate hasn't come down government of china lowered the poverty line (1.2$/day).And also China comes at 4th place in terms of homelessness around 2 million homeless in china


Ruchi in China
Harsh Dhare we lived in Shanghai with less than 700$ a month in Yangpu district. I think everything is possible. If we could do it, with a good lifestyle, poor people are certainly not starving. Don’t get caught up in the stats so much. You can always come and see. I in my childhood has seen poverty. And my parents have experienced both poverty & starvation back in the day. Not to mention lack of drinking water. I think I know poverty when I see it. Don’t argue for the sake of it. I really recommend traveling to China

Harsh Dhare,我们以前住在上海杨浦区,月薪不到700美元,我认为一切皆有可能。如果我们能做到这一点,穷人肯定不会挨饿。不要太在意统计数据,你可以随时来看看。我小时候见过贫穷,我的父母曾经经历过贫穷和饥饿,更不用说缺乏饮用水了。我想当我看到贫穷的时候我就知道了。别为这事争吵,我真的推荐你去中国旅游。

v x
Ruchi in China Some people just want to hear what they want to, actually what they are programmed to hear. No need to waste your time arguing with them. Keep up the good work! With respect.


Barnali Debbarma
Please let your husband also talk next time. We want him to do some interaction with the viewers too.


Ruchi in China
He doesn’t like to be in videos


Yuqiang Gao
This is the reason why the government behind Trump become so mad recently.


Pravin Utankar
So few people in lake but a really wonderful lake loved to watch it



Single soul in Lockdown
Wow such a beautiful scenary and nice area...Hope the flights between china and india starts soon...so that i come come again there...Whenever I see your videos , i see my future with you...so good...i really love your videos


Ruchi in China
I am also waiting for that. My parents were going to come for Ivan’s first birthday. They haven’t seen him for a long time. I think flights will start in september


Vinod Ram
Thanks for sharing China with us it looks clean beautiful and developed and there’s no honking 24/7


Yiani Zhang
Tell your husband he needs to eat more daal makhani....or palak paneer, he's too skinny:)

告诉你丈夫他需要多吃点daal makhani……或者palak paneer,他太瘦了:)

Ruchi in China
I keep asking him to eat more. He is like a kid. He won’t eat until I give him food. Do you like dal makhani?

我要他多吃点,但他就像个孩子,我给他吃东西他才吃。你喜欢dal makhani吗?

I love your video but looks like you should spend more time with your husband rather than making videos. Or else interect along with your husband while making else he might feel leftout. Just my opinion.
But you look so beautiful and thank you for showing us more about china.


Ruchi in China
The videos are very few and we are both at home always. He doesn’t have to go to office ever . So we actually have too much of each other lol. Videos are not a reflection of reality. I usually choose to edit out the parts where we interact because he hates being on the video. But I can understand why people would feel this way. That’s why I have decided to completely exclude my family in the future videos


Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know about that. ��. Wish you more success in future. Love you ���

哦,很抱歉我不知道。��. 祝你将来更成功。爱你���

J Zeng
This is the only park I have seen where there are no aunts dancing. Thank you for sharing and wish you a happy life in China!



Ruchi in China
I haven’t seen any aunts dancing in Guangzhou till now. Maybe it is out of fashion now hehe








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