如琪在中国(Ruchi in China):在吉林小镇购物并参观姐姐的房子,农村竟有智能马桶(有视频)

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如琪在中国(Ruchi in China):在吉林小镇购物并参观姐姐的房子,农村竟有智能马桶
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Taboo Bunny
Pls,  people.  If you can't share the love,  then at least don't spread hate.  Hate is like cancer.  Why would you want to spread cancer to others?


Sylvester Fong
Good to see that, Chinese people live a good comfortable, peaceful and safe life even in rural areas. �
Your husband’s family are really nice and respectable people, who obviously love you and your family very much. You are blessed. �
Pray that the political situation between the Indian and Chinese people will improve and become friendly neighbours again soon. ��
Blessings. Stay safe and continue to love life. �
�for Evan.


Samantha H
All the cities and  all the interior designer are more and more the same worldwide... Now if you see a city in usa in europe or asia you ll find the same brand, same way to organise the streets, same modern buildings... All people wear the same clothes, relax in the same sofa.... That s modernity... That is a little bit sad according to me... We are losing what before made our charm...


Looks like your in laws and their frens really like u and ivan.


surbhi sah
China seems such a nice place to live. Calm and Clean.



Thanu D
Agree. I lived in China Shanghai 11 years. I love Shanghai, China❤. Shanghai is very modern. You should visit Shanghai..

同意。我在中国上海住了11年,我爱上海❤, 上海很现代,你应该去上海...

Real Learner
Sister I am very happy to see your happy life and sharing positive messages about the China and its culture. You are the real ambassador of India. Let’s make good friendship between India and China. I love both india and China. Love from Nepal.


Tushar Roy
We have lot to learn from China hope we can close our difference and help each others ... ☮


JS2049 F
It's an intelligent digital toilet. It can automatically sense. Acc to the temperature n adjust, it's more convenient than sprinkler. U can choose this when u decorate ur house next time


Ruchi in China
JS2049 F Yes We will definitely use this toilet once we have our own house!! About the sprinkler, we had it since 17 years ago in our Indian house. It is extremely common in India with western toilet

JS2049 F是的,一旦我们有了自己的房子,我们一定会安装这样的马桶!!关于喷洒器(sprinkler),我们从17年前在我们的印度的房子里就有了,这在印度和西方厕所中非常常见。

Most of the water supply in India (except for big cities) comes from wells which are pumped up to a storage tank on the roof. The sun heats up the water so it’s luke warm most of the day. So the sprinkler water is not uncomfortable.


JS2049 F
@MrMagooo Oh I get,thankq for information,the weather in India always hot in india

@MrMagooo 我明白了,谢谢你的信息,印度的天气一直都很热。

surbhi sah
Ruchi, Your Husband's side of Family seems so nice. Have a nice life.


Life of Jemi Narzary
Wow....such a lovely video.
And Shingsin house is really outstanding.....just beautiful....and she is pretty as well....and ur son is too cute. Would love to see Odin in ur next vlog....��


Belly Button
This town is like a typical village town in Asia.  But I must say, the roads are wide.  And surprising to find a quite trendy boutique in the town.  Hey, I do like that top you think silly.  It's different.  I think you like plain colours judging from the dress you bought and teeshirts you wear.  Your cousin is very kind and warm.  After school classes (art, ballet, music) are common among Asian parents.  I think Ivan will be part of it when he reaches 5/6 yo?


In northern China, the population density is low and the terrain is mostly flat, so the have wider streets and larger buildings than in the southern China.



RAJ Naik
If we have positive people watching let us get India and China together. If Ruchi has brought 2 families together let the two population of 2.80 Billion people come together for progress and prosperity.


madhura khalekar
I don't care what anyone says, im an indian and China is my favourite country. Beautiful culture with amazing, kind and polite people...soon I'll join Mandarin classes in Pune city to learn more about this beautiful country� I really hope to live a life like ruchi in China :'(

我不在乎别人怎么说,我是印度人,中国是我最喜欢的国家。中国有美丽的文化与令人惊叹,善良和礼貌的人…很快我将加入在浦那市的普通话班,了解这个美丽的国家� 我真的希望在中国过一种像Ruchi那样的生活:'(



Marina Dillan Alva
Thank you for showing the real picture of china. It's so different from what we are made to believe.
Salute the Chinese for their hard working attitude which is definitely lagging in modern india.


monica sahay
I mostly watch korean content. Somehow one of your videos came in my recommendations. I really liked it as I haven't ever seen a China vlog. It's feels really nice to see and know about this country through your videos.
Much love from India
Looking forward to Watching many vlogs from you ���


Understated fact - Chinese parents are heavily invested in their child's growth, often as a singular purpose. Ballet classes, music classes, foreign languages, etc. This is how Chinese prime their next generation for success and happiness.


R Patel
Ruchi thanks for showing life normal Chinese people. China and India people are very similar in many ways. Wish India and China both have great civilisations become friends. God Bless.


No one bothers wearing mask now. Virus free.


Ruchi in China
This town has been virus free for many months. Now they don’t bother lol


bandna kumari
@Apoorv Srivastava  greetings from another Srivastav. But we should wear mask .we have very large population and every life is very very important. I request all lovely brothers and sisters of India to keep precautions and safety.our lives are very important.we have to contribute in the development of our India. So be safe.

@Apoorv Srivastava 但是我们应该戴口罩。我们人口众多,每一个生命都非常重要。我请求所有可爱的印度兄弟姐妹们保持警惕和安全。我们的生活是非常重要的,我们必须为我们印度的发展作出贡献,所以要保持安全。

The virus can cause organ damage, and cognitive problems. If you’re lucky enough to survive, you’ll get a big hospital bill as a reward. So wear your mask and wash your hands. Don’t shake hands with strangers.


Mohan Naik
A small town in China �� is cleaner than Indian large cities.�

中国的一个小镇�� 比印度大城市还干净。�

Real Learner
Mohan Naik mohan let’s not compare. Both India and China are beautiful. Love from nepal

Mohan Naik mohan 让我们不要比较,印度和中国都很美,来自尼泊尔的爱。

Ashokrao Nikam
Indian villages are cleaner than cities. With limited facilities and sources they are keeping their houses and surrounding much clean than city people's.


bandna kumari
@Real Learner love from india but I think Nepal and Bhutan are the most beautiful countries situated in the lap of the Himalayas in the whole Asia in terms of natural beauties otherwise every country and everything made by God in this world is beautiful.

@Real Learner 但我认为尼泊尔和不丹是全亚洲最美丽的国家,它们位于喜马拉雅山脉的边缘,在这个世界上,每一个国家和上帝创造的一切都是美丽的。

rajeev kumar
Nice vlog Ruchi. Xing Xing house is amazing considering they dont live there. But these are all material things. What I really like is that She is so loving, simple yet beautiful, down to earth. Please show us her village house and her farms as well. Take care....��


Ruchi in China
I was going to go there but the typhoon hit our town. She lives in a vert rural area with no roads , only farms.


Capricorn Star
I’m amazed that no one is wearing a face mask � especially inside the supermarket . China has done a good job with handling the coronavirus. My Chinese friend from Yunnan also told me that everything is back to normal where she lives .

我很惊讶没有人戴口罩� 尤其是在超市里。中国在处理冠状病毒方面做得很好,我在云南的中国朋友也告诉我,她住的地方一切都恢复了正常。

Sahana Bhatt
Thank you so much... today I really really amazed to see such a good house, such a clean city, and heard from you people live in village with farm house and own modern house tooo.. good  really really hard workers


Ruchi in China
Yes this is actually a small small rural town close to the village.



ip desperado
2:23, that poor girl was sent to her art class after barlay dancing class. that is bad for those chinese kids, too much burden for them to grow up. 4:05 guess in small town nobody cares about jaywalking and double parking. as to dressing style, just regular northern style, loosely fit instead of tightly wrapping around bodies. 9:55 that is because it is a small town, cost of living is low. for bigger cities, cost of living is high, but you have better education resources for your kids, better social life style, more job opportunities, etc that those small towns don't necessarily have. well, as old saying, nothing is perfect in life, you get some but you might lose some. btw, i think the reason that your sis in law still live in that old house very likely because where that old house is located must close where her daily routines are. in nowadays china, for many middle class families, having multiple real estate properties are quite common.








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