如琪在中国(Ruchi in China):中国政府办事大厅一游 Chinese government office tour

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如琪在中国(Ruchi in China中国政府办事大厅一游 Chinese government office tour

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In this video, I am going to a local government centre in China to renew my residence permit. The whole process took an hour. Meanwhile I show what a typical government office building in China looks like. This is not the best example to be honest. Most of the offices I have visited here are bigger and better than this and that includes the office in our small farming town Huaide. I want to show China as it is, from a foreigner’s perspective.





piyush lahoti
Look at China’s govt offices and ours. Forget about war with China, first build better infrastructure for us corrupt politicians. We are way behind and drastically need to change.


Amrit Waiba
South Asisn political leaders never learn from China because of slave mentality and wrong education


When I was a kid in 1970-early 1980, there were a huge indian movie and songs influence in China. Everybody in china loves indian songs and movies. From my knowledge, I never saw any negative narratives from chinese governments against india and indians.


Whoa! I’ve never seen such a well organised and neat office in India! This was a real eye opener. Really well made video, keep’em coming! J


Zhaoqing Xu
For everyone that wants to share your “meaningful insights” about politics, pls find somewhere else. This is a channel for love, understanding and peace, not for endless stupid debates.


Betty Wang
China and India are countries with thousands years history, we should cooperate and learn,respect from each other, don’t let other country like America to manipulate and get benefits if wars happens between China and India.I know in India and other five eyes country media like to painted China is evil and monster , glad to see you show the true life in China,wish you enjoy you life in China.


Domecracy or not, most people want a good gorvnmenet. Chinese government is improving every day. When I applied first passport back in 1997, I had to visit many offices in different departments. Now all services are in public counters. Indians here often think they have freedom of speech but it suits only for political needs. Their voices have little power to change their gorvnmenet. When Chinese voice their opinions, Chinese government takes it very seriously. I often see Indians blaming political parties or one political party blaming others. In China, for bad or good, it is all by one party. If there is problem, CCP has to fix it. There is no scapegoat. CCP got criticized for great Leap forward and culture revolution but they also prized for current economic development.




Highly appreciated! We ordinary people in China and India should act to promote mutually understanding as the mainstream media do not want to do this.



Nilesh Bhattacharya
When I was 6years old. From that time till now 18 . I love china because of there culture, economy CCP government good decision , products , education , infrastructure etc. China attract people from all over the world. China has great ancient history. India china shoud co-operate each other and work with together. Jia you.


Maya chandran
Very informative video Ruchi. Love the way you explain everything. Feels as if we are with you in China.





Ja Rule
In USA Chinese and Indians are very friendly with each other!!!! I hope there is more people to people contact between people from China and India!!! It will be very positive for everyone!!!


Dawn TrainSi
China and Indiapeacedevelopment and cooperationI hope both sides can sit down and talk,not war!If we are at war, the most beneficial country is USA and we will both get some lost.


Rational mind
In India govt offices are full of agent and corrupt, ignorant, rude, lazy  govt servants. Above all, almost all of the govt  building are crowded, disorganized  with crumbling office buildings .


Omg…so systematic gov. office with full utilization of technology…We in India too, need to copy good things of Chinese Model. Always want to know China from native people perspective….Great Channel.


Tracy L
It used to be bad 30 years ago when I was like 7 years old. But nobody noticed since when service of our local government has become more and more convenient and thoughtful.
But still I hope it keeps good work and make improvements. People deserve better.
Thanks for your great video. It makes me want to have a vacation back home right now!


gobin limbu
now usa will claim that china copy all these from them and indian media will support usa blindly and make an episode of an hour for 1 month.


Ying xiaowei
I don’t know much of your language, but I think it’s not only just the facilities you should interest in, but also the efficiency of the government that you should concern!
Looks like you guys are processing documents for visit Hongkong? If so tell your husband to watch his back when walking around in Hongkong. Do not speak Mandarin when in public in Hongkong or the local people will beat him up. Assuming he cannot speak the local Cantonese language unless he’s been living in Guangzhou for many years. He is safe in Guangzhou without speaking Cantonese, but not so much in Hongkong. This is due to some recent bad blood between Hongkong and Beijing, sadly. They treat even South Asians better than they treat Northern Chinese in Hongkong, sadly.



This is an administrative center established by the Chinese government for the convenience of the people, that is to say, all administrative departments of the entire city must set up offices in the center to facilitate the people to do things, so that people do not run errand by department. Almost every Chinese city has this Administrative center.


Maxtac elitpower
No way you can take a video at government office in most country as a normal people, especially a foreigner, not possible at all.


Mantis NORTH
Cultural exchange between China and India will contribute to the peace of the world. You are doing something very valuable, great job! As a Chinese American, I appreciate your effort.






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