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本文译自Youtube,原标题:Revisiting China's poorest village


Xin Liu
I was one of the poor kids in this video. My hometown is 什邡市八角镇 (Bajiao, Shifang), which was destroyed by the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. You can google the impressive changes that took place in my hometwon. And I believe the same story is happening across our country n the past, now and will continue to the future.


Siang H
Amazing, you are able to write perfectly in english. Congrats, you are certainly on the right track. Well done.


What impressed me the most is young government officials like Mr. Shen. He was "demoted" from a position in a larger city to an impoverished village. And he was tasked to alleviate poverty by working along with local village head. He doesn't have to be a leader but also a handyman. This is how China is brewing next generation of leaders. If he succeeds, he will get promoted to a bigger role in the city. If he does well in the city, then provincial, national ... you will have to work your way up in a merit-based system.


Sam Smith
Very realistic documentary on China today in early 2021. No beating around the bushes, no covering up the not-so pretty reality of centuries of poverty in rural China. The historical momentum of poverty is hard to change over night. It will take many years, and maybe a generation or two to leave  behind that mindset and the poverty momentum.

这是在2021年初关于现在的中国的非常现实的纪录片。没有拐弯抹角(No beating around the bushes),没有掩盖中国农村数个世纪持续贫困的不太美好的现实。贫穷的势头很难在一夜之间改变,这将需要很多年,也许需要一两代人才能摆脱这种心态和贫困的惯性。

Stefan Ho
poverty alleviation is indeed very challenging. These people mostly live on the treacherous terrain where access to all the conveniences and resources can be extremely difficult. Local officials needs to consider many alternatives, try many options so that the villagers believe that they do have hope and work hard toward that better future..


Poverty is such a multifaceted problem. It's a mindset, cultural problem above any material deficiency. For those doubting whether this is the poorest village in China. it absolutely is.
The area is situated in the Daliang mountain range, belonging to Ethnic Yi people. They were still practicing a slave based society when the PLA liberated the area in 1949, the Yi people of Daliang mountain were almost like a lost tribe of the rest of the Yi people.
Yi people of Yunnan has a much different mindset, not so prone to poverty. So their predicament is mostly caused by a lack of contact with the outside world.


Winter Jasmine
I remembered watching the last document in Oct., 019 the Kuijiu villagers were struggling assessing for their basic needs. And now watching these villagers are making progress for their livelihoods, such a heartwarming story.


Clement Ng
I'm always so inspired by these programs, they bring hope for those who once did not know how to dream because life was a struggle;  they bring inspiration to humanity because if China can do it against all odds, every under-dev. country can. But I'm also saddened by western media' negative propaganda, such as BBC, with their relentless criticism on their so called "legal opinion on intent" re Xinjiang. But I have hope in China, she is on the rt path.


Adam Fitzpatrick
This is so inspiring. Poverty is different for every single person and Targeted Poverty Alleviation should be seen as one of the greatest acheivements of modern times because of that. I was very nearly brought to tears by a video of a cadre leaving Hotan, it is so lovely to see the appreciation for the work that these people do


Stephen chan
These are minority people living in not do easily accessible and isolated mountain area. Although they can speak mandarin but are not inculcated in Confucius emphasis on education as other poor Han villages. It will take time to persuade them to change.


Nisong Laos
A lot of young people in the West don't continue to study after 16 years old. Some are due to loss of interest, some due to poor study records. This change in this poor village in one year is amazing. It won't happen in the West. This 16-year girl wants to go to Xinjiang to work to make money. Her mother gave birth to her at the age of 16. But she is not repeating her mumas fate: she is not giving birth to a baby at 16, she has finished 9 years of education, she could find a job, and she could go back to education after some time of work if she wants; all of these didn't exist in her mum.


Blaclpilled reaction
Lol not bad at alll China's pooris village is probably richer then  rich villages of India


Han Xiao
I was touched by the two boys' song, the best I've heared recently. They are able to achieve their dreams.


pieter bezuidenhout
If the parents have very little or no education then how can they  LEAD these children in something they don't have any idea about  ?
Yes the efforts to alleviate poverty has been tackled but even the parents should slowly be educated in this manner as they may be ages behind modern programs.  
Follow up guidelines should be introduced by people in the know.


Once Upon A Time
If one kid from this village went to college and be successful in his life , I think the parents would know. They can compare or related to their own child.


cat hearts
Thank you CGTN for this follow up story on Liangshan. I watched the Oct 2019 story and wished we had people like Mr Shen Rui in our country. His earnest determination is compelling and I'm sure the village will remember him in generations to come. Im sure he has  successfully completed his mission there and hope he is finally home with his wife and child.


Paul T
I thought those were the white villas in Greece! I'm glad to see the wealth of a fast-developing country like China, can be shared by the poorest prefecture as well, and no one is left behind. It cannot be perfect overnight, but you try hard and aim high. I see hope on the smiling face of the children. Along with material improvements, comes education and the growth in wisdom and knowledge- a new attitude of mutual respect, new ways and dreams. Much appreciated the love and care of the property alleviation team, Nadim for being the peace-maker and getting your hands dirty, and the film crew for making this video available.




William PPL
Still very clean and clear.
Have you seen poorest villages in India? Holy pooping fiesta, mother of God can't save that shit.


Xin Liu
This village used to be very dirty and messy. I have been there decades ago because it's near where I live and my father was one of the teachers who were sent to help them. Now the situation has changed so much partly due to the fact that China is getting rich and it has the funding to support the poor villages and partly become Xi is determined to help the poor because he suffered from poverty too.


Xin Liu
@Ben Louis are you talking about vocational schools? Yes, there are a lot that kind of schools. Several of my junior high school class mates went to a vocational school for professional mechanical training and salon training. But the I have to admit the education quality in that schools is not so good and many parents and students have stereotype on the vocational school: they think only bad and dumb students will go there. I believe China should do a education reform to let more students into the vocational schools otherwise for many students they are wasting time in universities.

@Ben Louis 你在说职业学校吗?是的,有很多这样的学校。我的几个初中同学去了一所职业学校进行了专业的机械操作培训和美容美发培训。但我不得不承认,学校的教育质量不高,许多家长和学生对职业学校有成见:他们认为只有差生和聋哑学生才会上职业学校。我认为中国应该进行教育改革,让更多的学生进入职业学校,否则对许多学生来说,他们在大学里只是在浪费时间。

Xin Liu
@Ben Louis yes I know. I am the first college student from my village. My of my friends don’t have a Bachelors degree but they are also having a good life. Now I am questioning myself if my PhD degree is worthy of fighting for. However, I am sure the 9-year compulsory education is a must for everyone.

@Ben Louis 是的,我知道。我是村里第一个大学生,我的许多朋友没有学士学位,但他们也过着美好的生活。现在我在质疑自己,我的博士学位是否值得我为之奋斗。不过,我相信九年义务教育对每个人来说都是必须的。

This follow up is great. It goes much more in depth with the difficulties of changing mindsets. Like getting children to study and the parents to both want their children to study and supporting their studies.
I've volunteered a few times at schools where I live over the years, and despite the resources we have, you can see the difference between kids who have more support and those who do not.
There's a quote that comes to mind: "You can bring a horse to water but you can't make it drink." Near the end they talk about giving the opportunities to grow, but in the end they must want to grow themselves.


Thoroughly enjoy this follow-up video from the first. It exemplifies the true challenges of poverty alleviation. The challenges to change the mindset of these poor people to a higher level. Excellent video. I certainly would appreciate if you could have another follow-up video a year later. My wish is for all these poor people around the world to live better lives.
I believe that there is one crucial factor missing. Morality and spirituality to become better so that people are kind to their neighbours. Togetherness and helping one another.


China must continue to train and produce  more “Civil “ engineers.  They can multi task as planners,  administrators, accountants and Social workers beside playing the role as builders of homes, infrastructures,  schools and conversion of virgin land into farmlands and cottage industries.


America is the richest country in the world and has been for the last 100 years and yet, there are so many poor people and the middle class is being squeezed due to tax cuts for the rich. Then the rich turns around and buys up all the politicians and the media corporations to tell you socialism is bad. Meanwhile, Canada, Europe, and China show you how different forms of socialism can lift an entire nation up since capitalism is ultimately just a tool for the rich to get richer.


Lǎohái Rén
Last year I watched the first video of this village and had hopeful expectations. I feel bad for Muti. But, ignorance begets ignorance. For example: the U.S. has a horrific government. Trump appealed to many ignorant people - enough to win the election in 2016. And now the country is plagued with his supporters. I love living in China. I would never live in America.
I am Australian and think America has received what it deserves. I don't care about that bloated country, I have lived in China (Wuhan) for many many years. I cannot understand why Chinese workers (plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc) take no pride in their work. Why are village officials fixing the water?  A carpenter myself for 15 years before attending university, I always took a great deal of pride in my work. My work spoke for me.
Sadly, I see this village's officials threatened by the 'xiao ren' (little man) at the beginning of this video. And for what purpose? People react and respond much better from encouragement than they do from threats. I love China and its people. This video makes me sad. There is no improvement here. You can't just throw money at this problem and expect great results. Basically they have only put lip-stick on a pig.
And I'd like five minutes alone with that father to show him what a real beating feels like. I know because I had a father like him.
Thank you, CGTN for your great work! At the end of the video I can see a glimmer of hope... :)

可悲的是,在这段视频的开头,我看到这个村子的官员受到了“小人”(little man)的威胁。为什么呢?人们从鼓励中得到的反应和回馈比从威胁中得到的要好得多。我爱中国和中国人民,但这个视频让我很伤心。这里没有改善,你无法只是在这个问题上投入金钱而期望得到好的结果,否则不过是在做无用功(put lip-stick on a pig)。

Stuart Lumi
your thoughts are understandable. We have a saying in Chinese culture, when you at the possition, you should do your best to achieve what must be done. some would call it duty, and some even will took the duty as a power. Something feels wrong and hard to explain about this. But it is all about self development of Chinese value of life. Some basic level workers in China did what they should have done for their whole life, without getting any price or got less than what they deserve. But not many of them would complain, they all think it is what they should and must do. To give one little part of theirselves for the greater good, which is making China great again.
Chinese has been recording history for more than 4000 years, the book of "Shang Shu" which was made about 3000 years ago is a very special one of those history books. The words could still be read and understand by morden Chinese, and it shows how Chinese word works: The nation is based on its people, and people relies on their nation. For thousands of years have past, hundreds of kindoms have fallen, the rull is still the same. Once the gorvernment forget about making the people have a good living, it would fall.


Donaca Tanguma
Thank for for the great documentary.    Yes, the entire community needs to be re-educated, and it definitely takes time to change their entire value and behavioral systems.    
Reminds me of how the pre-school readiness program, Head Start, here in the U.S., originally was a failure because there was little or no support for the children within the families themselves.   
Much respect and Blessings for all involved, especially the children who are growing up in a world vastly different from that of their parents.    Love from NYC ☮���✨

这让我想起了美国的学前教育准备项目Head Start最初是如何失败的,因为家庭中很少或根本没有对孩子的支持。




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