BUILT by CHINA:扶贫-中国最后一个“沙漠部落”乔迁新居

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BUILT by CHINA扶贫-中国最后一个“沙漠部落”乔迁新居

本文译自Youtube,原标题:China's last "desert-tribe" moved to new home in Xinjiang | 中國最後一個“沙漠部落”搬到新疆新家





Sitting in the hinterland of China's largest desert Taklimakan, Daliyabuyi Town in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has bidden farewell to absolute poverty thanks to the nation's poverty alleviation program.
Living for generations in the center of the "Sea of Death", local people of Daliyabuyi Town used to live in houses built with mud, reeds, and the branches of populus euphratica and rose willows, and have limited access to stable income and public services due to the harsh natural environment and poor infrastructure.
Among 363 households in the town, 299 had been listed as the poverty-stricken ones before 2016.
Three years later, the last "desert tribe" finally bid farewell to the backward style of production and life, and moved into a new modern village with better access to drinking water, electricity, transport and communications on Sept. 27, 2019, thanks to the nation's poverty alleviation resettlement project.
The day also marked the fulfillment of the resettlement program for poverty alleviation in Xinjiang.
Local people, both the young and old, all expressed their affection for the new homes and schools.
"The new house is really nice to live in. It's good!" said a senior.
"Our new home is fully equipped with drinking water, electricity, heating radiator, TV and washing machine. My children can watch their favorite cartoons every day," said a mother.
"We can play basketball, rope skipping as well as volleyball, ping pong and badminton in the new school. I really like to be here," said a pupil.
The local government has also adopted measures to facilitate employment and develop local tourism.
The last 10 impoverished counties in Xinjiang including Yutian managed to end absolute poverty on Nov. 14, 2020, according to the regional government. All the 10 counties are in southern Xinjiang, where the country's largest desert is located.

KC Koay
Under the able leadership of the CPC-led government, China is fast transforming into the most modern, progressive, beautiful and environmentally sustainable, and the safest country in the world.


US media would never show this - they are so worried it would ruin their propaganda about how China is treating the minorities in Xinjiang


Richard Lo
Sure they will.  They'll just cut out the real people and replace with voiceovers from Uygher separatists.  Filter the film to make it look drab and call it another Uygher concentration camp where everyone is tortured, enslaved and genocided daily.


Absolutely.. They would not even show how they treat local Indians... Would the US government ever build such houses for them... Doubt it.. Even seeing this and learn, nope, the US government isn't ready for this...


Lionel Wong
There're growing numbers of homeless people in America, why don't they do something like this to help them?


K Chiew
The US of America can’t have this kind of projects within the country.
This (the US) is seen as SOCIALISM (aka “Communism”). It is an abomination to democracy. US hate Karl Marx’s ideas and philosophy.
There are some small projects for the First Nation people in some remote and unusable regions. Keep it low profile.





只有在美国的一些边远和破败不堪的地区,有一些为第一民族的人民(First Nation people)建设的小项目。


Victor Chew
The Western Msm will show their old home telling the world that the CCP evicted them. Of course they won't show them the new modern style home. These people damn lucky to have a gov that takes care of them. ���������


Soonpoh Tay
To the West esp Australia they prefer that their indigenous peoples lived in accordance to their traditions.... therefore the high infant mortality rates, early mortalities while not fully acceptable, are something which they expect.
Low educational outcomes, restricted economic choices are the norm.....




Vincent S
They intentionally left the indigenous people to live "undisputed" aka totally cut off from modern education and infrastructure, eliminating their descendants' opportunity to have any economic and political influence. Worked well in Australia and Canada.


Soonpoh Tay
 @Vincent S  now to be fair many indigenous cultures don't have nor have the time to develop the  "knowledge/competencies" to operate in a modern technological age all of a sudden .... the culture shock can be detrimental.


Not always. They took many Aborigine children to be "adopted" by white families to be brought up with white Aussie culture. Many were abused.


I'd like to be force moved to a brand new house....


Steadfast love
Why US doesn't help the poor?
US wants their style of democracy and freedom which means the rich stays rich and the middle income and poor stays poor. It is Plutocracy not democracy in action.




Divine Raijin
That's the nicest concentration camp I've ever seen. LOL. Looks better than the housing  projects in the Bronx.


Cute and Funny Earthlings
Oh so this is what you call oppression by US and its allies, forcing people from mud huts to brand new houses, prooviding them schools and jobs, and the whole world is dumb and stupid listening to you western media lies.



Jum saesiaw
No wonder why the Muslim countries never say anything about Xinjiang genocide....


Eugene C
Yes, I find it strange. The only people who keep on barking on the Xinjiang genocide are the Western politicians and media.


DrANZAC Spartan
Brought tears to my eyes watching these wonderful people be given a break and helped by the Chinese government to a much better, safer and healthier life style. Congratulations China.  From an Aussie.


InsElect Hondacura
I wish China government gives me a house. I work my butt off and never-ending pay off my debt. They live in the dream, only for the Chinese. I feel sad here. I want to move to China and be a Chinese citizen. One day the Chinese government will grant me a house like those people. Cheer!


Sophie Z
In fact, many people in China criticize such activities because they feel that every house in the newly constructed village looks the same and has no characteristics.
But I want to say that progress always needs to be done bit by bit. The first is to live better and more comfortable. The old village did not have the conditions to build water, electricity and gas pipelines, and there was no playground for children, but they now have them. This is a good change. step by step and more patience.




cold shake
Our country's rapid economic development began around 2010,Before 2000, many places were poor,At that time, they didn't report the human rights issue because of our cheap labor force. In the past, we produced goods for developed countries, but now we have become a threat to developed countries. Think about it, Xinjiang is a desert with vast territory and few people. It's not easy for let them to have a good life in decades,now they have


Grand Master
My god.... From mud houses to brand new modern houses, fully renovated with electricity, running tap water, tv, furnitures included, all for free....
I have another 15 years to go for my mortgage, those houses looks way better than mines...lol
Happy for them...






Tang Lancelot
What is capitalism?  What is socialism?  And democracy, freedom and human rights?
For those poor people in the world, do they care?  They want to improve their lives, whichever government or political and social system can bring them this tiny hope and implement changes for better, they will appreciate and follow such leaders.  History has never changed about this little fact, no matter in the west and east.






They should save the old village and let American politicians to stay there to experience the real desert life culture they so desperate wanted.






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