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Jayakumari Rai
I was born in remote village of Nepal. No access of road and no electricity but we were happy there . Parents friend were arround us. Go bed eary and weak up early. Now I have been living in japan . Life is convenient but do not have  time to have dinner together . Its all about our thoughts are we Lucky or not.


Jose Perez
These children are the Future , regardless of what part of the world they are from. It really is a similar lifestyle to what my mom grew up in (Mexico) as a young child... sometimes we definitely take basic and simple things for granted and don't even enjoy the simple things in life ...... Greetings from California and I wish those small children the best success


There has been so much bad news coming from China for the past few years that it is easy to forget that there are real people living there as well. This beautiful documentary brought tears to my eyes many times. Tears of joy. Tears of sorrow. Thank you for showing us some of the beauty of China and it's people.


Mean Max
Even this, China's poverty alleviation efforts have been scoffed at by some for reasons I can't fathom. I've noticed they have never tried to hide their poverty, they're doing their best to make life better for everyone and this is worthy of praise.


Caro Card
I am a foreigner living in China, I see usually people have a bad image of China, so every time I speak with my family or friends I insist on this, they are  normal people, like us, working everyday , trying to make things better for themselves and their families. I don’t agree with many policies of Chinese government, but really living here changes your perspective.


One Person
Beautiful people, like people anywhere in the world, they love their family and want good things for the future.  No matter how our governments may be troublesome at each other, we must remember that everywhere, parents love their children and we all want good for people.


yvette pertuis
I am a French retired teacher. I almost cried when the former volunteer  confessed he was too strict with the children (some very shy little girls were  also shedding tears) . The aim of this painful journey up this mountainous province was to evaluate 'Poverty' which was the Chinese Gvt priority for 2020: Eradication of Poverty. Right, Japan and Europe belong to liberal democratic countries where Poverty is hidden and yet no need to climb mountains to see 'poor' inhabitants in some suburbian districts at outskirts of  nearly all cities in France. In Japan  I discovered that poverty does exist in Hirokazu Kore-Eda 's film "Une affaire de famille ' or 'shop-lifters'. We deal with Poverty according to our ethics and political leaders. At least China knows that poverty is as bad as Hunger. In Europe governements count   'The Poor' but do not do much with our taxes. I  like the conclusions made by the Japanese author,  the villagers and  the volunteers: more education will be the only bridge for the younger generation who will get better living conditions and happiness in cities. I hope so too provided they keep  away from consumerism like it is highly spreading across Western countries.




Mark Okada
I've watched a lot of doc. about the current China;  this is, however,  by far the best documentary regarding the remote life style & its people  in China. How pure, innocent, modest, & humble they are!!  I feel as if I genuinely got to know those people & help them for these decent. honest & diligent people living there.  I'd love to go there as a volunteer MD. only if I were decades younger. Thanks for this rare & unprecedented beautiful doc.. Sheerly commendable & laudable!!  Great Job!!,,,,, Love from the US ( 21/06/10)


Arvin Mark Flores
The poorest people are really the most generous. That guy in the train just gave him grapes even though he barely had any money. Really warms the heart.


Cloud Station
Those kids can bring changes to their situations... They are super angels. Thank you so much for this beautiful documentary. Praying for success and prosperity for those kids and their families. Love and peace from India ❤������


Kimon Damogos
The volunteer teacher Mr Xu emotional confession brought tears to my eyes.  Part of his intention to do a documentary with Takeuchi is also because he want redemption for the way he thinks he treated the children but i think he did thoses things out of love for the children and wanted them to have education and a brighter opportunity in lives.  His speech was raw and real. Great documentary.


The first thing he says “Japanese Bad “ when he told him he’s Japanese hahaha that’s pretty rude and funny at the same time


Mainland Chinese people are often frank. There is a cultural difference. If they think you are fat for instance they will come out and directly tell you. No holding back.


Sealed In Time
This is one of the most impactful videos I have seen in a while. The passion of the teachers, the bright faces of the children, a painting of life in the mountains. I am inspired to tell my own stories in such a touching way. I feel like I have met the people of Liangshan. Bravo. This has touched my heart. I didn't think I would last through almost an hour but as I listened to the children singing, I wanted the stories  to go on. It takes me back to my childhood and thoughts of my dreams!


Matthew Ambrose
Touching and insightful documentary. Beautiful people, and stunning landscapes. They traditional dress and culture of the Yi people that we saw was absolutely beautiful. It is good to see there is support for them to maintain and preserve their culture; and the apartments the government had built for them were beautiful. They had lovely architecture and seemed designed with real care. Hopefully things keep improving for these people, and they can preserve what they are able to of their beautiful culture. Thank you for making this.




I think the words Mr. Xu was looking for in his farewell to the children was "I Love You", but he said it with his tears.  Good documentary, good insight into the common humanity of people everywhere.  I was glad to see that the CCP is doing something for the underprivileged people there - in the West we don't get much evidence of the  good that the government does.  The Yi people are so beautiful physically and spiritually /so modest, humble, soft spoken -  they are charming and endearing.  How do we spread the wealth so they are uplifted to a better quality of life, and how can this be done without the people loosing their virtues?  So much money is spent on extravagance and military in the developed areas of the world, yet a tiny fraction of this would empower the prosperity and life expression of these wonderful people.  




John Paul
This video brought back so many wonderful memories for me of my time in China. I worked as a volunteer teacher in the countryside for 3 years from 2005. It was a tough existence, however, I will never forget all the happy times there.


Jeon Jimin
Thank you for sharing this documentary with all of us. I have always watched documentaries about different countries and their unique stories. By far, this one is one of the most impactful documentaries that I have ever watch. Sometimes we always think that we are better than anyone else. We don't realize that people are struggling just to live their lives in some parts of the world. Thank you, Mr. Xu and Mr. Huang for everything you have done.


Ellen Lena
watching this video from the beginning, really full of mixed emotions, ranging from sad, funny, amazed, the most heart-wrenching is when they climb a straight cliff to reach the top.  can't believe it but it's real.  this video inspires every element in it.  the children of the soccer players had handsome faces and neat and beautiful teeth���������thanks to all of the crews….you guys are amazing team


tama tama
This documentary was so moving. I'm Japanese and I honestly didn't like China in general (except for food lol) before I became fluent in English and discovered that not everyone from China hate us. In fact, many of them are much nicer and more intelligent than all of us, and they deserve sincere respect. Considering how big and diverse China is, we should never assume "Chinese" as just rich loud tourists who don't know how to behave; it's the population and average people which lower their reputation.
Many of normal Chinese citizens probably hate us due to our government or the history. Unfortunately, it kinda goes the other way around as well, but I really hope both countries' people can learn that individuals usually have nothing to do with politics nor controversial histories. Individuals can easily become great friends if they are being humane and nice to each other.




Anna Ng
Thank you very much for this documentary.  It is such a beautiful place and beautiful people.  They live a simple life and are not contaminated by the west.  I am surprised that they are so far from and society and yet have wifi.  The government is great at building them beautiful apartments.  The mom is so grateful to the teacher for being there to teach her children.  I wish the English subtitles were a bit bigger.  Thanks again for your hard work to produce with video and thank God for the teacher.


Totally didn't expect to finish this in one sitting but I did, this was such a beautifully shot documentary, and I want to thank Director Takeuchi and his team, and of course the volunteer teachers for making the journey to allow us a peek into their lives. Often times, jaded city people romanticise and fetishize life in the country, we see it as a purer way of living and being more connected to nature, but sometimes, conditions are so tough. And even though to more liberal sensibilities (especially in the west) would frown at the prospect of having minorities assimilate and adopting the culture and language of the majority, we see that the villagers understand that in order to obtain a better life, I was touched by how the parents who were interviewed understood how important it is to be educated in the way of city people and being learned.
The Chinese government is almost always negatively portrayed in Western media, but in this documentary, I saw nothing but a government determined to reach out to the poorest and hard to access areas in China (the 70 year old grandma accepting Alipay, omg), free housing, providing electricity to those living high up so they don't cut down trees to protect the environment, sure, more can always be done, but through the volunteer teachers, I saw patriotic and young Chinese people reaching out to the less privileged, and I think as long as the people are united and determined to help each other out, China will get stronger and stronger. Also, kudos to the volunteer teachers helping in poverty alleviation. You guys and girls are the real MVP.




Indo Man
This is a wonderful documentary. There are so many beautiful things to see. I am shocked when the lady accepts alipay. How the new living environment is much more comfortable. The kids dream to donate to school. The mother is grateful towards the volunteers teaching in the village. The parents' dream for their kids' future. The tears. The beautiful song sang by the children at the end of the documentary. This production is awesome ���


Logan Cane
I was really touched by this documentary. It was amazing to see how life is in a land so different to my own. I really hope they continue to get the teachers that they need so that they can escape poverty and live fulfilling lives. That said, I hope they don’t forget their culture.
Love from New Zealand!




Valkyrie Valkyrie
The poorest people are the most selfless, considerate people and nothing can change my mind. Not to romanticize poverty and all that stuff but seriously, it's the poorest that asks for the bare minimum, contrary to misconceptions that they want to be rich and stuff. Also, their appreciation for teachers and educators is just overwhelming. As a teacher myself, if a parent tells me what that man had said about volunteer teachers in their community, I would've cried my eyes out.


Karla D.
In some ways I feel like folks in these types of scenarios are better off than a lot of us... They're appreciative of any little thing they have, show a strong sense of family/community and have sensitivity for the people and things around them. Simply put, their lives haven't been polluted by the greed and selfishness a lot of us face on a daily basis.


Dear Nihon-go sensei and Chinese volunteer teacher, your video appear on my screen this morning. I decided to watch everything and yes, your documentary is eye opening!! Dealing with poverty is not an easy task anywhere in the world but seeing volunteer trying to help others is a gift! Few years back, something came out on my instagram and next thing you know, i was flying to India with my 13 years old and stay 7 days in a remote village called Hutup in the Jarkhland region. Girls are empowered to be someone by going to school and play soccer. Volunteers do go there and teach to help them to get an education rather than getting married at 14 years old. Someone should do a documentary about their life, the same way you did a documentary with the kids in the remote area in the mountain. After seeing this video, my plan is to go there with my son (now 16 years old) and see if we could be some sort of help. I believe that each and every part of ourselves have something to give to others. Your video should be viewed or bigger visual platform and shared many many times. Arigato gozaimasu!!!







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