庆祝深圳特区成立40周年:深圳宣传片《天际鹏城》SKYLINE SHENZHEN

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庆祝深圳特区成立40周年:深圳宣传片《天际鹏城》SKYLINE SHENZHEN
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Chinmoy Bora
Chinese cities are huge and covered with skyscrapers !!! I realy want to visit china someday , greetings from India

中国的城市很大,到处都是摩天大楼! 我真的很想有一天访问中国,来自印度的问候。

Yeah I am also from Hindustan�� and the slylines of Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc are just breathtaking. It's like China is the clear proof that any country can rise up back after facing so much of destruction.


Dody Darwis
Wowww...the best skyline in the world, modern building city. I love Shenzhen... From Jakarta Indonesia.


J.R. Productions
I'd say Shanghai has the best skyline. Shenzhen is tied second with Dubai.


Larry Stones
@J.R. Productions
best skyline is still in Hong Kong. Shenzhen has multiple centres and more skyscrapers than Shanghai.i can say in future shenzhen bay will not be worse than shanghai. Tall buildings are now along the river in shanghai, better than in shenzhen.


Ezy Teri Reddy
@Larry Stones
Too bad Hong Kong is bombing themselves back into the stone age while Shenzhen continues to build up quickly. Hong Kong is good but its peak has passed.


Zeeshan Niazi
@Larry Stones
HK looks pretty old as compared to Chinese cities.


Larry Stones
@Zeeshan Niazi 
 I mean the density of tall buildings is still best in the world. hk looks old becos u only see the old buildings in the corner, like Mongkok. The same in shenzhen, we have many villages scattered inside the city with 10 Millions of immigrants and lowest socail level. These places are not better than hk corners. we should not judge a city only from its appearance but from its core value and spirit. Some of the most industrious ppl worked in the city corners and some day in future their company become top in the world, like huawei tencent Vanke and DJI. There is no lazy man in shenzhen becos if u r lazy,why come to shenhzen? The skyline in shenzhen will not stop growing.


Larry Stones
@Ezy Teri Reddy
shenzhen is a leader of new tech and new economy. Hong kong is still only financial centre. The world eco is driven by new tech not finance. So there is the cap for hk but no ceiling for shenzhen.


China Superpower
The world leader in technology. The new Silicon Valley.


yang yang
huawei, the leader of 5G, knock offs from who?


Palash Baruah
Huawei, DJI, Oneplus, Tencent, Oppo, Vivo all are based in Shenzhen. Huawei and other Chinese companies have more 5G patents than the entire North America and Europe combined, DJI makes drones that nobody else does, Oneplus phones we all know.


steeven vh
@Palash Baruah
yes, but China doesn't have the Intel patents for example and others really relative patents. that's why Huawei was near to lose some computers systems where Trump blocked Huawei for North America, but I agree that China is going so well


Lee Corin
Do you guys know that if Samsung and Intel stop supplying components to China's "technology leading companies" then everything freezes? I know China is progressing, yes, but definitely not now


the pool of talent in the silicon valley area (including san francisco) is terribly higher than in shenzhen


Justus Duan
I am back from russia far east area yesterday, i have visited vladivostok, khabarovsk, sakhalin in past one week, very good


Asia Night: Walking in Asia
Breathtaking. Looks totally professional. Shenzhen definitely has one of the best skylines in China.


Anant Hatkamkar
This Unbelievable Shenzhen....� Laid the Foundation of Modern China.... ���


LumpythonI'm born n raised in Shenzhen, now I'm doubting my decision of staying Australia now.


Bali Kah
may china and india be friend forever?


@Bali Kah
maybe.. But I like China and that's it. I don't care who hates it or who thinks China as an enemy of India because it's just nonsense. There is no reason for India and China to be enemies. So Atleast for me, I like China very much. Because it's the only country on earth which has developed so fast..


Mosquito chany
As a cyberpunk fans I really like how Shenzhen and Hong Kong are sticked together


Ezy Teri Reddy
After 2047 Hong Kong will probably be merged into Shenzhen. Shenzhen will be drawn out of Guangdong and become a direct administrative city, with Hong Kong becoming Hong Kong district of Shenzhen. Very fitting - Hong Kong as a little extension of bigger and more modern Shenzhen.
Though I don't think "cyberpunk" is necessarily a good thing, since cyberpunk implies a poor quality of life where something has gone wrong.



@dollan song
There is actually a bullet train stopping at West Kowloon station (HK) Futian station (SZ) & Shenzhen North station (SZ obviously)


There's almost nothing in Shenzhen 40 years ago... All these architectures were built within the past 40 years.


teacher joe
Shenzhen has been my second home for five years now and I’m so in loved with this super awesome mega city! - Much love from the Philippines!

深圳是我的第二个家已经五年了,我很喜欢这个超级棒的大都市! 来自菲律宾的爱!

Cherrelle Anderson
Love the Ping An ( shenzhens tallest skyscraper) it looks So Modern everywhere in this city. Simply stunning buildings & the greenery is beautiful. Everything looks so well kept & tidy.


This kind videos can be very addicted. The background music has a soothing effect.


mạnh trương
We have to look up to your economy development, but we still do what we had done for thousand years, standing beside you, from viet nam, your small neighboor


Huy Đức Nguyễn
Wow! So beautiful and morden, I love Shenzhen very much because there have many building and I like it. I want go to Shenzhen once in my life From Ho Chi Minh city Viet Nam!


Morse Lee
You capture the true beauty of China and what the people and culture represent. Don't stop creating. Don't stop uploading. Keep doing what your doing. Show the world what China is and the beauty it has become and not what the current western political world portrays us to be. Thank you for showing us your channel!


erling cantik
SHENZHEN A MAGIC NEW CITY Shenzhen is referred to as a new city, a city that has only been able to match or even surpass major cities in the world in just 35 years with skyscrapers, complete with various modern facilities.


Ezy Teri Reddy
Beautiful, futuristic city. More than fitting replacement as the economic and tech hub of China, after Hong Kong is firebombing themselves back to the stone age...




The Dork Knight
Respect from the United States. The only real competitor to the mighty American Eagle is the Chinese Dragon!


US media tries to cut down any positive info about China...


Zeeshan Niazi
after trying for 2 days it's finally working... Looks like google read your comments


I have heard somewhere china develop it's megacity " Shenzhen " Within 40 years....   I will visit someday in China.......   Love from India��
5:55 was hindu god?



Chenyü Guo
UNIVERSAL FATHER probably Buddhist. Buddhism is still big in parts of China.


Chenyü Guo
Roy sounds about right. Contemporary Chinese society in general up hold science as basic way of life. With that being said there are still a lot of religious activities in China, with the biggest probably Christian, Chinese Buddhist, Islam, and Taoist, then local folk religions. Also most people are atheist doesn’t mean they are anti-religions. Religions operate in a different context in China historically. One may be a Buddhist but may still believe in karma and reincarnation because it’s just part of the culture for example. Also Taoism and Confucianism and folk religion are in the gray area of being both philosophies and religions which is different from many western contexts of religions. Most of my families are atheists but if we come across a Buddhist temple we may still pay respect etc. In addition we still practice rituals to respect and worship ancestors which is also rooted in the culture. So I think in general it can be a little hard to understand religions in China solely on a atheist vs religious stand because it has always been a exchange ground of many different religious and philosophical beliefs, on top of ancient folk religions and culture.


Peter Chan
There are too many violent protests in Hong Kong. Tourists are not recommended to stay in Hong Kong. Instead, they can consider transiting through Hong Kong to Shenzhen.


Ashutosh Nandan
At least you can have protest in Hong Kong, if you do this in Shenzhen you will get disappeared and no one will find you again.


Peter Chan
@Ashutosh Nandan
Protest itself is not an issue. But protests without an end can potentially become problematic. If I need to choose a destination for my own holiday, I would not choose places with social unrest.


Chen Uy
@Ashutosh Nandan
china is much safer than the US and europe(where being overtaken by blacks and arabs).. You watch too much negative news by Jealous western media..China is the 2nd largest economy with 14 trillion dollars and the 3rd largest military.. Western media will do anything to destroy china..The US is the freest county with racism, gun violence, mass shootings and drug addictions.. In china, it is safe for women to walk in the streets than the US and europe.. By the way, hongkong and macau are special administrative regions of china even on their passports..Google it..Hongkong does not have a military of its own..Mainland Chinese military is in their soil...Hongkong is becoming Syria like a war torn country..


buster crab

america are you watching ?? China out does america in everything !!!!!! .........commeat from nyc


John Li个月前
Except for freedom. But if you think as long as you can make money, nothing else matters, then, it's your freedom too.


buster crab
@John Li
america has no freedom it"s all fake they tell us in US and the world we are free but these people who run the system like trump control everything .....


John Li
buster crab But still , even for Trump, he still need the ballet from citizens. I believe there isn’t true freedom, but there is real dictatorship


Shang Jane Wang
Human hearts are the most important. Just compare for development? I would rather take the nature

人心是最重要的。仅仅比较发展? 我宁愿选择大自然。

Shang Jane Wang
But still.. I love Shenzhen❤️ I don’t know why such feeling just grows in me... guess I have a homesick for every city/town that I’ve been to... no matter how good or bad

但我还是. .很爱深圳。我不知道为什么这种感觉会在我心里滋长……我想我对每一个我去过的城市/城镇都有一种思乡之情…无论好坏。

Palash Baruah
As an Indian, I would rather live in China than US. All these talk of freedom and privacy by westerners is bullcrap.


Mohammed Madni
Really China is world leader in technology and skyscrapers.. Greetings China from Pakistan


Ramli Remeli
Most China cities are very big and modern... with many skyscrapers and super tallest buildings...


Santiago Gonzalez
It's such as a wonderful city, but, isn't it as contaminated as Beijing (for example)??


SN Creation
There is no doubt that Chinese infrastructure is better than American infrastructure... Really china is so great in infrastructure... Love from India ❤





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