CGTN:消除绝对贫困 世界扶贫史上的中国奇迹 8分钟短片(有视频)

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CGTN:消除绝对贫困 世界扶贫史上的中国奇迹 8分钟短片(有视频)
本文译自Youtube,原标题:Eradicating absolute poverty: The China miracle in the history of world poverty alleviation


April Zhang
Thank you China for thinking of the poor, this is incredible. President XI is a role model for world leader. 5-eye countries need to take note, vote for a leader who will also think of the poor...


No Signal
He is an intelligent man who knows realism and pragmatism along with positive incentives leads to the best results.



Fernando Peña Rodríguez
Vivá China. This is something that God loves. This is an anchivement that not even the powerful white empire will never do this. Now the war with the 5 eyes will start. I'm in china's side.


Meanwhile in American news it reads “millions of American can be evicted next month!!


As a citizen of India, i think india can learn a lot from china
But instead india embraced Western slavery
I feel bad for the poor citizens of India, they deserve better






Indian folks shall wake up and rid themselves from the net of lies n illusions woven by its politicians and local media first.  Otherwise this nation, with such huge population to feed, would get into dire troubles. China does have so much valuable, workable experiences of poverty alleviation India could learn from, but the Indians have been blindfolded and fooled with tonnes of slanders and fabricated news about China by their politicians n local media, from the truth of 1962 war to many facets of China's modernized socio-economic development over the decades.


This is the real modern day China
What China has achieved in the last twenty years which is something that's unheard of anywhere else in the world .
Unprecedented changes in the history of the undisputed era .
Come on , you know it's TRUE
Stay well and stay safe
Sincerely from the AWESOME revolution










XxThe Awoken OnexX
Well done China and one day the world will wakeup and realize China are setting the standard for well beyond the 21st century.


Imagine being a person that is born in absolute poverty, witnessed the giant economic success and actually benefited from it...


Melanin Magdalene
The Christian philosophy of the west have a fundamental belief that the poor will always be.   This perhaps is the reason poverty eradication is never mentioned.


Suvanvilles Mcsally
In 4 years Trump never mentioned homelessness or poverties in the US. he only obsesses about his ego and playing golf.


Chongqing Citizen
Under the current leadership , China have for a long time been on of the most poor countries in the world. They have not lifted 880 million out of poverty, just a handful corrupt CCP elite have got rich of the hardworking chinese.


Apple Bee
BRI is a great project to help eliminate poverty along the road, but US and its allies keep attacking and bashing the BRI project.  Is US afraid of its power and hegemony being eclipsed by poverty elimination?


Whether you like CCP or not, most of its promises to the people have been fulfilled. And the promises of your country's leaders are often just empty guns. If you don't believe it, check out the video of your president or prime minister during the campaign.


K C Koay
The Secretary-General of India China Economic and Cultural Council, Mohammed Saqib, had put it succinctly:
I think Chinas poverty alleviation program is a model for everybody in the world. I mean they have really created wonders and they have done a wonderful job...They way they had strategised it, it was unique for the world, and their strategies had to be replicated, I think all over the world.




DJ Pomare
I love these poverty alleviation stories.
The US should follow your lead and try guns to guitars.




D Tan
An amazing video for the world to see and learned from it. People’s welfare comes first. I am proud Oversea Chinese to see our motherland progress. Well done President Xi - my great grandfather 陈嘉庚 will be smiling from heaven.


Priscilla Galaxy Song
Take note USA ! It is possible when you are not greedy to care for your poor ! Look to our brothers and sister of China for guiding USA into the right direction! Great job president xi for all you did for the people of China !


Gi_Gi_ Alight
It is not a "miracle" the Poverty Alleviation Portfolio has relied heavily on those more educated to write a road map that everyone was committed to. Be it road's and bridges to help farmers get their goods to market to understanding the importance of a stable home and educating the whole society of the benefits of lifting every citizen up regardless of the rural areas and China is a vast landmass. The President's own experience of growing up in poverty has made sure that the Poverty Alleviation Portfolio is front of his mind and accountability by the Minister's officers to reach yearly targets is iron clad. I can't wait until the Pandemic is over so that I may visit Chengdu to see a Panda with my own eyes and to immerse myself in this ancient country  which continues to suprise and captivate me. Living in South East Asia as a child where my Chinese arma kept me safe and allayed my fears whilst the Vietnam War was being fought around me. My gratitude for her care is endless. President Xi Jinping deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for the ongoing implementation of the Poverty Alleviation Portfolio.�⚖�

这并不是一个“奇迹”,扶贫项目在很大程度上依赖于那些受过更多教育的人来制定人人都能为之努力的路线图。主席本人在贫困中成长的经历,确保了扶贫项目是他最关心的问题,部长官员对实现年度目标的责任是坚定不移的。我迫不及待地要等大流行结束,这样我可以去成都亲眼看看熊猫,沉浸在这个一直让我感到惊奇和着迷古老的国度里。我小时候住在东南亚,在那里我的Chinese arma保护着我的安全,减轻了我在越南战争中的恐惧,我对她的关怀感激不尽。习主席正在为扶贫实施的组合项目应该获得诺贝尔和平奖。�⚖�

TSB Elmer
There are homeless everywhere in US , EU , India etc. Please visit China and see for yourself. You can’t find even one homeless in any part of China today. This is true leadership.


Darvid Koh
China has set the gold standard in eradicating absolute poverty in developing nations, of which China is one, and the remarkable achievement has gained the recognition of the United Nations and other organizations. Meanwhile democracy icon USA has 39 million people out of its 331 million population living in poverty, while world's largest democracy India has at least 20 per cent or 260 million of its 1.3 billion people living in poverty. This is an unprecedented milestone achievement in Chinese history and offers valuable lessons for other developing nations.





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