Youtube:中国庞大的现代公路网 | 改变了世界GPS地图(视频)

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Youtube:中国庞大的现代公路网 | 改变了世界GPS地图(视频)
本文译自Youtube,原标题:China's Enormous Roads | Changing The Worlds GPS 添加了中文字幕


It is crazy what you can achieve if you spent most of your GDPs in infrastructure, instead of military power projection.


it is depend on your metric. The US maybe measured in bomb tonnage.  Even without any data, the bomb that US has dropped is more than the rest of world combined since the beginning of time. Agree?


Teo Ls
The purpose of military spending is all about intimidation, pilferage, control of cheap resources from weak countries and lastly enriching small group of people. Politic and politicians in USA is a full time job, they will do dirty jobs for business communities. Their "mouth piece" is either Fox news on one side of the divide or CCN, MSNBC on the other.


Mexicanos en China
Amazing drone footage and editing. If only people knew how long it took to put together this three plus minutes... Big thumbs up people ���


Kyson Preston
@Reporterfy Media & Travel As the young people of post-90s generation in China, they are also very afraid of this rapid change, because it is completely designed for the next 100 years, and our brains are always in the sense of loss of "I am lagging behind in this society again", which makes us feel like we want to live again forever���


Nick Ngunjiri
Unbiased reporting, with actual content not kind of brainwashing propaganda we are used to, kindly cover china high speed � trains .


ricardo c
I’m a Californian with 48 years of driving experience. When I was in Beijing last year, it seemed scary as hell to drive during rush hours. Luckily I wasn’t driving. I can’t wait for autopilot vehicles in China.


akoua fray
The comparison is mind-blowing.  If you want to compete with China, tighten well your belt. China has been a nation of engineers for thousands of years . Famous for grand scale projects.


Bill Gates was stunned by the fact that China's concrete usage from 2011 to 2014 is 40% more than USA's cement usage for the entire 20th century!!!


Rita Amp
This is happened when you put Poverty as your enemy, while the other is always looking other country as new enemy every 4 years.


Tyler Waxman
you dont see lots of trees greens around the US highways.


Your series videos are the best series I have ever watched in Tv or Internet so far! really the best, not one of the best! perfect video and highly professional editing, always make me feel the video is a bit too short. haha. not enough to enjoy more!


China: Most of the money is spent on infrastructure.  Ensure economic circulation.  Ensure the convenience of people's travel.  United States: Spend money on weapons.  In the war of aggression.  So it fell into the pockets of the boss of the weapons company.



Nilesh Bhattacharya
Amazing video. China is one of the safest country in the world. Under the guidance of xi jingping. China improves alot in every field.
China is the future. World need and co-operate with China.
Western and Indian always spread fake and poison news about CCP government and China. Neglect them.
Hope in future I will go to China ❤���








United Afrika Government
Meanwhile, another "superpower" is destroying roads in other parts of the world while spreading "democracy and human rights."


Arjun Sherpa
after watching this video it is  shameless to say that CHINA steals technology from USA...


Arch Stanton
Designed, engineered and built entirely by incredible superpower india.
Incredible superpower india has the greatest and most incredible infrastructure in the world.  Incredible superpower india has the longest and most advanced and most modern and greatest bridges in the entire world.  Incredible superpower india has the longest and most advanced network of expressways in the entire world.  Incredible superpower india has the most advanced and modern and cleanest cities in the entire world.





Joe Zhou
Since there are lots of people and cars on the streets of China, when you walk on the road, it often experiences a car behind honks you ,I know that honking is very rude kind behavior to many foreign friends, but in China, a short honking could be a friendly reminder from the driver,  to get  the attention from the walking people ahead and make sure they walk safely with the sense of car behind. :)




Wibowo Gunawan
Since 2003 China has poured more cement every 2 years than the US managed in the entire 20th century.


Calibre Wings
The future of driving is .. not driving.
So we have auto pilot for planes during mundane parts of a flight, the same can be translated to long journeys on a highway across China. So auto driver is completely plausible. The AI shows in China this year has already demonstrated the technology. Next is to implement it.




Randy Dergantz
It is indeed truly astonishing how far China has come, and surpassed every other country in the world, with it’s infrastructure.  Buildings, bridges, and now a road system that compares to no other.  They have definitely taken the lead here, and are to be congratulated for all their skills and engineering efforts.  What bothers me most, is the pollution and carbon imprint that is and will continue to affect world climate change.  I’ve seen videos of Beijing so badly smog polluted, and pedestrians having to wear masks because of it.  There is light at the end of the tunnel in that we may discard our masks for covid-19.  With Chinese ingenuity, may they also take the lead in electric vehicles so that we can discard our masks in smog polluted cities, and address climate change for the better, in the process.




Meio Lyn
China was down in 1842, was reborn in 1949, rejuvenated in 1982. In order to provide a better life than Han Tang she works very hard. The Han and Tang Dynasties are the most prosperous and flourishing dynasties in Chinese history.


If you were to talk to a right-winger in the West, they will paint China as having nothing but prison camps.  It's mind-blowing to see what China really looks like.  It's no wonder the Chinese are so proud and love their Government.



vinood kumar
China is a great country,it's people are intelligent,hardworking and law abiding.
It's administrators are simply excellent human beings.Their forecast for their country is outstanding.
Overall China is extraordinary country.
I love you China,die hard fan of China here.








pikachus 5m
The road networks in the built up areas look like an absolute nightmare to navigate. Rather do what Jeremy Clarkson did, driving on those new rural inter-state or province roads in China.

建成区的道路网对导航来说看起来简直是一场噩梦,我宁愿像杰里米·克拉克森(Jeremy Clarkson)那样,在中国新农村的省际公路上开车。


译注:Jeremy Clarkson,英国媒体人、作家,对汽车及驾驶类题材具有深刻造诣。对于汽车爱好者来说,Jeremy Clarkson的名字绝对不会陌生,他时常被认为是世界车评界最有影响力的人。他与搭档Richard Hammond和James May主持的《Top Gear》深受全世界车迷的欢迎,被称为“世界上最疯狂的汽车电视节目”。

Let's Go
My gosh, it looks good from sky but is terrible when you are there in the car. Once you missed the entry you'll easily get lost. I've been touring in China for over 20,000 km in recent years and know it very well. It's not an effective use of land and money.


It makes sense. But when you consider the 1.4 billion population, you'll know it's actually a wise and efficient way of using money and land.


Let's Go
@苏苏 Population is merely an excuse. You would need to talk about population density and see if any other countries with higher density has done better. I assure you that you'll find much better ones. I've been driving in many countries and have personal experience about it. For example, traffic design in Singapore is much more effective. You may ask Beijing locals about their traffic. It's more than terrible!





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