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本文译自Youtube,原标题:When People Find the Girl's Fiance Cheating on Her | Social Experiment 发现女孩的未婚夫出轨,陌生人们会告诉她真相吗?(社会实验)


wonu's books
In situations like these, as a stranger, it hurts and takes a lot of courage to say. You dont want that kind of news to come from a stranger. But its better than not knowing someone is stabbing your back


Neko Nao
1:46 that blonde lady probably texting one of her friends like "SHIT WHAT SHOULD I DO"


Vincent ZZ
Precisely, takes a lot of courage for these outsiders to step up and help. However, I feel by doing these kind of experimental videos is that it really takes these kind hearted people kindness for granted, they think they have actually helped someone till they find out that this is an experiment. Some of them because of these might no longer help someone in the future because of this. Helping someone is not our responsibility especially if he/she is not close to the person, but definitely it does reflect one’s personality, therefore we should not waste peoples effort for an experiment...


M'boi HK
That blonde girl and old man care and console her like their own sister or daughter. That's satisfying.


Love how people in Asia refer to others and themselves as sisters and brothers, I really like the collective family mind set in Asian cultures, compared to the stark sense of individualism in America. 很棒的视频!


A NoNameUs
EXACTLY! most cultures which are not western really emphasise on community importance, living in a Western country is so cold compared to back home.


the blonde girl it’s so elegant and wow, i think Im in love, shes so beautiful and looks so pretty cool


Alli BeCo
I honestly think it's a very difficult situation about telling a stranger that the partner that this person trusts and loves so much is being unfaithful. :S.
A very difficult situation...........


Alexis Jainet
I’m glad they spoke up even though it was hard for them, they took a while to think about whether they would tell her or not but they knew it was right for her to know. Such wonderful human beings!


Michaela Alvira
I loved the blonde girl, she was like a big sister and the old man was like a father, we need to be like this people!


Veronica Lisa
I'm relieved that they didn't expose that it was a prank.. those people were really so kind and If they come to know that it was a prank they might feel bad and might hesitate to help others. Loved this experiment tho..it proves humanity still exists ❤❤️ idk how wud they feel when they watch this video lol

我很欣慰他们没有揭露那是个恶作剧....那些人真的很善良,如果他们知道这是一个恶作剧,他们可能会感到不好,可能会犹豫要不要帮助别人。我喜欢这个实验,因为它证明了人性的存在❤❤️ 我不知道当他们看这个视频时有什么感觉。

Beep Beep
I'm pretty sure they did but it just isn't shown. There are certain people that have their face blurred out meaning they knew they were told they were being recorded and didn't want to be shown.


I think they do expose that this is a prank, for other videos in this channel as well. A channel like this needs people's consent to upload videos when others' faces are shown. The only time they dont expose that it's a prank is probably when they blurred all people faces here.
And then I don't think they will feel bad or hesitate to help ppl in the future. All of them will be really relieved if they know it's a prank because they don't have to feel sorry abt the actress cheating affair. And this video raises awareness for them to have more courage to help other people.


Fatin Aezreen
I think instead of saying it's a prank, saying it as an experiment is better and i think people can accept it better.


The girl with the laptop , I can really tell she was conflicted on whether to interfere in personal life or not.... but she did a good thing. Especially for introverts to talk to strangers


Aneesa Fariah Mitchell
All the people are so caring and helpful. They are really being there for strangers and helping them. The is called showing love and impartiality to all. We all are humans and we should look out for one another �


Pee Machine
I appreciate the very visible hesitation and internal arguments all the people had whether or not they should tell her. Times like this, you'd want to help by telling what you heard but there's also not wanting to pry into private matters that don't really involve you. If you truly love the person, there shouldn't be a reason for you to look elsewhere. It's not fair to the receiving end of this deception.




Why does literally every single person in this clip looked like they just stepped off of a runway?


Ivan Skirchak
Chinese women are beautiful.


Ruchel &John H
After living in China for a long time , I realised that many Chinese women  try to look their best every day, This is very common there to see many beautiful women .


BI needs a gf or else sad songs will continue
The girl who get some water. I always love their fashion. I always search in Tiktok the street fashion in China


Go search for Chinese Street Fashion, their fashion is always fire


Triptych Bts
I don't think I can leave that restaurant without telling her � I won't be able to sleep 

我想我无法不告诉她就离开那家餐馆� 不然我会睡不着觉。

Fox Vyars
When she referred to her as "sister," tears rolled. Is that a cultural thing? It should be a world-wide thing.


Emmy Emmy
Bro what do you expect?? We're Asian we care about people even strangers. We are always ready to interfere in anyone personal matters if it's going to safe them from something or someone cruel.


Glenna Cassandra Macayan
The people who actually confronted her were really nice, they knew that it was non of their business but they told her even though she was only a stranger to them
We need more people like them in this world


I like this video, it's one of the many proof of being a human - "SINCERITY", they told her the truth because their conscience can't keep them from it or the guilt will eat them alive at and at some point..they might look back saying "I should've done something about it"


snow raspberry
when that man said as a big brother i felt my heart getting bigger just to have more  place for him like a good person in my heart im happy that he was a man and was not silent abaut it making me hope there are still good people


Jay Hohaia-Portelli
I love your videos because it shows a view of Chinese people living beautiful lives, caring for others when they see deception... Western culture teachers for people to ignore it. I love China������������


Meow Meow
Y'all don't know how hard I'm crying right now because the fact that there are still people out there will be taking care of your future and lovelife matter even though you're just a stranger to them �


Payette Lune
If this ever happened to me, i'd rather know than be naive! Even if it's from a stranger. What the person hurt ends up doing is her choice, but it's better that she knows so that the choice is in her hands.


they were all brave, instead it would be very difficult for me to take the courage to tell a person that but without a doubt I would, the blonde haired girl was really so kind and warm


P Bun
That girl in a black dress looks so pretty... Isnt she a model? she really looks like a model her figure and faces were perfect to be a model


Steve Earnshaw
Poor Kai Xin, pregnant and her fiancé is cheating: will she ever find happiness and a father to her nine children?  All joking aside, you can see the dilemma in the faces of the people who are trying to decide if they are going to say something or not. A very difficult topic.  Well done TreeMan and Kai Xin  (BTW Kai Xin, if you still want to go shopping for a dress, I will go with you )

可怜的Kai-Xin,她怀孕了,她的未婚夫正在出轨:她能为她的九个孩子找到幸福和父亲吗?撇开所有的玩笑不谈,你可以从那些试图决定是否要说些什么的人的脸上看到两难的处境。这是一个很难的话题。干得好,大树君和Kai Xin(顺便说一句,Kai Xin,如果你还想去买衣服,我会和你一起去)。

That Comment That You'll See Everywhere
Being in that kind of situation must be really hard. Telling someone that you overheard something bad and needed to tell it to the person involved especially when its a complete stranger to you was even harder. What those people did was right tbh. If I were in the same situation I might do the same. Tho I might feel bad for the girl. �




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