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本文译自Youtube,原标题:If people see a drunk girl in danger at night, what will they do?女孩夜晚遭陌生小伙拖拽,路过大叔将她护在身后:别怕,叔叔保护你



Look how caring those three guys were without touching her they just stayed next to her to protect her how thoughtful ❤


The three boys are the sweetest the way they didn't even touch her omg.


marsh ツ
the woman that pretended she was her friend was honestly the smartest thing i've ever seen in my life.


Louise Cage
I’ve done that a lot before to girls who are being followed at night or harassed at the train station or something. A lot of girls realize what Im doing immediately, its kind of sad how often this stuff happens. One time, I was being followed around at night and I guess this guy realized so he pretended to be my boyfriend, took me to his house and got some tea.


Unorthodox Streamer
The guy that said “well be here awhile” and just sat down next to her � I love them all


Ruby Bailey
Imagine they called the same taxi all over again and the taxi driver being like "you again?"


Mil Mil
Honestly, who cares even if they are gangsters? At least they were decent to stay with her and tell her to get a taxi home. at the end of the day, that's all that matters. It also warmed my heart that the one girl came forward saying she was a friend and the one guy called himself an uncle. People can be really great at times :)


Sher Maine
10 个月前
In Chinese cultures, "uncle" is just a way of addressing an older male! :) Just a little FYI for people who may not know.

在中国文化中,“叔叔”只是称呼年长男性的一种方式!:) ,那些可能不知道的人可以了解一下。

3:08 Damn they really sat there and lit up like they had all night to make sure she was safe. Good guys in my book

3:08 该死,他们真的坐在了那里并抽起了烟,好像他们会待一整晚来确保她的安全。他们就像我在书中看过的好人。

The 5th Element
The 3 guys tho.. "we will leave until you get in the taxi.."
- behold.. the mark of a real man!




Muskaan Sheikh
The group of boys who helped the girl was very impressive.... atleast they show us that all boys are not the same


Michelle G. Ortiz
"It's not of your business how much she drank" amen. These guys understand consent and don't shame her for being drunk, but actually told the guy he shouldn't touch her no matter how drunk she is.


Kazekage Dee
This nearly happened to me when I lived in China. I was out with a friend and we both got too drunk. I remember sitting on a couch and then being walked out of the lounge area by someone I didn’t know. I couldnt speak good chinese at the time but I told him in English to stop and go away. I started to cry and then out of no where a group of guys started yelling at the guy trying to take me. One of their girlfriends literally took me out of his grip and comforted me. She spoke a little English and helped me find my other friend. The group got us a cab and made sure we got in. I never got to thank them but I will never forget them. People in China are good, not like what Americans and others think.


Annie Lau
The leader of the group was caring. He told her not to drink too much.


but at the same time,he was smoking


Those 3 look nothing like gangster and just wear regular clothes as normal people. Just 3 friends hanging. Just becuz they’re young, smoke and walk around at night doesnt mean theyre gangster.





Alex S
On one hand it is good to see that there are kind people in the world.  On the other hand if people continue to make videos like these crying wolf then people may stop taking these types of scenarios seriously.


Nyxian R
Respect to the sister who pretended to be her friend, the person who says "this uncle will protect you" & the three dudes who kind of look scary but were a good hearted lads, it's amazing to see most of them were willing to help the girl


Those three lads look tough but they stayed with the girl, didn't touch her and stay with her. This proves that what you see on the outside doesn't define who they are.


Nurul Liyana
Ya. The three guys look dangerous. But actually they so cool


Cristina C
The group of the 3 guys helped her in such a caring but cool-guy kind of way. I want them as my friends for sure!


we go up
Just because you're trying to intimidate someone doesn't mean you're automatically a gangster..y'all are watching too many tv shows


Nurul Liyana
Exactly. The three guys look dangerous. But they are nice. Never judge


xo xo
Why do ppls call those guys gangsters lol they looks like just a bunch of normal group of friends hangout out though xD its just that they sounds agressive to scare that guy but then they sounds really soft with the girl though and they even joke around too haha


Sun set
Those three that look like a gangster are actually good people. I really believe that the appearance of people can be deceiving and I sometimes judge people by how they look without knowing they are a good person. Shame on me!


Those three guys remind me of those tough gangster kids in Korean schools, but they actually have soft spots, they just don't want anyone to see.


daddy levi
Those 3 guys are so respectful and also gentlemens. I must admit that they kinda look like a bunch of troublemakers or they are just way too cool to handle the situation. Don't hate me it's just that I watched too much romcom drama, Chinese, Korean, Japanese. Anyways god bless to those who helped. 464 likes tysm. Stay safe everyone.


Izah Magandia
When the 3 guys look more dangerous than the actor but not, they even protect and wait for her to get a taxi. They even show her that even tho they have addiction they'll never do what the actor did, uwuuuuu my heart~


Priya Das
Sorry to say, but in India if people see a drunk girl and needs help than many people (some uneducated people ) will ask why is she  drunk, girls should not drink or no right to go alone at night  ..but never ask the stranger  or man....
When the people will change their unequal mind .....




Dream Girl
Right    .....but in this country 90% people helpfull and awsm...
But our india is dangeres country for girls �� ..



但我们的印度对女孩来说是个危险的国家�� ..

Maira Latif
My parents are from South Asia and I’m lucky that I dint life the same lives as them and have a privileged life in America



Kamilla L
I have never been to India, but I assume it's tough there. But you girls need to stay strong, be able to stand up for yourself at right times, and sometimes just avoid any tense situations. I believe in civilized people, it will get better.


Shadow NightLeopard
Do that in England no one will help u they probably beat u to death. I love the Chinese they r so friendly and they care for one and another


Midnight Kpop
The gangsters you were talking about might as well call me one since I wear a black hoodie and black sweat pants all the time.Thats how they wanna dress leave them alone.


The three youngsters are so nice. When one of them said, lets wait for a moment its really warm my heart. They said we will leave once you get taxi. The humanity is restore






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