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This episode for me was the most spectacular and heartwrenching, Tang Hao just blew me away, literally, with his love and protection for his son. Tang San his love for Wu, omg this is the best episode in the series so far. This is an excellent story, to the writer, thank you for creating a universe we can escape to. To Tencent thank you for finally airing this...



Tsatsa_19 ts

In my opinion, Tang Hao's appearance here is the most epic scene.


Zyra Cole

Seeing Wu’s mother being hunted killed made me feel bad for all the soul beasts that they’ve killed. They’re being hunted by the humans just so that the humans can get stronger and fight amongst each other. The soul beasts’ death are not worth it



alisha merriman

Shows like these always amaze me just how deep a love a parent is willing to use to save their child



Ashley Ngo

Love this episode and song 16:03❤️ And the father finally back ��� Such an epic entrance!!!!! I always cry whenever I watch this episode



Randy Lee

The love of San for Wu he used his hammer and protected her and his dad came to save then out of the sky and the music is like so good. It sad that Wu’s mom died.



Mary Pruitt

OMG My heart. Awesome episode. Thank you Tencent Video thank you so much for uploading this. My heart hasn't beat this fast in a long time. I love you all for this.




Bibi Dong is just so cruel... maybe something happened in the past to make her like this but honestly I don't think anything could make a human be a demon.



TRS Entertainment

that scene where tang san went to save wu and tang hao showing up was probably one of the most epic scene ive seen in an anime. chills was just everywhere in my body. i was punching air and jumping around because it was that amazing.



Lemark Cooper

Omg his father came all these years  I'm screaming right now I loved his arrival




Sharmisth Chakma

I shouldnt be compare with other anime.

But i admit it's the feeling when i was watching NARUTO. But more deeper.







!!!! I can't believe Xiao Wu almost tried to do like Xiao San's mom !! That would be so heart wrenching !!

!!!! 我真不敢相信小舞居然想学小三的妈妈!!那太令人心痛了!! 


Night Anime

Omg...this is the most heartbreaking part of this series....

Make me on the verge of tears.

Can anyone tell me what's the name of background song?








sai hitesh

One little Chrysanthemum and one little ghost ? Not everyone can say that infront of the Pope and entire Martial Soul Hall



Dra warD

One little chrysanthenmum and One little ghost

how dare you hurt my son?







Ree Kid

Bruh this show is too good! At first I nearly dropped it because I wasn't used to the animation style but I'm fucking glad I didn't!



Peppa Pig

16:29 no wayyyyyyy!!!!!! That’s where the song came from!!!??? I had noooo idea, man that’s a legendary song right there, I was so surprised- I only heard this on Chinese Tik Tok so I had no idea until I saw this episode



Youtube Addict

Can't stand her stupidity especially when she acts like a 3 year old where in reality both Xiao Wu and her mother have lived for over 100 000 years. The scene between Bibidong and her mother is not mentioned in the novel but it certainly made her childish behaviour stands out even more. Just run stupid girl!

Luckily they salvage this scene with a beautiful song and let Tang Hao make a grand entrance.




Haotong's Videos

Tang Hao is the man that have have his own BGM.




This is so wrong lol..they have lived over many years, yes, but not in human form. They lost all their power and memory when they chose to turn into human after 100,000 years.




Youtube Addict

 @S Y  Nope, they didn't lose their power and memory. Their power is conserved inside their body and soul. They just cannot manifest all their power at once. That's why Xiao Wu can convert her power into a spirit ring every 10 rank instead of hunting soul beasts for their rings. That is also the reason why the 100 000 yrs soul beasts are hunted by the humans because their power is hidden inside them and once they die, all their power will turn into a red spirit ring and a soul bone. If Xiao Wu lost all her power, why would Bibidong still hunt her down and desire her spirit ring?


The only reason Xiao Wu is behaving so childishly is because she has never been outside the forest until her mum died. So, technically she only has the experience and memory of living for 100 000 years in the forest and not in the human world. But that still does not detract from the fact that she's being portrayed as a 3-year-old kid in the anime. I don't know why the producer made this scene as I've said, this scene does not exist in the novel but here in this show, it literally made Xiao Wu acts like a stupid baby.


Regardless, whether it's the novel or the show, Xiao Wu is being portrayed as a rash and impulsive girl who doesn't think much before rushing into action. This in contrast make her and Tang San literally the opposite of each other in terms of personality and mentality.









 @Youtube Addict   I don't understand you.. How is she being foolish?  Do you think she has the ability to escape that battle?, you know bibi dong is not just aiming at xiao wu,  she's also aiming at tang san so if she runs away,  tang san is definitely not gonna get away because he'll choose to cover her that's why she decides to go and sacrifice herself, that's not being foolish besides with their level right now, do you think they can escape from a titled duoluo?  It's not possible, it's just like what ah ying (tang san's mother) did, because they know there's no escape, they choose to sacrifice themselves for their loved ones,  if that's being foolish then I like the fact that she's foolish



Youtube Addict

Lexie you should read my comment again. I specifically mention the scene between Bibidong and her mum where she was desperately blocking the attack with her shield and yelling at her daughter to run. But what did she do? She cried and looked innocently at her mum without doing anything. That scene is made up in this show. It was not even mentioned anywhere in the novel and this particular scene made Xiao Wu look like a stupid little girl.



Ali Alekberov

 @Youtube Addict  dude calm down.We are talking about a being with child mentality here.U are just making urself look stupid.Imagine going all out at a little girl for not behaving how other person around her want her to



Steve Lor

Those bastard martial soul tribe got lucky that tan hao cut his arm and leg which nerf his full strength to lvl 75 otherwise they wouldnt be able to do shit, but still it took the whole tribe to use all their powers to withstand tan hao’s power. They still couldnt stop him hahhahaha. Tan hao number 1 strongest ever..




spoiler here:

Bibi Dong owns twin martial soul, has 16 soul rings and is at level 99.

Tang Hao actually can't defeat her, so he's gonna smash the grand palace, creating a chance to save Wu and San.

Yet Bibi Dong is not the final boss of the whole series. Her daughter is......









Soo satisfying to see how they stand for each other��� san and wu soo lucky to have such friends and elders





One of the most dynamic and epic entrance I ever seen.... Lord Hao Tain

Is too good and powerful that those cowards even after combining many great soul master and grand soul master, that were damn so powerless by lord Tang Hao






N. Sandeep


107 and 108 are the best of the series till date ... excellent



Atinder Aujla

If someone ask me who is the best anime dad I would tang san's dad tang hao





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