Youtube:气势恢宏·唐·大明宫 The Daming Palace [有视频,唯美片头]

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Youtube:气势恢宏·唐·大明宫  The Daming Palace
本文译自Yuotube,原标题:[Documentary] The Daming Palace &Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD)


Kama Jiu-jitsu
A lot of Japanese traditions are from the Tang Dynasty, especially the building styles.
Chinese treated Japanese well when China was strong and wealthy during Tang Dynasty. It's hard to believe what Japanese did to Chinese people in 1930s and 1940s when Japanese had the upper hand.

Lee Doped
I believe in "envy to hatred"

Some countries need the bomb, not love

Tea Tea
The Japanese are a warlike barbaric country if you haven't notice. They had a warrior society back then. The warriors were the upper class. Japan isn't even their country. The Japanese overtook Japan from its original native people.

Nicolas Fourbaki
Oh really?Chinese treated Japanese well when China was strong and wealthy?
Do you forget Mongolian Invasion of Japan?
Tea Tea @Nicolas Fourbaki 
Mongolian is different race face palm
@Nicolas FourbakiOh come on, at that time Mongolia and China were completely two countries. China was in Song dynasty, and it fell to Mongolia in 1279AD.
Nicolas Fourbaki
@neverandnever The Han dynasty is a different race the Yuan dynasty and the Tang dynasty.
The Tang dynasty is the dynasty different ethnic groups, that is Xianbei people, ruled.
@Nicolas Fourbaki Oh please, if you want to learn Chinese history, I can teach you. Just don't comment something wrong if you are not knowledgable about it.  All the major dynasties except Yuan and Qing are governed by Chinese majority ethnic group --- Han. Mogolian (Yuan dynasty governed group) and Manchu (Qing dynasty governed group) are not even Chinese until the establishment of Qing dynasty. Before PRC, Han group (called Huaxia before Han dynasty) standed over 95% (or even more) of the Chinese population in the past thousands of years.

Paster of Muppets
@Nicolas Fourbakithe mongols are not Chinese, cunt..
Hongster Hong
@neverandneverthe misconception arise from subsequent han scholars tried to distant han ppl from the tang dynasty b/c a tang emperor married his father's concubine, which goes against the very core of confucianism even though the founder of tang was only 1/4 turkic and subsequent tang emperors married han wives
@Hongster Hong Before PRC, China was patriarchy so that younger's nation are only depending on their father even though the children are miscegenation between Han and minor groups. What is more, the minor group "Xianbei" had abandoned all their original culture and study Han's culture at 493 AD so there is no Xianbei group nowadays because they were all turned to Han over one thousand years ago. All the emperors in Tang Dynasty were highly self-recogize as Han group (An envoy from a country in the Western Regions said Shimin Li, the second emperor of Tang was not Han but a minority group at that time, Shimin Li was so angry and almost kill the envoy). What is more, China is a country that recognize more of culture instead of blood. An old saying goes, "华入夷则夷,夷入华则华“, means if you born as a Han person, but you learn minority's culture instead of Chinese culture, you are minority; if you born as a minority person, but you grow up and learned in a Chinese traditional culture environment, than you are Han group.

Jim B
neverandnever I don’t think it is appropriate to divide Han and other minority ethic of China to two parts from Chinese history. Ancient Chinese confucian ideology and culturedont commonly dont seem race as a standard to judge who u are but value, language and ethic. If other race which is so called Yi” accept the ethic and Hua-Yi distinction then they also can seem as Hua.
@Jim B It depends on whether the minority group had ever been part of China. During 11 century, the Mongolia was united as a country, and if I was a person in Song Dynasty at that time, I would definitely think Mongolia as a foreign country. But now we can say the Mongolia Empire is part of Chinese history because of the history even though Mongolia is an independent country presently. And I never consider Han and minorities as two parts of Chinese history, they all constitute Chinese history, but the viewpoint is from us, now in 2019. The people 500 or 1000 years ago should have different perspective from us on the this issue.

Hongster Hong you may want to tell that to Li Kai Fu. Sadly he puts his social media name as Kai Fu Li. I was confused.


Inquisitor Joushou Tengoku well said. Japan leaders were influenced by westerners. I do not believe their locals simply wanted to commit ww2 in Asia. It was the hand of the west behind it all.
fabish jumba
A greedy and jealous man will stop at nothing! That was the case with Japan  greed to obtain resources and control over large territories
xiaohuan Luo
@Nicolas FourbakiMongolian culture is different from chinese center culture

Faiq Khalifa ASK
i think Tang dynasty is the one that influenced Japanese architecture.
thinh nham
+presa1200  it has great influence for surrounding countries too such as Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand.
+thinh nham Thailand not so much. Our architecture was traditionally purely South East Asian, however some of the Thai king's courts did have Chinese style buildings.
+Kunipher Tze You underestimated the power of Chinese culture
John S
No kidding, Tang architecture is to Japanese architecture what Persian/Arabian/Egyptian architecture is to Western architecture.

handsome boy
99% Japanese architecture style copied from ancient China.
Evolutionism Is Anti-Science Lie
Google search for  “Chinese influence on Japanese culture” and Japanese missions to imperial China
Evolutionism Is Anti-Science Lie
Japanese envoys to Sui Dynasty were called kenzuishi 遣隋使。Japanese envoys to the following Tang Dynasty were called kentoushi 遣唐使。

Evolutionism Is Anti-Science Lie
Hiragana is cursive Chinese.  Katakana is partial Chinese.  Kanji is Chinese characters or literally Han characters.  Google image search for “hiragana origin chart” and katakana origin chart.
Johannes P
I firmly felt that as well, ever since I was a child, before any Chinese history lessons. I think I was Han Chinese for most of my past lives & then after the Song I reincarnated to Korea & Japan, & the West, & only this life did I take another Chinese body in Hong Kong. LOL
Imperial Commander Yue Fei 岳飛
Korea and Japan based their culture off of the Tang Dynasty. Everything from clothing, chopsticks, weapons, armor, writing, philosophy, religion, and architecture is derived from Tang Dynasty, China.

ranger perng
You must be kidding  , korea did not exist at that time
Perhaps many of the things were either directly based on, or influenced by the Chinese dynasties. But the Bathing culture of Japan and Korea is purely Altaic and authentic.

@Wandrative Modern Japanese is the Yayoi people (Chinese and Koreans) and Austronesian people and Hokkaido Ainu (gene types also belong to the Austronesian ethnic Malay) mixed race, the Koreans are the South Korean Peninsula three Han Tribe's descendants, it doesn't matter and Altai

@KEN Y I absolutely agree with you that the Japanese are composed of Korean, Chinese and Austronesian ethnic groups. But, most of the 'Yayoi' people comes from the Korean peninsula rather then mainland China. Also, the Beakje dynasty which was located in the south of the peninsula was composed of people from the Goguryeo dynasty. The three Han tribes were mostly Altaic anyway.
Genetic testing revealed that most modern Koreans are 85~95% Altaic, while the Japanese are 65~75% Altaic.

korean is more of ming culture
@Cazzo1231What do you even mean
@Wandrative korea is more influenced by ming dynasty culture
@Cazzo1231 "Korea" used to exist way before the Ming dynasty. It is not "More of Ming culture". Yes, the Joseon dynasty of Korea was heavily influenced by the Ming dynasty but that was it. Before that there were Goryeo, Silla, Beakje, Balhae, Goguryeo, Buyeo, Dongeh, and Ohekjeo dynasties and none of them were influenced by Ming culture obviously because it did not exist
@Wandrativegeez, when someone say influenced by something, of course he means the history after that thing existed, of course i know theres already korea before ming, you are just being a smartass right now

@Cazzo1231Well for some newcomers who are just reading by, you made it sound like the entire culture of Korea was out of Ming culture. I wanted to state that It was just the Joseon dynasty that followed Ming culture. Even in modern Korea, only a fragment of their culture have traces of Ming culture.
@Wandrative for newcomers who are just reading by, it's obvious when I reply to that guy, it means compares to tang culture influence, korea is more of ming culture influence, use common sense, man, how can it be influenced by something doesn't exist, and for modern korea, i assume you include modern culture like kpop and etc, and then yes, it's just a fragment, but when it comes to the traditional culture, ming influence is very huge on korean culture.
@Cazzo1231See? When you wrote 'Korean Tradition' while you made it sound like the entire history of Korea, you were actually only focusing on Joseon culture. Where as in reality it is a product of cumulative cultures of all the previous dynasties. I see your point, but it is hard to say that Ming influence is HUGE.

Justin Xie
+Jefe HoptoshAncient Korea and Japan borrowed everything from Ancient China, from costumes,architecture,governance to writing system. Korea did not have its own writing system until 15th century. And all of its ancient records are written in Chinese, and the modern Koreans cannot read their ancestors' books but modern Chinese can.
@Justin XieAncient Korea and Japan did not - they had a separate culture, but middle age Korea and Japan did. By the way, The Koreans used Chinese symbols but they've written them in a completely different grammatical structure so the modern Chinese people are not able to read Old Korean texts - only the Koreans who understand of Chinese symbols will.
L&A Jewelry Custom Gems
my dream is to build a Chinese style house in the future.
Rolling Cloud
which Chinese style? i am assuming u r not planing to build a place lol
there are many style
like weijin ,tangming
Weijin and tang is like japanese
Ming is the same as forbinden city

But...you won't be able to live in it if you build it in the future, because you're now.
Magpie kayz
I love Chinese history n ancient culture ❤❤❤️ and im African
Richard Bonchen
Tang Dynasty: Such a great begining, such a sad ending!

array s
Richard Bonchen not so much great begining when you had to kill your own siblings and force full enthroned your father.
@Travers Kilroy Cooper Alvirez Their artful naturalistic painting style had never and never again has been equalled. The Southern Song's that is.

Lotus Blossom
I love Chinese history and dramas!  Can never get enough... the more I watch the deeper I want to get into it!

Seems like the Tang Empire was well ahead of it's time in many aspects.
Nur Fadhilah
I read a lot about Chinese history ! The most great emperor , power full in Asia that time and large and rich country ! I am not Chinese but I still love to read about the Chinese history specially about thousands year ago
我读了很多关于中国历史的书! 那个时候最伟大的皇帝权力覆盖亚洲广大富饶的国土!我不是中国人,但我仍然喜欢阅读有关中国历史的文章,尤其是几千年前
Silas Yuen
The Tang’s way of naming a national dept () is still in use in modern Japan.

ytal b
I like this documentary, the reenactment and background music makes me feel the glorious past of the Tang dynasty. I recently became interested in Chinese history, previously I liked more Egyptian, Roman and Greek histories. Also I just watched a South Korean series titled Empress Ki abt a Korean born woman who became Empress consort to Emperor Toghon of the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty. The series was mostly fictionalized and I just realized now that writers must have based their story in Empress Wu of the Tang. Anyway, going back on topic this documentary is the best I've seen so far. Must watch for history lovers!
我喜欢这部纪录片,表演重现和背景音乐让我感受到唐朝的光辉过去。我最近对中国历史感兴趣,之前我更喜欢埃及,罗马和希腊的历史。我也刚刚看了一个韩国电视连续剧,标题是 Kiabt,这是一个韩国出生的女人,后来成为蒙古元朝皇帝Toghon女皇。该系列大部分是虚构的,我现在才意识到作家的故事一定以唐后武则天为基础撰写的。无论如何,回到话题上,这是我迄今为止所见过的最好的纪录片。历史爱好者要注意啦

Pham de West River
It s unnecessary to envy the past prosperity, we can create t again using our hands, the reason ur ancestors give our great culture.
john wing kay Ip
After I watched this ancient Chinese brilliant history and another golden age dynasty
I think  the western European today still very scared China rises again
A Fridays
This is the best documentary I've ever watched. I have watched multiple times, over and over. Timeless!

Linda Xiong
Finally, a document easy to understand!! thank you so much!! I'm watching it again
Shady Liu
I just took a walk in night there and got back(My aunt is living around Daming palace)! Fantastic place, really beautiful in night. Love it!
The City of Nara 奈良 is a small copy OF CHANGAN. The costumes and hair styles are correct.  Look at the murals in Tang's tombs. The Tang had great influences from the nomadic tribes and was an era of great innovation in culture and fashion.
fabish jumba
When I think of Prince Li Chu and his concubine Shen Zhenju- am inspired to be a leader... if legends are true then that's the greatest love story ever to happen in human history
Candace Alcala
I love Chinese robes. I wish they were the fashion now. The tang style, the ones that wrap around, kimonos, Yukatas, all those Asian style traditional fashions are the height of beautiful clothing to me.

Yanci wang
The best documentary film about China history I have ever seen. The background music is so romantic.

George Washington
I wish China reinstated the Imperial Family so China will once again have an Eternal Emperor. Long Live The Emperor Of China!
zhongqiang wang
we were called China because of Qin dyansty, we were called Han Chinese because of Han dynasty. But it was Tang that influenced the world most.
peter yeung
Is there a Cantonese narrator for this same documentary? I want to show my mom this video. She doesn't understand English.
Thanks for any links.
Thank you. I love this series. The production value is beautiful. I am learning so much. Will have to watch a few times. Subcribed.
Judy L.
Amazing and Magnificent Tang Dynasty has always been my very favorite dynasty.
WooW I never knew that Tang dynasty has such strict discipline. Now i can see where the Japanese learned & adopted discipline culture

Danny dragon
Every Chinese -The Middle Kingdom people are very proud of their Nation and their rich Golden Age Civilization
Chance Watkins
Good documentary, thanks for sharing this with us; Jesus Christ Bless you! :)
Even till this day, Chinese people of Hokkien/Fujian descent still call ourselves 唐人 or people of Tang in our dialect. And Chinatowns around the world are collectively still called 唐人街 "Street of the Tang People" in Cantonese.

anurag bohra
It is always been so much impressive to know about the Chinese history!
China has set a highly and a very different standard in the Past World right from it rulers to art & architecture!!
The whole World together could not achieved what China achieved those days be it the Egyptian, Persians, Mughals, or any European Kingdom!!

Chuck Todd Nope. Romans’ aggressive cultures barbaric. Ancient Chinas much better in numerous aspects.
Big boi Ian
666 barbaric? They believed that anyone who wasn't roman or greek was a barbarian.

BAPYonguk GukGuk
Oh Lord ! Don't compare China with the 1st African Civilisations please, which actually are the 1st ones in the whole world and showed everything to every other civilisations in this world starting by the existence of the Human being and spirituality





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