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本文译自Youtube,原标题:How I became a teacher in a Chinese village school with only eight kids



Kicking It With Kay
I’m South African and I’m currently teaching English in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. This video is touching. It also opened my eyes to the realities that other teachers and students face in other parts of China. It reminded me that my role goes beyond just teaching but also showing humility. I’ll definitely be showing this video to my students and I hope it reminds them to be grateful for all the fortunes they have in their life.


Veronica Turtle Heart
Xuanxuan has such nice handwriting! Compared to my students in Shenzhen, he is a very careful student. His grandparents should be very proud. Hope he has more educational opportunities in the future. He deserves plenty of support and encouragement


Sometimes, I got confused by a question: who are more open-minded, the Chinese live in the republic China, or the westerners who live in democratic countries? Poor and rural place where those kids live, they are learning English, they are inspired by the teachers to understand the other side of the world. The latter, despite all the advantage they have, they do not take the least effort to understand the people they tend to criticize without real thinking. Ironic, right?
By saying “westerners”, I mean to refer to a small group of people who tend to claim things that are different from their understanding as propaganda. There are so many videos/documentaries showing different aspects of China in Youtube. Do a little research and make your own judgment.


Mrs Din
I don’t think xuanxuan cry because his mother doesn’t love him anymore.
He is more likely blaming himself make his parents divorced,  and he is a bad boy that make his mother doesn’t like him anymore.
Instead of convincing his mother love him,  it is much better convincing him that he is a good boy and he is not the reason why his parents divorced.


As a Chinese, I really appreciate this foreign Portugal teacher to come a long way to spend three days with these children from western China’s poorest rural village though this cannot solve the fundamental problem basically. I think the only way to solve this problem is to accelerate the urbanization of these rural areas,  and the government should transform money and industries to these areas to affiliate this process, but  it seems it might take a quite long time to accomplish it and a generation’s sacrifice is inevitable, but as socialism country, we should do much better during this transition.


A glimpse into the tough life in many of China’s remote villages and the children who live there. All the talk about democracy and freedom is irrelevant. What they most need is freedom from poverty, hunger, ignorance, hardship and hopelessness. Feudalism failed them. The “democracy” promised by the KMT failed them. Now the poverty alleviation programme is slowly lifting them and offering some hope. But it may be necessary to take them all out of such remote locations if they are to be helped. No one likes to do it or have it done to them. But it may be the best thing.


Lawrence Orr
Heart breaking, those children are so good, but the odds are all against, however hard the last from Portugal tries, and she really loved those kids, China, I know you try hard but when a child is hurting that bad, something positive should be done.such lovely children, thank you for showing us here in the west, again, it just shows me that China WILL be the best country to live in now, your beautiful way of trying to improve everything is wonderful to see.China you are one of the few positive things on this planet.


777 Eagle
Here in my country just like China and some neighboring SEA countries grandparents takes care of their grandchildren so the parents can go to the cities or they go abroad (western or asian countries) for work. Unfortunately this one of the  causes of what we called broken homes(we don’t have divorce so husband and wife just separate  without legal papers).


蔵内翔 Garth
Such a touching video! I cried so many times. Those kids are so sweet and so adorable, and their situation seems to be similar to a lot of kids in rural places in China. Those teachers who stay in (or go to) these rural areas for the kids, and the grandparents who take care of their grandchildren are amazing people! Thank you for sharing their story with us.





Ru jiang
So touched by this video, it reminds me of myself who come from the poor village in China as well. To study hard to get into a college is the only way to change our fate and  that is true. GAO KAO ,as we said ,is the most fair examination for students in CHINA which is also changed my own life. I got into college through GAO KAO and then got into another college through the master entrance examination and now I studying abroad to enrich my life experience. Maybe we put too much emphasis on GAOKAO and when people heard that an examination will determine your future, you might think that is crazy and horrible.however, when one is poor and doesn’t have a good family background but you still have a chance to let yourself walk out your poor village and your future may totally different from your parent, you will regard it as the hope of your life and put all your effort to fight for it. That is why education is so important in CHINA. In order to making children get educated and live a better life, many hard decisions parents will make, which leads to left behind children appeared. Because of the poverty, mothers left their children. No excuses for those mothers but life sometimes just goes in this way, since life won’t wave a magic wand to bring you everything you desired and what left behind chilren can do is though hard-studying to change everything.


I’m seeing the both “black and white” of this video. 1st of all the general problem of English teaching in China is still localized inclusive foreign teachers. I’m shock to see how she “the Portuguese teacher” condoned to the pronunciation of ‘dog’ to docker, this would help. That’s is also why there are so many reporters/news achor in CGTN, New China, CCTV etc cannot speak standard English.
2ndly CGTN should not just focus the foreign teacher, I would think the local teachers are putting if not more, it would be equal sacrifices and equal impact to these kids. That Chinese lady teacher are contributing her youth and herself for the students as well, no?


I wasn’t expecting to cry whilst watching this video  but it was indeed emotional. This inspires me to maybe keep working in education although I have my worries and issues about it. Perhaps a place like this could be where I belong but I would so love to learn Mandarin first! On a side note, I’m pleasantly surprised she’s from Portugal just like me ^_^

我没想到在看这段视频时会哭, 但这确实很感人。这激励了我继续从事教育工作,尽管我有一些担心和问题。也许像这样的地方可能是我该去的地方,但我很想先学普通话!顺便说一句,我很惊喜她和我一样来自葡萄牙^_^

LeAnnette Goodwin
I have been teaching English to Chinese children online for the past 3 ½ years, and I have fallen in love with the Chinese people! I watch everything I can to understand more about the country and it’s inhabitants. I am saddened that there is such a drastic difference between life in the cities and rural life. My company had a rural education project at one time, but it did not go well; I truly hope more and more can be done for these children and their families. ️


Thank you for this! This is the very reason I want to teach English abroad and this just motivates me even more to hurry college and start impacting young lives around the world no matter the location.


Eviana Risanti
This is a really heartbreaking story. This is happening around the world, where the villagers start leaving their villages to the cities, the schools are slowly abandoned. In one sense, this school is still pretty lucky to have some technology that can aid them to learn. In my country, it does not really happen. Schools in the remote area are lucky enough if they have a building that can accommodate them to study, not mentioning how limited the salary and resources for the teachers. However, people and the students living in the village tend to be more respectful towards their teacher. They consider the teachers as great people and once they bond with the villagers the life will be a lot more meaningful.
I cry a lot watching this video.  For all the teachers who are doing a noble job of teaching in the villages and rudal areas, may God will always bless your life with happiness and abundance.








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