Youtube:中国开始向不同国家分发疫苗 相对于西方疫苗网友更信赖中国传统“灭活”疫苗

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Youtube:中国开始向不同国家分发疫苗 相对于西方疫苗网友更信赖中国传统“灭活”疫苗
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There shouldn't be any competition or rivalry amongst different vaccines. Just hope that they all work.


Chongqing Citizen
I have spoken to many people here in Chongqing and no one trust the chinese vaccines. Me and some friends are planning a trip to Taiwan, or the west to take a proper vaccine made in Europe or the US.


So far, most of the reported vaccines work, but work in different ways. From the perspective of underdeveloped countries/regions, Chinese vaccines are preferable due to their less harsh requirement for storage and transportation while having high effectiveness and none severe side effect (to date). I hope the people living in underdeveloped areas have a fair right to get vaccination.


@Chongqing Citizen You are a fool trying to disguise as a Chinese from Chongqing.

@Chongqing Citizen 你是个想伪装成中国重庆人的傻子。

Eugene Pang
Sincerely hope all vaccines work. Then no one can charge an exorbitant price.


Stella Tan
I will be willing to take sinovac than any others...


Apple Bee
Me too.  I trust Sinovac vaccine.   Sinovac has been testing it 6 months ago in Brazil and Indonesia and complete trial phase 3.  Pfizer using new technique that is not yet proven started testing much later and did little test and then rushing to roll out faster and earlier than China's vaccine, all for raking in profit.  
The new technique is a short cut for Pfizer to speed up their production.  This new technique is to change the DNA of Covid19.  How does this affect human DNA?  There is no study on this.
 I don't trust Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Pfizer's CEO and other senior management sold their Pfizer shares a few months ago before vaccine was produced.   Hmm...  �


JM Steel
China did her best to control this pandemic after the virus was brought to China. Then developed the vaccine for other countries. Thank you China!!!


Jinbin Lv
American Europeans vaccine will only be used by West, so only Chinese vaccine can help devoleping countries because China is also developing country.


Ls Wills
The world has great confidence in China's vaccine which is produced with the greatest care and under immense scrutiny


DJ Pomare
Fantastic that there a various vaccine options available so not all the eggs are in one basket.


Liew James
Well done China. The West only talk positively about Pfizer, Moderna and Astra Zeneca. Anything said about the Chinese vaccines are all negative and accusatory. The West  is so so so racist and discriminatory towards other cultures and other countries especially in their treatment of China.


Au Ngai Sum
Believe me. People will regret taken Pfizer and moderna in near future. Their vaccines technologies are unproven and has severe side effects. 6 people already dead because of Pfizer


one puch Ok
The only Hope for poor countries to get consumable vaccine. No American first, it is for all mankind


I usually don't want to compare china against western, but this time these vaccines indeed are different.
The American vaccines are based on mRNA, a new technology that uses human cell to produce virus-identification-pieces that triggers immune system. However, the technology is new and lacks long span and massive observations of potential side effects on human body. I suppose this technology will not be allowed to ebter market if not in such urgent condition where covid is spreading fast in Western.
The chinese vaccines, on the other hand, is using the traditional technology that direct generate the identification-pieces in lab and then inject them to trigger immune ststem; the technology has been used for decades and proved to be stable, the only downside is it requires strong production capability where the American mRNA based vaccines doesn't.
Personally i will suggest to take the traditional vaccines until mRNA proved to have no serious short term and long term   side effects


Always and Forever
I hope we get Chinese vaccines in US. I will have to drive to Mexico otherwise.


syed ali
Time will come when the  western countries will beg for Chinese vaccine.





Hemu Kumar
����Bro Listen ,,UK Already Started Get Vaccine and US Take Phizer Vaccine And Largest Vaccine producer "India" Start producing Vaccine And Since All Western Country Have Many Vaccine Phizer, AsterZeneca , Covaxin And Sputnik And Many More


Gulitz T
@Hemu Kumar pfizer can't be trusted at the moment though. I'm from australia, if you don't like the news why keep coming to CTGN news ?
You just named the two countries including your India witht he highest cases in the world and no sign of slowing down at the moment. don't you think your bias doesn't match your facts? Can you answer as to why the CEO of pfizer sold his shares a months beforehand? why? if you are going to make lots of money for the company why?

@Hemu Kumar目前还不能信任辉瑞。我是澳大利亚人,如果你不喜欢这条新闻,为什么还要来CTGN看新闻呢?

V Lee
I hope all vaccines work for mankind. The Western media denigrating the Chinese vaccines without factual evidence is simply misleading and outright disgusting.


it really doesnot matter. there will be lots of country use China's vaccines and let the result speak for itself. western  media just show how pathetic they are on a global stage.


Chinese vaccines are 86% effective in UAE ��, 96% effective in Indonesia �� . This shows that Chinese vaccines are effective and can surely stop coronavirus from spreading. While USA vaccines and UK vaccines are not reliable and 6 people have died after getting USA vaccines~

中国疫苗在阿联酋的有效率为86%,在印度尼西亚有效率为96% 。这说明中国的疫苗是有效的,肯定能阻止冠状病毒的传播。美国疫苗和英国疫苗不可靠,有6人在接种美国疫苗后死亡~

pzifer vaccine has caused more death worldwide due to rushing to production. avoid taking pzifer. chances people over 50 will die


There are many ways to make vaccine. Chinese vaccine sinovac/sinopharm are using the 'dead' virus, a proven method as all other vaccine are made this way. The moderna/pfizer are using m-RNA, a coding protein injected to body to hijack our own cell to produce the virus mimic protein. Pls note this is the new tech, first time a vaccine using this method. Oxford Astrazeneca is using Chimpanzee Adenovirus as vector. The m-RNA need cold-chain storage but otherwise is cheaper and fast to produce. The dead virus vaccine could be more expensive as the production facility need to handle live virus in order to produce the vaccine. To me i will choose the traditional one. The long term effect of messing our own cell is a risk to me, especially auto-immune.


Sinovac vaccine is the safest one out now. It's the only one with the furthest testing.  So sad the west doesn't report on it.   We in the west are forced to take the Pfizer frankenstein vaccine, untested technology are used to developed it.  Fauci warn us about it until Biden silence him with a job offer.


open defecation
Alert!!! No vaccines will immediately protect against virus and almost all vaccine need 20 days to be effective after injection


Wu Jian Lung
Note that Sinovac vaccine is rolling off a Brazilian line.  China share its` vaccine with others.      It has undergone extensive testing on tens of thousands of international volunteers unlike vaccines developed in the West.  It also does not need refrigeration and that facilities distribution.


Curtis Rudolph
Is it just a coincidence that China comes up with a vaccine at exactly the same time as the US? With coincidentally a 95% ish effective rate? Only thing not mentioned yet is those with allergic reactions! US makes a bold move and invests billions in US taxpayer paid research with the Warp Speed program. Was the research data sold? Stolen? To rule out stolen intellectual property again, China should provide their research data to the world. Otherwise, we the people of the US are suckers yet again!!

中国与美国同时推出疫苗,这难道只是巧合吗?有95%的有效率?唯一没有提到的是那些有过敏反应的人!美国采取了一项大胆的行动,并通过曲速计划(Warp Speed program)在研究上投资数十亿美元。研究数据被出售了吗?被偷了?为了再次排除知识产权被盗的可能性,中国应该向世界提供他们的研究数据。否则,我们美国人民又做了一次傻瓜!!

Lim K
If the US started the same time with China, then the virus should have originated from there, but trump did say its a hoax, why then the sudden rush and quoting the exact timing with China. Stolen, that is a big word coming from someone who is not aware or totally ignorant of its topic. The fact is all along, the virus came from the US.


Anti-counterfeiting Dedicated
You don’t know anything about vaccine management, in medical vaccine research; all research data is public


Curtis Rudolph
@Anti-counterfeiting Dedicated I'm sorry. I don't understand. I'm not saying it's stolen only that it's too coincidental to be in distribution within hours of each other. There is a saying in the US. If you want the truth, follow the money. To be fair, it could be the other way around. But being told vaccines take years upon years to develop and Trump takes the bold move to move mountains out of the way and invests billions in finding a vaccine at break neck speed, just too coincidental.

@Anti-counterfeiting Dedicated 对不起,我不明白。我不是说它被偷了,只是说它们在几个小时内都开始相互分发疫苗实在太巧合了。美国有句谚语,如果你想要真相,那就跟着钱走。公平地说,这可能是另一种情况。但我们被告知疫苗需要数年的时间才能研发出来,而特朗普采取了大胆举措,并投入数十亿美元以惊人的速度寻找疫苗,这太巧合了。

@Curtis Rudolph No wonder why you sound so naive, USA blocked all good news about China, that is the reason.  The fact is when 3 Chinese vaccines finished second stage trial, the west hadn't start yet. Because in China there was no positive case,they had to go to highly infected countries seeking cooperation to have third stage trial.   Now, I tell you why Chinese vaccines is the best, A) Third stage trail they got more people and more ethnic group' volunteers, so it is safer.   B) Since late June, millions of military personnel and front line workers have injected, so far there was no any problem.  C)Chinese vaccines do not need keep in very low temperature during transportation.           If you still worry about intellectual theft issue, I think you'd better think opposite way.

@Curtis Rudolph 难怪你这么天真,美国封锁了所有关于中国的好消息,这就是原因。事实上,当3种中国疫苗完成第二阶段试验时,西方还没有开始测试呢。因为在中国没有阳性病例,所以他们不得不去高感染国家寻求合作进行第三阶段试验。现在,我告诉你为什么中国的疫苗是最好的:








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