新冠肺炎直击 CMG-中国广播电视总台记者探访武汉医院

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新冠肺炎直击 CMG-中国广播电视总台记者探访武汉医院




本文译自YOUTUBE视频,原标题:CMG reporter visits infected medical staff in Wuhan





Koh Angela

Respect to the medical staff on the front line. God bless everyone.





bharat Tiwari

If they dont government gave death penalty they have no choice





Soldat ᚦᚬᚩᛅᛄᚢᚠᚻᛈᛉᛋᛏᛒᛖᛗᛠᛢᛣᛥᚸ

bharat Tiwari It's a global emergency, you think doctors should sleep while others die???





munu numu

Utmost respect to the Chinese medical personnel who are at the frontline of this war against this horrible virus. Stay strong and get better soon.





Barry Baldo

This show all Chinese people in mainland are very brave and smart just willy to show and help the people who are sick much respect Serb/Russian.





Land of pîss and pôôp

I am actually shedding tears for our China Chinese brothers and sisters. I hope that they have learned much from this terrible episode and never to do it again. Just saw a video and it really made me cry.





Barry Baldo

@Land of pîss and pôôp Yes its very sad what they go through instead of support them people rather hate on China.





Land of pîss and pôôp

@Barry Baldo The video I saw said that some of these Chinese think that they are smart and did the unthinkable after SAR and MERS. I think from now on the government is going to punish the OFFICIALS severely and will take action against those citizens who continue to break the law.






question: why is the door seal foamed? I mean aside from the obvious that they dont want it to spread.. to go to this extreme.. this must be very serious or they would not go to such lengths to contain it.. I worry that this is far more dangerous than is being reported.





Jerod Dudgeon

Better safe than sorry.





The Boy

It is.






I feel like a lot of it is that they don't have a vaccine for it so they need to gain control of how it's spread because they don't know how serious it can become.





robert james

I think it is to form a negative pressure room. Negative room pressure is an isolation technique used in hospitals and medical centers to prevent cross-contamination from room to room. It includes ventilation that generates negative pressure to allow air to flow into the isolation room but not escape from the room, as air will naturally flow from areas with higher pressure to areas with lower pressure, thereby preventing contaminated air from escaping the room.






They don't wanna repeat the same mistake like they did with SARS so yes, they took everything to the extreme even though WHO still have yet declare a global emergency





C Archer

@robert james that sounds like exactly the reason why! the air in that room must only exit the room only through the air sanitizer that the patient showed on the wall on his phone.






Zhang Ruyi

I think the Chinese does not want to take any chances. The people who have died are the old ones with pre-existing conditions. There is a baby who died. However, if they are young like that medical staff, they will eventually recover when the body makes the antibodies to kill off the virus.

May God bless and protect China and the Chinese people.






Zhang Ruyi

@P P There is no vaccine for coronavirus - there was no vaccine for SARS and there is also no vaccine for this Wuhan 2019 coronavirus. The virus mutates easily and therefore if you were to spend millions on a vaccine than it will be useless for the next coronavirus. It is better for people not to go to public areas, using public transport and stay at home, away from people and eventually the virus will die out.





Rae Mini Hopa

Safety is always first, but worrying about something that may or may not affect you is a complete waste of energy.  The influenza virus in the US has claimed over 7k lives and infected aprox 13 million this flu season alone. Viruses are very good at spreading and our focus on hygiene habits and self quarantine when ill helps limit its ability to spread.





rojina pahari

This video made me emotional. That infected man is a great soul.





Barry Baldo

3:42 i can feel the saddest but dont worry Chinese people have been through tough time China will grow stronger.





Danial Martial

I agree. They will. Back in 2003 they created SARS they won the fight with that virus and grew a stronger yes i agree but they also grew a stronger virus which is CORONAVIRUS. Next what ? Even more deadly viruses?





Kaka Lau

Support Wuhan ��� We will overcome it  ���


支持武汉���  我们将战胜它 ���




Hopefully they educate the uneducated about eating meat from bad sources





Frank King

Dummy,you know it's the Communist Chinese government that invented the disease to carry out a deadly experiment? Stop being naive





Edward Tay

This is probably the saddest Chinese New Year.





Una Huang

Then we will overcome it and the rest will be only better�





SBG Aussie MGTOW, Silverboy

@Una Huang no you won't. RIP Wuhan.





Una Huang

SBG Aussie MGTOW, Silverboy I feel sorry for how evil you are! Sorry for your mother to have raised such a monster son, sorry for your education system that have such a failure! I wish you will be educated to learn to love and spread love, by your god in your afterlife world!





Janet Hughes

These doctors and other medical professionals touched my heart so deeply





Sıkıcı sadece sıkıcı

I'm believing the infectious people will get better soon (some of them can die...)But I'm not losing my hope. And you guys, you should be positive too...





Andrej Draculesti

The whole planet Earth is right behind you, we will win as one!





Lizy Liz

It is rare to see such encouraging words from you. While most other comments are leering at China's misfortune. Thank you





Iqbal Mohamad

He doesnt want his family to worry���





Fah KK

He’s infected, yet he’s still very positive and try to make people not worried about him





Lance Rexington

Fah KK  he’s a good little communist drone.





Christian Gonzales

God bless these men and women who think about others before themselves.





Gold Dragon

Wow what a great human being... praying for everyone... god bless us all





Nova dela Cruz

Be strong. Everyone is praying for all of you. Just keep smiling you'll get over this.





Vickel Leung

This has the feel of a zombie outbreak. Kinda sad to see then quarantined.





Hu Chang

respect the doctors in the front line to save people, China GO





Virendra Shekhawat

Developing immunity vaccines seems the only answer, howsoever time it takes.






aw, that infected man is so cute, he seems like a very nice man, i hope he and everyone else gets better soon





Michael Rackoff

Keep the faith!

If it doesn't kill us it will make us stronger.






Video Stop

The “infected” guy is in the hospital still just wearing his normal jacket and all that?

Mhmmmm oooookay buddy, seems legit. And I’m sure he’s “fine” like he said.






Tony Stokes

Damn when he came to the window and waved it made me tear up.  I hope they can find cure  for this so people can get back to their normal lifes.





Chathuranga Hettiarachchi

Its probably a good thing medical staff contracted the virus at the very beginning, so that they can be recovered soon and get back to work without fear of getting infected again, when they are most needed with large number of patients in near future. Get well soon.!





delonix regia

I don't know if it works the same way as bacteria.





Zikra Salahuddin

God will cure all of u... amen.greeting from Malaysia




Kaka Lau

Thanks so much for the medical staff and experts healing the patients! �‍♂�‍♀���





Mark Gitschel

He's in the best of care ! but the other 46 who died from this didn't have that care !





Lizy Liz

How did you know that they didn't have the care? Show your proof.





Celestial Star

My greatest respect to every single medical staff and cleaning staff for their contributions in every illness fighting events.


Hope these people get well soon.






Sailing Macavity

a refrigerated room with ice around the door, I wonder how many rooms they / we have with air and refrigeration? anyone know???





Lance Rexington

Chinese products I wonder if they will sterilize before exporting them to the world ???? Hope Amazon and E-bay demand it.





Priska Wen

To me its look too exagerated as they wear full clothing but the virus could spread thru air, when they are in the office and eat and pee pup...�






I feel so sad & worried like they are my relatives , OH our  DIVIN Almighty creator of the universe please  grant them rapid recovery and good health .





Oliver Heaviside

did you see how they sealed the door with some type of sealant at the end of the video






Medical staffs sacrifice and risk themselves while taking care of others ��� god bless you and your family





Y-ME Farm

A couple of the videos I seen coming out of the area.. citizens are begging for help and supplies. Hospitals are packed, no medicine. So this is total opposite. Who should I believe?





eos v03

I think we already have a zombie apocalypse,also most people don't realize it yet.The virus spreads all over the planet and it will continue to spread,since it can't be detected first 10 days.





j lim

I’m happy to see this patients positive outlook.  I hope the government also eliminating wild life delicacies in China.





Irfan Pro

That suit is almost same when Ebola virus affected at somewhere a long time ago..





KingRanch on yt KingRanchEl

Well cbc reported hope you enjoy staying there we don’t want you bsck







For some odd reason, I thought the title read "CMG Reporter Infects Medical Staff in Wuhan."





George L

The more China update us the more we feel positive of the crisis that we can manage it





Gary Y

This is the part the CCP gov wants you to see, at the same time CCP gov is removing and arresting thousands of different opinions online and offline.





Primitive Locals

Yea of course there hiding something but it’s not something that they can hide forever when it goes to a national level





Veron Mathongo

Surporting Beijing during this time and speed recovery will be something appreciated folks





petros computers

The door is sealed with poliuretanic foam ,this is a bioweapon of china ,no virus can be so contagious !





All knowledge by Prateek

If this was in india  millions of would be dead by now





Midnight Daemon

During an illness, restricting one's intake of food is very important. It's even more important to know whether one has a viral or bacterial  infection, since it translates to life or death if the patient is given the wrong foods to eat.


During a viral infection, consuming complex carbohydrates, which the human body converts to glucose, can greatly assist the body in fighting viral infections. Water soluble vitamins like Vitamin B (there are eight types, collectively responsible in the formation of blood cells) and vitamin C strengthens the immune system (by mobilizing white blood cells to mark and attack viruses). B vitamins are found in barley, rice, whole grain oats, bread, and noodles which are foods commonly consumed in northern and southern China. Fruits like kiwi, guava, pineapple, papaya, orange, tangerine, blueberries and strawberries are rich in vitamin c.


If a bacterial infection is present, it's best to abstain from food with a high glycemic index (simple carbs converted to glucose that floods the bloodstream quickly) or lower one's caloric intake. Fasting is preferable for bacterial infections. In any case, a vegetarian diet is strongly recommended for optimum health.










I was really concerned about this outbreak, I've been thinking it all day, but when I saw this man try to encourage us makes me think that we can Fight this mf virus with smile and positivity. Thanks to that man for staying positive, hopefully he and other patients can be cured pretty soon





Jarrod Stowe

It appears this particular virus will be a culling of the elderly and those with AIDS......not apparently very dangerous for those without compromised immune systems.






Judt take the needed precaution. Keep warm snf sweat at least once. Virue will be destroyed by the body immune system





Adrian Tiong

To all the medical and supporting personnel, may I wish you all the best in

your endeavours and please stay strong. God bless....







is this a real patient ? He is healthier than me and im not even ill     

Good luck to all those who are suffering with this.







Courage to all our chinese brothers who made the sacrifice, you will succeed in eradicating this virus. Abas from Pakistan





Ian M

Despite his situation the guy seems in fairly good spirits respect to him hopefully china can end this soon the chinese people have suffered through worse in the past this viris is will  be dealt with aswell love from scotland  �������❤���






Great I gotta wear this to the construction job on monday this is going to suck........The guy in the video didn't have it you can tell not scared, no fear, everything is fine..... Yeah OK BUDDY...









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