武汉播主接受采访讲述封城故事 赢得各国网友的理解与祝福

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简介:一个身在武汉的vlog播主接受了Asian BOSS的采访,讲述了自己在武汉封城期间的日常生活,包括自wo隔离,染上感冒,出门去医院检查等情况。呼吁外界无歧视并给予武汉鼓励,赢得各国网友的理解并祝福。




Helsic en China

I'm a foreigner living in China right now, what she says is very clear and accurate. I'm not in Wuhan but my city is also in a sort of lock down and I only go out to get groceries. I'm also confident that we'll get out of this! WUHAN 加油!




A Oh

And wait 10-15 more years for the next disease... must be nice to live in China.. and how the hell are u on YT? Oh VPN...


嗯再等10-15年会有下一场疾病...住在中国一定很好..你怎么能上U管? 哦好吧 VPN


J Bill

@A Oh Young and Ignorant to say this could only happed in China, Take Epidemiology 101, do you know what is Spanish Flu, or MERS, or Ebola? Also, a small suggestion for you, you only live once, focus on things that matters to you. Nevermind if hatred is the thing that matters to your life. God bless humanity.




Bruce Hu

People in China are acting a lot calmer than the rest of the world about what's happening.  People tend to stay home most of the time, but their normal life quality can be guaranteed to the most extent under this kind of situation. There's no energy or food shortage, no mass panic, no significant rise of price on groceries.


Every single Chinese national is facing this virus, this situation all together.


All I see on internet is nothing but mistrust to our government and all kinds of conspiracy theories, or so-called "real truth". I don't understand why nowadays politics always has to come first. it's just very sad to see. I'm just a normal Chinese citizen myself. I'm not 100% for our government, but I have to say what has been done this time is absolutely prompt and effective. We are handling it the best we can, with everyone coming together. Many American friends of mine told me if a lockdown happens in the US, people will definitely riot. But you don't see any of that in China this time. It's NOT because the government is suppressing us, it's because we are standing together with each other and we have faith in getting through this, together!


We do expect the number to go up more, don't know how much more. But that's not because people keep getting infected, but people infected have not been diagnosed yet.


Feel free to believe those rumors or fake news which probably fit in better with your shallow stereotype to China. We are presenting you the fact and you choose to turn away, what else can I say?


I have absolute faith in our people. It may take some time, but we will get through this.















Well said. All my thoughts and prayers for everyone affected. I hope and believe that this will be over soon ❤️ take care!





That's because it's China and how world has portrayed it to be without any knowledge.




jimin's thighs rap mon's dimples

People will riot when in a quarantine? This is extremely selfish. You are infected and it's best to avoid others to not get them infected too. It has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with public safety.




Erica Okta

Wish you and your family the best! I send my well wishes to everyone in China right now! You guys have shown amazing solidarity during this hard time!





jay f

Praying for everyone in Wuhan, China, and where ever the coronavirus has gone to. Hopefully with weather getting warmer in a couple of months, the virus will begin to taper off and fade away.




Hailey Mueller

If it doesn't get really hot immediately after it warms up, the virus could just be incubated and spread easier....



lim karuna

I feel most relieved listening to this interview with a  most affected Wuhan resident, I do feel  uplifted that not all is helpless  even at ground zero Wuhan. My thanks to the interviewer and interviewee.




Midzyonce Together

When someone needs help, can the world becomes one? And give a helping hand to one another?

I’m really sorry to hear this. Stay safe everyone.






Unfortunately in the world we lives in right now.. Its kinda hard to unite.. Racism on the rise, discrimination at its finest and so other bad things.. I'm not saying this too each person but this is what the majority are




Colin Tan

All residents should self quarantine for their own and every one else good.




L'ours floral

Colin Tan Japanese, Korean and Chinese people tend to listen more to rules. If it was happening anywhere else I would be super worried.

Much support to China





cathy chang

I live in Shanghai and I haven’t gone out in 2 weeks lol I’m going insane




Linda Tijsma

I was wondering how long the virus last ..how long does it take our immune system to fight it off...do the experts even know yet





I think they do. Because some report actually showed that some people already recovered. But they havent told us how they recovered or the medicine ect.

I just saw this on the news in korea dont come at me � im just 16 ( korean age )



我刚在韩国的新闻上看到这个� 我才16岁(韩国年龄)



@김채린 high likely that its the person immune system who fend off the virus.. As for now I believe we doesn't have the cure to sell publicly yet




Antonia V.

I saw an article about how the nurses in Wuhan cut their hair to make it easier for them to treat the patients. That's really touching, I hope everything eill get better soon.





That is true because having such long hair is making it troublesome to put on the protective suit every day and probably every time u do tests on patients.





LOL thats so extreme and extra... Braids or a bun are easily doable to help with long hair





Su Ri

@Parps There's nothing to "LOL" about it. I am sure if they did it..there must be a reason behind it. You aren't in their shoes..so don't judge. That's very insensitive of you.





as a girl you know braids or buns can fall out or get uncomfortable after awhile. They don’t have time to fix their hair here and there. At this point the virus has become pretty serious. A doctor died after working for 17 hours straight with no break. Cutting ones hair, is the best they can do for this situation. Especially with the paranoia the patients are going through, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to pull a female nurse/doctor’s hair.




hallelujah veggies

Parps people are SAVING LIVES, instead of commenting on how they should do their hair why not you just be logical and appreciate their effort.




Raymond Espedido

I immediately teared up after her first few words, I wish the people of Wuhan and the Chinese people that they will be all safe until this crisis is over. I am from the Philippines.





My prayers go to those in Wuhan and those who are affected by this. Thank u for sharing your point of view and for taking the time to put this interview up! Love and support from NZ�❤





Asian boss always manage to surprise me! They actually can interview the wuhan people. Thanks a LOT for the interview.


Asian boss(频道名)总是设法给我一个惊喜!他们竟然真的采访武汉人。非常感谢你的采访


Andy J

I'm a foreigner still living in China. This girl is honest. I am so tired of seeing other people exaggerating about this virus just  to get attention from social media/journalists, especially people from my country. Most of us are on lock down, but it doesn't mean we can't exit our homes. We are still able to go get food and groceries. Most of us have "lock-downed" by choice in order to protect ourselves





How do you know if they are exaggerating just because you live in a place that doesn't have much people doesn't mean that its not happening. She's definitely speaking in her perspective. But what about in general? If there was a virus and I lived far away from the "action" and in the suburbs I would say the samething.





I'm glad the people of Wuhan voluntarily isolated themselves and take protective measures in making sure they are not infected. Hang in there, guys and we hope for this to be contained soon.

I don't trust the media as they tend to over hype whatever news is out there. I am sure there were thousands infected and passed away but the way they bring the news is exaggerated and it causes panic to many people who just believe what they hear and go on panic mode. I would most likely believe the information on the people who actually live in the area or in that country like the blogger that was interviewed than any shill media outlet. This happened before when there were SARS and other deadly viruses and I hope instead of making people panic they should educate people on how to protect themselves and their family. Self-quarantine if u feel like u have it and go to a damn hospital to have yourself checked.

Avoid eating what they said is causing this virus, stay away from places that has that virus, stay away from crowded places and this may be simple but always wash your hands  when you get home and disinfect when you are in a public place.

Really, these are the usual stuff you do (at least I do) even before the outbreak so just continue on doing it and you'll be fine.











Cin Lung Chen

I admire the people of Wuhan who volunteered to stay isolated inside Wuhan. I hope you all can find a permanent solution and maybe develop immunity to the corona virus.




Nigel Prosser

The young lady, gave a honest and heartfelt interview, I'm currently living in Wuhan during these difficult times. As a foreigner I'm finding it worrying, but I have faith in the people of Wuhan. They are responding to the situation with fortitude and great strength, 武汉加油。





I like how asian boss get to the source itself. Thank you for this lady to let the world know more about situation in wuhan. Not like the entire China is collapsing and eating bats lol....... i hope after this entire wuhan resident stand up against what was the source of this virus. The unhygienic practice in the market? The environment? what? Sars is one thing, this is another, and i hope no more deadly virus outbreak from china. I'm surprised how strong and positive wuhan people are facing this. Stay strong lady and fight on!!!!!!


我喜欢 asian boss频道名字独自找到的资源。感谢这位女士让世界更多地了解武汉的情况。不像别人说的整个中国都在崩溃和都吃扁......大笑。。我希望在这之后整个武汉居民站起来对抗这种病毒的来源。比如市场上不卫生的做法?环境?其他什么的?非典是一回事,这是另一回事,我希望不再有致命的病毒从中国爆发。我很惊讶武汉人面对这一切是多么的坚强和积极。坚强的女士,继续战斗!!!!!!


Smoke Stacks

This virus is within the family of SARS. Doesn't the old one still exists. Back then there wasn't much action measures put in place. Unfortunately they didn't make the vaccine in case one like other SARS broke out but most medics research warned before that it could happen again. So here we are. Now they are making vaccine based on SARS blueprint which may take years and they are diseases prevention organisation.




Be Practical

I hope this virus comes to an end. Best wishes to Wuhan!! We support you until the very end. Stay safe and secure. Certainly, this hard time will pass. Best regards from India!!




Jess LU

my mum is in China right now, she flew to Beijing to spend new year with her family. I feel even worse for the people in Wuhan, it seems way more devastating. I sincerely hope they find a cure and stay safe ❣️ people in China really did a good job!! ��




Dawn S

My heart breaks for her at the end when she speaks of encouragement.  �


当她谈到他们需要鼓励时,我的心为她而碎。 �


sora sora sayonara

Some questions asked in this interview weren't meant for laymen locals... Should've just ask about the situation there regarding security, food supply etc.

Overall great job. Hope it'll be over soon.




Honest review^_^

What might Liziqi be doing now. I wonder.�


李子柒现在可能在做什么,我想知道。  (译注:李子柒在U管真的好火,一年多时间订阅数就升到868万了)


Forever Lost

Hope she is doing fine too �




Camren Davis

Hate to lose her




P.A.P Asmr

If she lives in jungle or Forrest she is fine, just not the small town and rual areas, because its airborne and that is where it started.




Anh-Thu Le

I like how she says “Lunar New Year” instead of “Chinese New Year”. Since so many other Asians also celebrate this and not just the Chinese. �





Hugo Alvez

I am a foreigner lived in wuhan for 7 years and it hurts me to see what my people are going through. I always keep them in my prayers. Pray for china �� pray for wuhan.��� we’ll go through this. Stay strong �. 中国加油�武汉加油�什么都会好的。


我是一个在武汉生活了7年的外国人,看到我的人民正在经历的一切让我很难过。我总是把它们放在祈祷中。为中国祈祷为武汉祈祷。我们会处理好的。保持坚强。�. 中国加油�武汉加油�什么都会好的。


Darvin jay Quiñones

We need to fight the virus not the human I feel a shame for some people that blame wuhan people because of the virus, they're also humans that need help and pray.




set dizon

Its hard to be in their situations..they don't want this to happen in the first place. I hope sooner this virus be combated! Stay healthy every one.. My prayers to Wuhan and those battling this nCov.




Alex Jonathan

last week i was having the worst dry coughing in my life i and think maybe i got the disease. but i am too afraid to go to hospital. and then i bought a thermometer. luckily i dont have fever.that makes me relieved and now i am much better haha





I am Indian, but I have Chinese friends. I think the Chinese are very resilient people and they will make it through this. I wish everyone gets well and no more loss of life occurs. Wishing the best for China and its people, and the world.




Street weapon k-car

We from malaysia... Hope all chinese at there in safety and healthy good.. God bless you all




Twisty Christie

It’s spreading quickly because of the dense population, if western countries had a similar level of discipline that people in China do, there’d barely be any outbreaks at all.





her voice is shaking throughout the video and she looks like she‘s about to cry� keep fighting! best wishes from germany!!!


整个视频中她的声音都在颤抖,她看起来像是要哭了� ,继续战斗!来自德国的祝福!!!



Sending prayers of hope, that Wuhan will soon be back to normal and that the virus wont affect anymore people ;) stay vigilant, but not anxious. I'll  be honest i was really anxious that a "deadly virus epidemic" was happening but i try to not make it stop me from living a happy life :)




Robert Wayne Vernon Jr

It is a small plague these things happen and have happened in the past,  I don't think Wuhan is a bad place it is just a plague that is happening that is it, though I have never been there.  They will need to learn how to fight the virus of course and knowing the exact source of it could help. Then she  actually looks quite different  in this video than other video references you shown in this video  she is quite pretty actually in this one. May God bless her indeed may she be well and no harm come to her, may they find a cure or treatement also for those who are effected by the virus. I bid farewell from this video.




Maisie G

I'm a foreigner living in a major city in China right now, and I've stayed inside for 12 days now. The general feeling is not fear, we are all just taking the necessary precautions of self-isolation because this country is so densely populated. It seems that the fear surrounding the virus is more harmful than the virus itself. For instance, all of the sensationalized media reports floating around the internet are really successful in generating paranoia... it seems that outside countries are generally more paranoid than China.




The Amateur Ear

I wish I could share your tweet in Twitter. A lot of people in Manila are afraid right now, despite reassurances from our epidemiologists and other health experts.










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