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本文译自Youtube,原标题:和新疆老乡一起种棉花,我遭遇了什么?What I saw in Xinjiang working as a Cotton Farmer


I am Malaysian, after calculate their annual income, its really so high, no wonder other's envy. Support Xinjiang better live.


Dustin Z. Zeng MD PHD
I'm originally from China living in US for 35 years. This is the first time I see Xinjiang real development documentry. I have a distant relatives in Xinjiang, they've been telling me everything is improved so much they're enjoying their life.


Charlie Ong
I am from Singapore I am so happy to see this video sharing the truth about Xinjiang's cotton field. Thank you for sharing this video. Shame on the western politician and those western media who lied about Xinjiang's forced labour.


Pedro Alamos
Helo dear brother I´m from Chile my name is Pedro Alamos. I want to say you are doing a wonderful program.  US want a war.
they are so bad in there economy. they are thirsty for war.
Chile love China.  I studied in China and I was very happy, I want to go back there.

你好,兄弟,我来自智利,我叫Pedro Alamos,我想说你的节目很精彩。美国想要一场战争。





The West led by USA is determined to carry on with their negative narrative about Xinjiang in order to detract China from its growth path. Thanks to your video fair-minded viewers in Asia and the rest of world can see clearly what is happening in Xinjiang. The people in Xinjiang are having an enviable good life.


Raz, I was in Xinjiang at the same time you were there but unfortunately I was prevented from visiting the cotton fields in Hotan. I went there by myself (with a friend and my wife - I mean without anyone introducing us to anyone) and found that people are rather wary of foreigners with cameras - perhaps as a consequence of what Western media have done in the past. Shoot someone and completely twist their stories. It's a shame for my project but I understand the situation. They don't know me, they don't know, nor would they be inclined to believe, my good intentions. So, this video gives me great satisfaction. At least YOU were able to do what I was intending to do and that is what matters. Thank you for this video!


John Robertson
Aibi,  Xinjiang Agricultural Drone Pilot,  is 20 years old  and comes across  to me as a very articulate, intelligent, fluently bilingual  young man who is happy with his life and optimistic about his future (despite not having a girlfriend :) ).  Basically, for his entire life,  USA and coalition forces have occupied neighboring Afghanistan in  "Operation Enduring  Freedom."   I think you would find very few  Afghani 20yr old young men or women whose lives can compare or are better than Aibi.  Great video.

新疆农业无人机飞行员Aibi今年20岁,在我的印象中,他是一个口齿清晰、聪明、双语流利的年轻人,他对自己的生活很满意,对自己的未来也很乐观(尽管没有女朋友:)。大体上,在他的成长过程中,美国和北约联军在“持久自由行动(Operation Enduring  Freedom)”中占领了中国的邻国阿富汗。我想你很少能发现有20岁的阿富汗年轻男女的生活可以与Aibi相比,或者比Aibi更好。很棒的视频。

He reminds me quite a bit of one of my friend during my senior midschool day, humble, a bit shy, and pretty low-key in his life view and goal. Sometimes I'm quite jealous at people like him (Aibi), who can live a fulfilled life without having much to expect or think about for his life���


Tuck Wai Lam
I think he went to university, probably an electrical engineer. But went back home to work as the electrical and automation engineer there. He is handsomely paid, which is why he said he won't leave for now. Earning big money and living a good life.


Chen Clark
No no no, man, although Afghani young man may have nothing, they have the freedom falling form sky by the NATO force!!!


Henry Ezra
A nation didn't need homogenic ethnicity to be good, a nation with multi cultural and multi ethnic background doesn't particularly bad. For example, my home country Indonesia has multi ethnic natives. This is our strength, not weakness. China with 55 ethnic groups are blessed with rich cultural adn genetic background. Look at the top Chinese actresses, plenty of them are Uighur Chinese.


anandu ap
There are lots of farmer committing suicide in India these western media doesnt covering those news, most of Indian news medias already ignored our farmers issue.... The best example the recent Farmers protest happend in Delhi, capital of India .... Comparing Indian farmers life to xinjaing farmers, they are living in paradise ....


Blyat Man
I live in France, medias didn't told anything about the farmer protests in India, and same happen here, a lot of farmer still commit suicide.




Ronnie Chew
We hardly get any news of the protest anywhere in the world and I believe the media in India never really report on this situation which is a historic one. How bad is it there now?


Mr. fake
@Blyat Man  when they told u about their free media, they actually means they r free to do anything like choose what to report and what not to also they r free from any punishment for doing so.
U can try call BCI and tell them to show u the evidence or even a link, if they give one, maybe u can see it for urself whether they r telling the truth or not.
now here is what I am seeing:
they found a org, and then many brands joined it and say this is authority so that these brands can beat other brands that doesn't want to join.
As u can imagine, yes the only thing u need to join this BCI org is money, so called VIP fees.
Not only these big brands joined BCI, even some Chinese brands joined BCI, for what? for their bullshit certification cuz people already think it is proven to be good if a brand has this certification
there u go , that is how they found their authority.

@Blyat Man 当他们告诉你他们是自由媒体,他们的意思实际上意味着他们可以自由地做任何事情,比如选择报道什么和不报道什么,他们不会因此受到任何惩罚。













What happened? Why do Indian farmers commit suicide?


anandu ap
@枪神墨墨  because our govt not providing any kind of favourable stand for them ....recent farmers protest happened because of our central govt make a alternative law against famers. In this law farmer dont have any right to sell their product in public, instead that law state that farmer can only sell  their product to multinational companies/ capitalist power ... In short multinational companies decide which crop do the farmers cultivate ...

@枪神墨墨 因为我们的政府没有为他们提供任何有利的立场……最近发生的农民抗议是因为我们的中央ZF制定了一项针对农民的替代法律。在这部法律中,农民无权公开出售他们的产品,相反,法律规定农民只能将他们的产品出售给跨国公司/资本家.....总之,跨国公司将决定农民种植哪种作物......

David Kueh
Thanks for sharing your visit to Xinjiang. Your story is more genuine than the lies from Western media. I have seen misinformation and fake news, so I don't trust them.


The westerners are surrounded by an invisible wall out of the real China. They consider themselves as more free ones on speeches and messages. However, they get only the messages on China which their governments want them to know, regardless of the truth.


زكية مشرفة
western standard is not universal.  why didn't they take care of their own country first . america wanted to make china become like middle east fell under american like iraq ,syria , egypt and so on because in the eye of public this country fell because their leader  but the truth is america have been dipping their hand in every country


Dzung Nguyen Viet
The annual revenue was mentioned in the video for each person between 100k to 800k RMB which is about 16k usd to 130k usd. that is huge income if its true.


this video is incredible and while i will leave a comment talking about the content - just the look on raz's face when he tried to say "we're both born after 1990" and then realizing the young man was born in 2001 LOL


Kecup Abece
Thank you Raz for giving us this wonderful experience.. I am considering becoming a cotton farmer now lol
Or at least visit xinjiang to immerse myself in their culture, cuisine & lovely people:)




Amy S
It is true. I don't know why some  westerns refuse to believe these. Chinese show them the truth, they will say Chinese people are forced by government to say these. How? Why? Forced to earn their own money to have a better life? Maybe they should against their parents too.


Jhdjneihn V
This video is much more professional than those so-called western media.
At least he really went to XinJiang and talked to a lot of real farmers there.
Not like the so-called ”professional journalist” from BBC who made up stories and used some ridiculous google map as “ evidence”. And interestingly he had even never been to XinJiang.
How easy it is to be a reporter of BBC? No field investigation or first-hand information needed, just using google map and “heard from somebody” are totally enough.  I guess anyone could be a reporter if that is how they create news.
Yes, BBC do not report news, it creates.













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