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Donald Churchill
Is this from real people in real China? If so I'm stunned. As I just retired now I got more time to spend on social media to "explore the world" virtually. I can't believe China has changed so much like this? How come this is so sharply different from what CNN and BBC told us about China?���


Monica Song
Well, China has done what they are good at... Stilling other cultures shamelessly. The half of the show are stood from Korean traditional culture. I guess Chinese are shameful of there own culture, so they just simply .. steel..SHAME ON YOU CHINA.


 @Monica Song  China copied alot of cultures from Korea, Confucius was a korean anyway. Korea is much older than China, Korea has 10000yrs history of course Korea is older than China.

@Monica Song 中国复制了许多来自韩国的文化,孔子是韩国人,韩国比中国古老得多,韩国有一万年的历史,无疑韩国比中国更古老。

We Lied, We Cheated We Stole
You don't see this in CNN and BBC because the western elites earned their money through wars. All we hear in our news are hate and fake news.


There is at least one thing that Donald Trump said is true, that is BBC and CNN are Fake News. Especially for people who only speak English or European languages, it is too easy to deceive you. I once watched a reporter from CNN interview a Shaolin monk and end up "translating" what the monk said completely wrong, saying it was a Tibetan issue, when he was clearly saying that the Shaolin kung fu performance was very successful.


Sam Ong
 @Monica Song  You're right! Chinese steals the  written characters, chopsticks, Zha Jiang Mien and all the last names from Korea, and Japanese steals Sushi from Korea too because I see a lots of Korean eating Sushi when I went to Korea. YOU ARE MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF!

@Monica Song 你说得对!中国人从韩国偷了汉字、筷子、炸酱面和所有姓氏,日本人也从韩国偷了寿司,因为我去韩国时看到很多韩国人在吃寿司。你只是在让自己出丑!

mykr t
 @Monica Song     Don’t you realize there  are Korean ethnic minorities in NE China who maintain their culture and dress?  If they were banned from retaining their culture,  there would be cries from the usual suspects about cultural suppression.      You’ve copied much of Chinese culture and cuisine for thousands of years. Fortunately for Korea, China didn’t make a hissy fit like some history- challenged Koreans.   And  “song” is also a copy of a Chinese name.

@Monica Song 难道你不知道中国东北部有保持着自己的文化和服饰的朝鲜族少数民族吗?如果他们被禁止保留自己的文化,怀疑者又会发出文化压制的抱怨。几千年来,你们复制了很多中国文化和美食。对韩国来说幸运的是,中国并没有像一些挑战历史的韩国人那样大发雷霆。“Song”也是一个中文名字的复制品。

you should understand in 2021, China's GDP just surpassed the whole EU, I think it means something, if you think China just like North Korea from decades ago image, how could it be.?


This has got to be one of my favorite videos on China. It's so fantastic to see the diversity in citizenry across China, the different ethnic groups, the costumes, the landscapes.  So wonderful to see a huge country of 1.4 billion citizens so unified in their love for their country, their govt CPC and their people. China is surely that shining country that all countries (the 88% outside the west) aspire to be. Thank you for this video.


Jeffrey Soo
Beautiful. All cities were beautiful. Personally, I like Shenzhen display best. A mix of old Guangdong tradition of lion dance and famous IT/ drones from Shenzhen.


Drew H
Wow! Stunning, excitement, entertaining and diverse! It is incredible how you have put together from such a land mass and diverse cities into a piece of entertaining art and technology! ���


LS Chuah
Thank you so much Rafa. Love your superb compilation of all the cities celebrating the 2022 Winter Olympics.
I enjoyed it very much. Thanks again.




vinood kumar
Am a hardcore lover,Admirer of CHINA.
When  CHINA amazingly organise such sports events to keep harmony between countries, my love to CHINA go beyond any limits.




Truth Matters
Hope the Indian government abandon their idolation of her western masters and join China, Russia and rest of Asia to ensure an Asian century.
India forgot how she was treated when under the thumbs of the British who stole 300 trillion dollars from her during their rule.
Wake up India you're being used like a lapdog.






tamding phuntsok
China is amazing. Thank you for showing us around this beautiful country. I wish you a very Happy and Prosperous Year of the Tiger



Patrick Smith
CCP propaganda at its best. Most of China still in poverty.


tamding phuntsok
 @Patrick Smith   You can believe whatever you want, doesn’t mean it’s true. The ACTUAL truth is that the CPC is doing all it can to eradicate poverty and succeeding remarkably! Even your western “media”, with their hidden cameras are hard pressed to find any poverty, so they harp on about ‘human rights’. Smh, why? Why not admit that China is an amazing country and is doing so many things right? Why are you acting like a bad sportsman who won’t accept defeat but instead throws tantrums.. unsportsmanlike conduct is not becoming!

@Patrick Smith 你可以相信自己想相信的,但并不意味着这是真的。事实是,中国GC党正在尽其所能消除贫困,并取得了显著的成功!即使是你们带着隐藏的摄像机的西方“媒体”,也很难在中国找到任何贫困,所以他们开始喋喋不休地谈论“人权”。为什么?为什么不承认中国是一个了不起的国家,而且做了很多正确的事情呢?你为什么要表现得像一个不接受失败却大发脾气的坏运动员.....没有体育精神的行为是不合适的!

Philip Tan
Incredible China, the winter Olympic comes in the new year of the tiger which means double celebration for 1400 million souls in the land of the Middle Kingdom. Beautiful show and great to see people are happy and peaceful. The 21st century is certainly another golden age for China.


Haley Matell
Beautiful!!! Love, love, love China’s pride in its culture and ingenuity. This is spectacular! China, Russia, etc. advanced to the 21st Century while US stayed stuck in the 20th. China builds economies, not weapons and moving on w/o The US.


Wilhelm Reinhardt
These wonderful scenes across China has been cut from the broadcast by many many many western media.


Among all the great changes in China, one thing made me most touched and impressed is that China has no homeless and no beggars anymore starting some years ago.  The government precisely focused on those people who truly needed help and made sure everyone have enough for the basic living. Thinking about the vast homeless people everywhere in the USA, it’s a shame contrast comparing to China.


Shanice Stella
Before Pandemic , I'm so Fortunate Enough Able to take Photo so Close to the Bird Nest Stadium in Beijing 14 years ago , When i gazing to that old photo , i'm so shocked that moment of Winter Olympics is happened for real in my 20's !


Shanice Stella
Nanjing ever hosted the Youth Olympics at 2014 ,
Youth Olympics basically an Olympics that targeted for kids and teens , like a talent search show to finding the next potential young sportspersons




Only serpentza and laowhy could not enjoy china so much


Well. They are just tools to say bad things about China! They got paid


They sold their souls for a few pennies. That's fine. They're not important, just puppets lol



Teo Chiang Tee
They are CIA shills sent to China undercover as teachers and when they got exposed, they left China and continued their agenda of painting China bad.


Why they didn't show us that on the tv?


John Smith
They need to describe China like Hell to make their people think they are living in Heaven.


Sairen Sui
What are those robotic dogs in Hangzhou section? Are they real or 3D effect?


South Island
They are real, the formation are the Chinese characters“冬奥会”,meaning Winter Olympics





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