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Edward Yang
As someone who grew up in Taiwan and live in America I’ll say this: I don’t care if you’re a Communist or a Nationalist, a Republican or a Democrat, if this is what you do, then you have my support.



Jun Kun
Thousands of Chinese youths including my friends are working like them, they are the real heros of our country,salute to them!



Xin Liu
This really touched me. I grew up in a stark poor mountain area in Sichuan. My parents sent me to the local county primary school, a boarding school. I was very naughty and refused to study, just like the eldest son. Then the Wenchuan earthquake devastated my hometown. PLA saved my family from debris. The government rebuilt our small town and all kids were admitted to schools without tuition. 12 years after the earthquake, I become a Ph.D. candidate studying seismology. I am the first university student from my village. Each time I look back my life, I know I benefit a lot from the high-speed development of China, and I can proudly say I love my country.



Ken kenny
At least the Chinese government is doing something to eliminate poverty in China. Here in the US our government is creating poverty ...I have never seeing so many homeless people in our cities!



peace finder
This is why the CCP and president Xi loves by their peoples, if they didn't work hard there will be no prosperity in China today, the Chinese government doing what ever they can to bring their peoples out of poverty while the west keep pushing they corrupt democracy BS and blame China for everything, rather then bringing wars everywhere why the western countries can't just work together with the worlds move forward and bring prosperity for all human kinds.



Pooi-hoong chan
China is not afraid to admit and show its poverty unlike some other countries.  Face up the problem and solve it.



The poverty problem is complicated around the world. In China, poverty caused by remote barren land, harsh geographical environment, and the isolation of minorities with the outside world. So most of the minorities lived in that surroundings and most of the poverty happened among minorities in China.
China sends tremendous officials from rich areas to the remote poverty-stricken areas to help millions of people out of poverty each year. There has been no country in the world that can match this scale throughout history.




This is a really good documentary to show the reality of poverty.  Also, for China to take on this challenge head on.  "Socialism" is a dirty word in US, It didn't have to be that way.



president xi was in the same spot as those heroes when he was young. some of those current heroes will move on to take on bigger and bigger tasks, all in the name of serving the peoples. this is meritocracy system of china, in contrast to popularity contest democracy system of the west.



Salute to the proverty alleviation heroes ! This is the real war that every country should fight.



Patricia Wong
In 2004, I did 1 year in China on poverty alleviation work in Guizhou province as a volunteer.
Like you, we visited many villages and had to walk through mud up to my ankle deep to get to the villages.
Through that group, we built 20 plus primary schools, fixed houses and put orphans through school.
Then in 2012, I visited the province again. And I was so amazed at what China government has done.
They built roads to the villages to help them bring out their produce to sell. They built houses for the poor.
No nation I have known could do so much for the poor.
God bless China. And God bless them with good responsible caring leaders.









I’m an Australian who would love to help those people but I’m too old now, its great to see how the Chinese government is taking care of its people  in direct contrast to the American government who terrorize their people with brutal police bashings, shootings and harassment on a daily basis.



Walou e
China is showing how socialism works. We don’t have to be afraid of the system, in fact if the west is really democratic as claimed then they should allow more than just one system on this planet. Not just my way or highway hypocrisy.  Keep it up China!





Simon Lai
This brings back my memories, I talking about 40yrs ago when I was in China, our village was similar and was very poor then, but today all changed for the better. I’m very very pleased to see the government helping the poor, I’m very proud of the ccp government what they do for the people and not for their own pockets/interest.



AI Epochal
The poverty alleviation commissioners are young, passionate, and extremely serious about their work. They take it so seriously that they treat the poor people as their own family members. China is a great nation because majority of us are kind hearted and CCP is a great party that has insight and treats the welfare of every citizen as one of its prioritized goals.
I love my country, and the party that is leading the country, CCP. President Xi is doing a great job.




Moss spyder
Yes these people working as Poverty Alleviation Commissioners are Real Heroes. China is looking after its people. A society is judged on how its cares for its most vulnerable. Chinese culture is focused on being practical, feeding and education its people for a better future. Where as in the West, the focus is Heroes are imaginary in forms of activities of perusing fame.  Such sacrifice and the patience to help out local tribe that speaks another language is pure dedication. These Commissioners deserve the countries full respect.



Silke Hagemeyer
Lead by example. I bow down in awe to China's poverty alleviation system and commissioners. This has so much potential for positive change around the world if we are able to learn from each other. I see mutual respect and a true perspective for a brighter future and the evolvement of mankind. Thank you - we are all in this together. Love, peace and justice.



John Tam
The Chinese government understand that there is no one formula fits all approach. A team of experts go into the poor village study, survey, interview villagers skills and qualification. The team will propose how best to utilise the land resource and human capital. It all come down to “show them the way” plus government subsidise resources where required such as building new pavement roads, houses, school with teachers and health care facility. If the land is dead beyond assistant, than the government will advice to move to better locations with better supported infeastructure.



Brian Liew
Not everyone was born with a silver spoon in the mouth , most Chinese were born poor but we’ve got great spirit and determination to strive for what we want thru’ years of hardwork . Never say die for you lived only once . Long live China !



Endelig Gnist
This truly is eye-opening. I used to think that people would naturally rid themselves of poverty once the economy improves; I didn’t realise how much work goes into ensuring that progress reaches ever corner of the nation.


Summer Perennial
A mixed emotion of this story but glad China’s determines to eradicate poverty by the end if this year�Just hope these villagers will be get to provide a rain boots for everyone of them�A rain boots worn walking on wet & muddy ground, and to protect the wearer from heavy rains & puddles�Can’t wait for the 2nd part of their lives, when these villagers got to move out for better homes�



Good View
Let’s not forget that China is a big country. You don’t expect them to solve their poverty all of China so soon. Look at what they have accomplished.  
Look at how westerners especially their medias have done their best to demonized China.




Daniel Scheinhaus
The social problems they must work to overcome strongly interest me because of my own background. Children whose parents don’t see the value of school except as a place their kids can get food pass on this notion of education being unimportant. Poor attitudes toward education are difficult to overcome for adults, but the children are more pliable. They can learn the true value of education as I had to do as a boy. My father had been an orphan with a younger brother. Both had been taken away into their country’s army as boys. He too didn’t truly understand how to be a father, although I knew he loved me very much.









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