CGTN:中国最后一个不通公路的村子连上公路网 为修路动用米格26运送工程器械

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CGTN:中国最后一个不通公路的村子连上公路网 为修路动用米格26运送工程器械


本文译自Youtube,原标题:China's last village to get road access to the outside world




Thupten Choetso
This is also happening in my Tibet, I'm in the US for my studies fully sponsored by the Chinese government and I will go back to my homeland Tibet and my country China very soon


wow...what an ambassador. You are proud of being Tibetan and also Chinese. China needs more people like you.


George Martinus
See, the only one who want a Tibet indepent is just the separatist movements and the old rich community who used to make poor Tibetan to become their slaves. We all should wake up and do research because the wstern prpaganda dominates the world media since long ago.
Try to search "Tibetan serdom" in Google and see for yourself the dark history of Tibet.


Peter Parker
Don't speak too loudly. The Indians don't like that. The Indians say Tibet belongs to India even though Tibet is heaven and India is hell.


Nicholas Zhu
Chinese proberb said “If you want to be rich, you have to build roads.


Harvey Liuistrong
New proverb said " if you want to be rich, you have to show your poverty on the internet.


Nicholas Zhu
This is how you do poverty alleviation. Go China.
The west will say CPC build this road to control the village.


Sam Yeung
China really uplifting his people..Sadly, westerners always have a jaundiced eye and all the time make propaganda on trivial issues of China.


Western country wants other countries to stay poor, so they can rise above other countries. they hire Media to make films and biais history about poverty in the rest of the planet to show on google


Aha Amelie
This is why Chinese government always talks about improving production forces and acquiring advanced production forces. When forces of production improves, it will change people's mind and empowering them to seek prosperity.


Tai Duong
even this remote village has internet.  Still some places in the USA, still offer no internet.


li yongwen
It doesn't matter. American has freedom.


Maria Jorge
I think historically there must have been an advantage to being that isolated, say if a big civil war / world war is going on.  Maybe you could stay out of it? This was quite a story!  The helicopter was so dramatic, and then... there's houses with solar water-heaters, a bus stop (!) and a clean modern life, but still out there on a mountain side with scenery and fresh air.  Doesn't look so bad! I'm telling you, MILLIONS of people in the USA live worse lives than this! Farm stay and tea make sense, I'd want to go there if I could.  Next:  Their own bus and ambulance!


Ashraf Yousafzai
wish trump should comcentrate on providing such public fascilities work instead palannig to construct walls wasting unnecessarily time energy and money?


Hao Wu
@Papyrus Okagbue The same level of neglect happens to aboriginees in Australia. Our former PM declined the proposal to build better infrastructure for aboriginal reserves because 'it was their choice to live in isolation'.

@Papyrus Okagbue 同样程度的忽视也发生在澳大利亚的土著人身上,我们的前任总理拒绝了为原住民保护区建设更好的基础设施的提议,因为“他们选择了与世隔绝的生活”。

Terence Kwong
Same thing in Canada, we would never go with a project like this just for a few villagers. Parts of our indigenous population still don't have access to clean water, they use bottled water for drinking and bathing.


US is driven by capitalist and cooperation, they do not believe in small market or local farmers. They will crush them through bills and law. That was the most disappointing thing i find, after coming to the US. They try to control the narratives and tell you what to eat and how to think through commercials.


Talk the Talk !
Leonard Pearlman
:That's exactly how all of those isolated villages formed: lots of wars and fighting between diff groups during history. Some groups ran away to escape the disasters and chose living at very difficult-to-reach places. It's also how variety of dialects formed in China, although they share the same writing but speak quite differently.


@Hao Wu Poverty is used as a weapon to destroy cultures and inflict genocide. All the varied and vibrant cultures of different ethnic groups were advanced greatly during eras of peace and prosperity. And part of the reason that governments are able to inflict such abuses without any sort of outrage is that media and entertainment industries have brainwashed so many people that "authentic" indigenous culture is equated with people living in mud and sticks and barely scraping by on food. They can't even comprehend that lifting them out of poverty would actually help preserve their cultures and their people.

@Hao Wu 贫穷被用作毁灭文化和种族灭绝的武器。在和平与繁荣的时代,各民族各种各样、充满活力的文化都得到了极大的发展。政府能够在没有任何愤怒的情况下实施这种虐待的部分原因是,媒体和娱乐业洗脑了太多人,以至于认为“正宗”的土著文化等同于生活在泥地里、靠食物勉强度日的人。他们甚至不能理解,让他们摆脱贫困实际上有助于保护他们的文化和人民。

sam watt
@Papyrus Okagbue I think you hit it on the nail's head.  The materialistic provision may be there in the Navajo Nation but what is lacking is the care from the Federal Government which in China's case is the Central Government.  In China both the Central Government and the Provincial Government see it their duty to look after those in disadvantage position and their reputation will be judged by their deeds.  The solution provided has to be permanent, long lasting and summarily sustainable for generation. Throwing money at them is a lot easier but helping them to modernise/move with time is a permanent commitment.

@Papyrus Okagbue 我想你说到点子上了。在纳瓦霍族(Navajo Nation),表面上的规定可能存在,但缺乏的是联邦ZF的关心,而在中国,联邦ZF就是中央ZF,中央ZF和省级ZF都认为照顾处于不利地位的人是他们的责任,他们的声誉将以他们的行为来衡量。所提供的解决方案必须是永久性的、持久的和可持续的。给穷人钱容易得多,但帮助他们实现现代化/与时俱进是一项长期的承诺。

joel dong
Roads, the internet, etc will bring hope for the future and prosperity for rural folks. Eventually, the Chinese people all over China feel nearer and more united for the motherland


Leonard Pearlman
This is a hundred years worth of development in one jump!  It's a big investment for a few dozen people, our beloved MARKET FORCES don't work this way!  Some people in the US live on dirt roads and that's that!  The construction of that road is surely worth more in "dollars" than everything in the village.  Building modern houses with electricity and hot water and internet for everyone?  Is a DEVELOPER going to do that?  Those people don't have any money, to speak of!  I talked to an old lady from Poland about this kind of thing, she said she had basically grown up in the "middle ages", and then came the War which she somehow survived, and presently there are airplanes and electricity and general education....  She liked science-fiction literature, and was VERY strong on education.  So I have a vague idea of what the old folks there are experiencing. I HOPE they like it!




лукман белло
This is just the government for people. Can you imagine that any government can dedicate to build road , electric power grid and 4G mobile network for these remote mountain villages  all over the country without any cost consideration? But this happened in China.That's why even though Chinese government is not flawless, but she still got the respect and support of most of her people.


E Walker
Only socialist will willing to do this. Capitalist will count the money to the teeth and nail before doing only small part of it.


Chaos Chia
Great China , from France. Really lucky people , WE need to learn from China. Even in Europe ,a lot of small village do not have a nice house and bus . Bravo China .your président Love you. No War is good life !


Great to see that even the smallest infrastructure projects like connecting this village with the road network are paying off. Keep it up China!


You call this "the smallest infrastructure projects"? Are you an Engineer? It's a daunting task to bore tunnel through the mountain at such an elevation & build a long winding road up the mountain in such a terrain. I bet the cost of the whole project including building the roads, demolition of old houses, building & moving to new houses, school & other amenities is an astronomical figure. Seem overkill for 253 people (just googled the population of Abuluoha Village). Maybe it's more economical to relocate the village to another more accessible location. But what do I know, if China can afford projects like this to benefit the villages in the rural areas, why not?


dragon Lover
Roads don't come cheap, especially the ones like this. It takes lots of money and manpower to build. In all capitalist controlled nations, nobody in their right mind would spend this kind of money on something this expensive with no economic value return but the good of a small village with a few hundreds of people.


Mad Wolf
Western media: China has destroyed the environment!  China has changed the original culture of local residents!  China………



Ashraf Yousafzai
Amazing accomplishment! 1.4b population, vast and diverse terrain, countless villages, this is truly a remarkable feat! China really take care of it's poor!


What China did is amazing. It has proven that lives of the people will be improved with connectivity. It has set a model for the world that people lives matter.


limbu dilip
love from Nepal. well done China.
China please help my country Nepal too.
we love you China.
from your neighbor, Nepal.


Lars Skjelbred
Beautiful nature and good job in improving the conditions for people living there�


Jason Ko
This Topic while exciting for me as I love to see anyone progressing (the Young Spokesperson has an ear ring in his left ear. Talk about Hipster!) But the story is dull for those who are seeking something Nasty about China to say.  Pompeo would say "your CCP Road deprived the Village people their human right to stay naturally poor." LoL �


George Martinus
The only thing to develop a civilized nation is EDUCATION, but it won't be achieved if we still don't have good infrastructure (access).
We talk about efficiency and social justice for the entire people.


James Zhang
Meanwhile China helped Africa to build road and improve infrastructure but some countries said it's a "debt trap", trap for what? A road you can never ship back to China?


angan shokwungnao
Many people from Northeast were beaten up in India because they look the same as other Mongoloid and calling them corona virus..... Etc etc etc.  On top of that Indian government put Arunachalis in charge of spying to Northeast freedom fighters. Arunanchal Pradesh is a traitor to the  Northeast because of them Indian��� already took so many advantages towards Northeast it's a curse for whole Northeast as a neighbour with Arunachal Pradesh

许多来自东北部的人在印度遭到殴打,因为他们长得和其他蒙古人一样,印度人称他们为冠状病毒.....等等等等。除此之外,印度政府让阿鲁纳恰尔人(Arunachalis,即中国藏南)负责监视东北部的自由战士。阿鲁纳恰尔邦是东北部的叛徒,因为他们印度人��� 已经在东北部占据了这么多优势,这对整个东北部来说是个诅咒,因为它和阿鲁纳恰尔邦是邻居。

User Name
Theorically in the new era of teleworking people could work for a large multinational while living in a peaceful isolated village like this one since internet now reaches even remote places in the mountains.






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