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CGTN:(视频)中国扶贫纪实 消除贫困的最后一公里
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Hadi Lee
Western media can't accept the fact.  It hurts their ego that they are not even  as half as good as the Chinese in eradicating poverty.


Leonard Pearlman
What?  Half as good?   What are you talking about?  We're not even TRYING!  Poverty is increasing visibly in the USA.


Elias Rosa
They never really tried to eradicate poverty, for instance most of Sub Saharan Africa dont have sovereignty over their economy or even a military force to protect their people. They are still colonies of France since it prints their money, allocate their goods as they see fit and keep their troops in place in case any nation wants to have the so called Freedom.


Ali Khan
Education is a must for any country who wants its citizens to get out of poverty in one generation. A good quality education can do wonders for the people living in poverty.  Hence free education is a must for all underdeveloped or devolving countries in Africa and Asia.


Dee JayPJ
China really care about the poor..


Because we are a socialist country. People say China is now more capitalist than the West, that might be true to some extent, but deep down the country didn't forget the ideas it was founded upon.


TS Choong
The last mile this year does not stop here.  There should be subsequent follow-up each year to see that people do not fall back into poverty. These can be different people in different locations. It is a dynamic process. Therefore continuous monitoring of the situation will be necessary. It is indeed a gigantic effort on the part of the government to take poverty by the horns.
The government has done a great job. The social characteristic of the countless efforts is the road to forever prosperity and happiness of the people.


China is doing a great job in alleviating poverty. Modern houses with Chinese traditional features are built, villagers can find job opportunities through the government’s help. Furthermore, lots of infrastructure is also built in the poverty stricken areas to promote tourism and boost economy in the areas. China is doing a great job in poverty eradication, which the world should recognise this great achievement. Jiayou China ��


K C Koay
China is driven by a clear vision — 中国梦 or the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation — a national ethos and ideals subscribe by every Chinese citizens.
In its core, this national ethos of  rejuvenation originates from its sociopolitical structure, to the way the nation is being governed, and the plans being executed — the profound effect on every aspect of life, and the progress achieved is simply, miraculous.
The ingrained psyche that underpins this phenomenon may be succinctly put as 革命改革开放. Or the origination of revolutionary ideas; and continuous reform and liberalization — with Chinese characteristics embodied in its 4,000 years of cultural heritage.
With the world most advanced infrastructure taking shape, industry upgrade, an emphasis on the supply-side structural reforms that provides new impetus and symbiosis for the sustainable development of urban and rural urbanization with Chinese characteristics, the Chinese economy is getting more and more robust and sophisticated.
China should be able to achieve its goal of comprehensive poverty eradication sooner rather than later.












Gary L
China is blessed to have a dedicated and disciplined leadership that delivers the goods without wasting time making false promises at election time with pretension of freedom and human rights .


Elias Rosa
I hope so. I really want to see those 1,4 billion flourish into a beautiful society that will shape the future of humankind. GO CHINA


Hammad Sethi
Well done... Now do it for the rest of the world... Very well done... Keep it up...


Gary L
The rest of the world must do something for themselves also. It takes two hands to clap.


China us helping the world with the Belt n Road initiative. But the west calls it a debt trap. How laughable. You don't call your home loan a debt-trap so why would you call the BRI so? Infrastructures of a country would help that country to prosperity. If you cannot see the logic then there isn't much anyone can do to help.


Elias Rosa
Latin America would welcome China and its vision but all of our media is owned by the United States and they only sponsor lies, since the rich of those countries are all white colonisers that came from Europe centuries ago. My only hope is Asia, they are the ones that need to stay close to China and develop, the rest of the world will continue to suffer because of the racism of the West towards native people.


China: We are not joking when we are building concrete homes for poor people for free, and having them connected to electric, heat and internet.
West: Chins force people to leave there hometown and sent them to camps.




Eric Lim
Eradicating poverty should be No1 priority in any national planning. Alleviating poverty should take precedence over so-called democracy, freedom of speech,etc. It is in fact No 1 human right. What is the use of ,say, democracy if you have nothing to eat. Have you ever experienced being poor?


Elias Rosa
I want to see how those 1,4 Billion will flourish into a beautiful society, a society that will shape the future of humankind, thats the weight under the shoulder of the Chinese people and I hope they succeed otherwise we will never go beyond those racists regimes of Westerners nations that cańt see beyond.


Samy Bouzaglo
Every thing everything stolen from other countries.. Even her outfit also from western world.. Shame


Narrow mind stupid idiot no sense of humour he dnt have any clue eh the is talking about!! The light , the computer the mobile which you are using ,modern accessories the was not made by your own papa and mama you also have to copy or buy tht doesn’t mean stolen!! So wht your country invented any old or new thing can you be at least one?? China had invented lot of thing tht you dnt know try to gain some knowledge dnt spoil your knowledge by western propoganda!! Shame on u!! I am not even Chinese but wht they are doing is some extraordinary which no one cant do!! Can you imagine how many beggar how many slum how many jobless people are there in your country!!


Gerr Gerring
Imagine being this ignorant? Some racist sad case who thinks his Western nation never stole anything lol. Our Western culture is "stolen", or originates, from all over the world, via colonialism. This poor guy probably thinks Tea is English. Never heard of colonialism or imperialism apparently.  Hey Samy, why did you steal your numbers from the Indians, your musical notation from the Italians or your alphabet from Rome or the Saxons?






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