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本文译自Youtube,原标题:China's Staggering Cargo 中国惊人的货运 添加了中文字幕 Made In China


Randy Dergantz
There is no arguing that China is a powerhouse economy in today’s world.  China has tasked itself with every engineering, technical, conservational, ecological, etc. platform, and come up totally successful with each and everyone.  In this video weve seen the docks with thousands of containers, along with the train rails system with thousands of rail cars.  Transporting product from the manufacturer, through the maze of rail cars, containers, and ships, and getting it delivered to the end customer is a feat here upon itself!  If there is an award out there for video production and presentation, Reporterfy Media & Travel definitely deserve the Blue Ribbon!  When I think Ive seen it all, enjoyed it all, learned from it all, you come back again with another amazing production!  Alex/Julija - Youve got this!  Youre the best!


Tim K
In 2012 I worked on a construction extension of a wharf in the Port of Los Angeles.  This was to serve China Shipping lines with multiple berths at a time instead of one.  Even at that time the ships would come in from China full and we would send them back trash and recycled goods.


Inyour Phace
Right now there's a big shortage of containers in the Chinese ports because most of the containers have been shipped to other countries with goods.  They are not going back to China fast enough because there's not much to ship back.  The shipping of crude oil,  NLG, ores, corns, soy beans, coal does not use containers but rather specialized ships.


NPR (2019): "...In 2017, the (Chinese) government started to cut way back on plastic trash imports. Then the big bombshell: In January 2018, it banned almost all imports. Last year, China took in less than 1 percent of its 2016 total...." China don't want any foreign garbage.  All the recycling bins in the developed countries become big headache, no market for the garbage and landfill sites are full.


Inyour Phace
The uncomfortable truth for America is that there's not much it can sell to China, because much of what it has in competitive advantage, it bans the export to China.  Semi-conducts are one of the biggest export category to China but Trump further limited the export of microchips as part of the trade war.  Guess what, China has started its HUGE effort to boost its semi-conduct industry as a result.  If the aerospace industry, high speed rail, super highway, super computers, 5G, drones are any indication, Semi-conduct will be dominated by China in a few years, thanks to the trade war.


Free doctor
Alex, China's hydropower, wind power, and solar power generation are the world's first in terms of manufacturing and construction. The area of tree planting and greening in the desert is also the world's largest (a complete desert in the country has been eliminated for decades), and the goal of desert greening projects is still advancing and continuing. China is an important signatory of the "Paris Climate Agreement" (but Trump withdrew from the agreement and did not pay attention to environmental protection because it costs a lot of money). In the past few years, China has invested in improving environmental protection in the world The country with the most investment and expenditure. In the future, China will make the greatest contribution to the improvement of the world's environment.
China's technology in the research and manufacturing of renewable energy is also ahead of the world, and this is also worth shooting.
Each of the above fields can produce separate video works. Keep going, cheer and applaud your wonderful work!


Donnie Wood
When I lived in Nova Scotia I would often visit the ship port in Halifax NS. That is the main port for Cargo Ships destination for eastern Canada and I would see the Mega Ships from Asia arrive into port with cargo .I am not supprised the China Export s so much products to western world .Thanks Alex great presentation as always .

当我住在新斯科舍省(Nova Scotia)时,我经常去哈林斯的港口。那是加拿大东部货船的主要目的港,我会看到亚洲的巨型货船带着货物进港。所以我不奇怪中国向西方世界出口了这么多产品。谢谢Alex一如既往的精彩介绍。

Michele Ponte
It’s just incredible how many goods are produced and sent out!


It is more incredible why so much goods was not produced by the world before and this is not a daily sight around the world. Don't forget there are 7 billion people on earth. The world instead was busy producing fake money.


yooper mann
some how i thought that CHINA would have over taken the west by now? i think 2021 will be CHINAs year to rise to the top!  COOL VIDEO, ALEX!!!



D Tango
From village country, to Mega metropolitan and global power in matter of 40 years, is not heard of even throughout history of men.  We are all living in era of China and most of us are oblivious to that fact.


America is the largest economy only on paper. China had overtaken America in reality.



As I work for importers it’s Interesting to see the ports in action and I wasnt aware of them using the rail method. Normally costs 2000 to 2500 dollars a container currently around 8k a container.


Sunny Fung
We are living in a cocoon world and have no ideas about what is happening in China. Isn't it sad that our current Canadian Administration is totally missing this dynamic economy because their ideology is largely controlled by the military-industrial complex and anti-China? We are sitting on a high horse and wagging our fingers at China and in the meantime, the American is eating our lunch.



Bernard Tan
The problem with the US and the West is not being aware that the Chinese are very resilience, determine,  enduring and having that will, drive and perseverance in overcoming and accomplishing their goals, especially when there is pressure like export ban, sanctions and shutting off from any scientific and technological development, innovation and progress.   Banning the export of chips may hurt China growth and development in the short term, but countries banning such exports will eventually lost the market for good.


Steven X
Actually US companies sell a lot of products to China too. Unfortunately those US companies' production bases are not in US. For example, China imports more than US$200 billion IC chips, many of them are  US companies' products.  But for QUALCOMM, Apple, AMD, ...... all are outsourcing their production to outside. Intel is now following the steps.


Jarley Koo
World trade is structured like the human body and transportation (sea, land and air) is it's circulation. China is constructing this circulation internally and worldwide like the Belt and Road Initiative. The US has chosen the financial capital path for profits and dominance, like steroids. Steroids can build up the body fast, big and fat, but it will eventually kill the body.


Joe Chan
USA is the world largest economy in GDP number only, it is a virtual economy not real economy. GDP number depends on exchange rate manipulation. If one turns down the USA dollar exchange rate, the USA GDP can evaporate in a blink an eye, but it cannot happen to a real economy based on stuff produced.


Meng shuai
The US government has always attacked China as the most polluted country in the world. Such attacks are malicious and biased. I want to remind people. As a world factory, China has produced goods that can be consumed by people all over the world. Even if the industrial chain is transferred to other countries, the pollution will not be reduced, because the consumption desire of people in the world has not declined. No country is willing to reduce pollution emissions by reducing the living standards of its people. We can reduce pollution through technological progress. Not malicious attacks on social media.






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