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本文译自Youtube,原标题:Revealing truth on border clashes with India helps understand events



muha saQ
The video clearly shows Indian soldiers came prepared for fighting, but the Chinese were simply stopping them from entering Chinese territories


Don't remember. It's only one sides video


Man Aplanent
@Reaper But Indians can’t even get a video

@Reaper 但印度人连视频都拿不到。

@Man Aplanent you can see lot of videos here from Indian side too. But it's hard to believe only five soldiers died in a huge clash. So hard to digest

@Man Aplanent 你也可以在印度那边看到很多视频,但很难相信只有5名士兵在一场巨大的冲突中丧生,这很难理解。

Abir Lala
@Man Aplanent India doesn't need to do any propaganda. It was the first to claim the lives lost of its soldiers & gave the due honour to them at that time itself. What China is doing now will evn not bring any respect for its fallen soldiers, that's what it's worth.

@Man Aplanent 印度人不需要做任何宣传。它是第一个宣布其士兵丧生的国家,并在当时给予了他们应有的荣誉。中国现在所做的不会给它的阵亡士兵带来任何尊重,这才是它的价值所在。

Man Aplanent
@Abir Lala The official Chinese explanation is that after the incident, the gap in casualties between the two sides was too large. The direct disclosure of the truth will provoke greater Indian populism. Later, because Indians have been speculating about 200 Chinese casualties. China can't bear it. I would like to believe what the Chinese official said. As for you saying that you can’t believe that only four died, Ill tell you that Indians also died 20. It was only because of the Indians’ joking logistics that the number became 40. The ratio of casualties between China and Japan in the War of Resistance against Japan is even more exaggerated. 10:1, why no one doubts?

@Abir Lala 中国官方的解释是,事发后,双方人员伤亡差距过大。真相的直接披露将激起印度更大的民粹主义。后来,因为印度人一直猜测大约有200名中国人伤亡,中国无法忍受。我愿意相信中国官方所说的话。至于你说你无法相信中国方面只有4个人牺牲,我会告诉你印度人也只死了20个人,只是因为印度人可笑的后勤,这个数字才变成了40。中日在抗日战争中的伤亡比例更夸张,达到了10:1,为什么没人怀疑这个呢?

Star Shine
@Man Aplanent So i guess the camera man was busy recording when the Indian army was knocking down some outnumbered PLAs buddies of his?  how brave and noble of him and the video is 8 months late. Ne-hu drafting scripts, shooting, editing plus pre runs for bosses approval and final release for public viewing takes time i suppose.  Disco Lighting effect in 2.05 was a nice touch though. ✌

@Man Aplanent 我猜那个摄像师当时正忙着录下印度军队击倒他的几个寡不敌众的战友?他是多么勇敢和高尚啊,而且这个视频晚了8个月。我想起草剧本、拍摄、编辑,加上老板批准的预演和最后发布供公众观看,都需要时间。

Man Aplanent
@Star Shine Do you really think that you can obtain territories from other countries through temporary illegal occupation? This is the same for any country. This incident happened to be the time when Trump put pressure on China across the board. India is participating in the conflict with China at this time. The result was the removal of China’s 100+ apps and the prohibition of many Chinese companies’ activities in India, eliminating the cultural and economic influence of Chinas operations in India. this is all.

@Star Shine 你真的认为你可以通过临时非法占领从其他国家获得领土吗?这对任何国家都是一样的。这一事件恰好发生在特朗普全面向中国施压的时候,印度此时正参与与中国的冲突。结果是中国的100多个应用程序被印度封杀,许多中国公司在印度的活动被禁止,消除了中国在印度的文化和经济影响。

Man Aplanent
@Star Shine The number at that time was like this: India first sent 100 people to cross the line, and China sent 5 people to try to negotiate, but they were surrounded and threatened by force (as in the video). The Chinese immediately supported 200 people. Then India supported 100 people, and then 100 people came from China. In the end, 300 Chinese beat 200 Indians.

@Star Shine 当时的数字是这样的:印度首先派出100人越界,中国派出5人试图谈判,但他们被武力包围和威胁(见视频)。中国人立即增援了200人,然后印度增援了100人,然后中国又增援了100人。最终,300名中国士兵击败了200名印度士兵。

Man Aplanent
@Star Shine I think shooting is definitely the best idea when there is a dispute. The river valley in the video is within China. Without this video, the Indians could say that we invaded them

@Star Shine 我认为当有争议的时候,拍摄视频绝对是最好的主意。视频中的河谷在中国境内。如果没有这个视频,印度人会说我们入侵了他们。

Star Shine
@Man Aplanent  I don't want to waste my time arguing about the various narratives of the events or the video china released over it. India will have their own narrative of the event China will have theirs... others will belive watever they want to belive. Same case with the video China will say the video is authentic and various scenes and time line of the scenes have not been manipulated to fit its narrative India will say its not true...others will say something else. Since there is no1 to verify anything its open to personal interpretations and opinions of the viewers. So let me keep my opinion and you keep yours. All that matters is peace have been established thats all.

@Man Aplanent 我不想浪费我的时间争论关于这些事件的各种叙述或者中国发布的视频。印度有自己的版本,中国也有自己的版本...别人愿意相信什么就相信什么。同样的情况下,中国会说,视频是真实的,各种场景和时间线没有被操纵。印度会说,它不是真的…其他人会说别的。因为没有一个可以验证的东西,所以它对观众的个人解释和意见是开放的。所以让我保留我的观点,你保留你的。重要的是和平已经建立,仅此而已。

amin ww
The West is now quiet......anybody home ??lol


Biswsjit Bordoloi
Truth is Indian defeated Chinese 45 - 20  according to Russian media... https://tass.com/world/1254813/amp


Do not expect anything from them. they will twist the fact for own purpose.


@Biswsjit Bordoloi lol, same recycled source from ANI. Only one line in TASS and "USnews" so that you can say "hey look, they're saying it too". But that's it. No one else is saying it except India on wikipedia

@Biswsjit Bordoloi 同样都是来自ANI(印度主流媒体亚洲通讯社)的垃圾消息,这在塔斯社和“US news”的新闻中只有短短的一行,这样你就可以说“嘿,看,他们也这么说了”。但在维基百科上除了印度没有其他人这么说,事情就是这样。

@Biswsjit Bordoloi according to Indian media itself, China released 10 senior Indian officers days after the clash. Now do you think if 45 Chinese soldiers killed, they will release Indian officers that easily? And they were the commanding officers who were captured, which says a lot  about how well the brigade fared.

@Biswsjit Bordoloi 据印度媒体报道,中国在冲突发生后几天释放了10名印度高级军官。现在你认为如果有45名中国士兵被杀,他们会那么容易释放印度军官吗?他们是被抓获的指挥官,这充分说明了这个旅的表现。

China take only 1 year to release this video and acknowledge this insident ��


Durian Express
I like their patriotism, discipline and brotherhood but be sure you are guarding your territory/boundary not of others


Don Le
Now we know that the confrontation occurred on the Chinese side of the border.



Uncle Sam
This incident took place in Galwan Valley when PLA tried to occupy it through force and killed 20 Indian soldiers, now please search that to whom does Galwan valley belongs ( it belongs to India from the British era time and even it is named after an Indian man Gallowan)


Don Le
@Uncle Sam 1:50
Look closely at the clip 1:50. The inscription on the background rock clearly say "中国" which means "China". The Indians are on the Chinese side of the border.

@Uncle Sam 仔细看剪辑1:50,背景岩石上的铭文清楚地写着“中国”,意思是“中国”。印度人在边界的中国一侧。


In 1962, the Indian Minister of Defense said: "We will fight the last man and gun with China". but, the Chinese army wiped out 3 Indian brigades (7th, 62nd, and 4th artillery brigades), and basically wiped out 3 Indian brigades (No. 112th Brigade, 48th Brigade, 65th Brigade), annihilated one of the Indian 5th Brigade, 67th Brigade, 114th Brigade, and 129th Brigade each, and killed and injured Indian Army 62nd Brigade Hoshir Singh There were 4,885 people under brigadier generals, and 3,968 under Brigadier General Ji Pu Dalvi, the 7th Brigade Captain of the Indian Army (including 26 colonels and 29 lieutenants).
The pleading telegrams Nehru sent to Kennedy in November 1962:
『Dear Mr. PresidentWithin a few hours of despatching my earlier message of today, the situation in the North East Frontier Agency Command has deteriorated still further. Bomdila has fallen and the retreating forces from Sela have been trapped between the Sela Ridge and Bomdi La. A serious threat has developed to our Digboi oil fields in Assam. With the advance of the Chinese in massive strength the entire Brahmaputra Valley is seriously threatened, and unless something is done immediately to stem the tide, the whole of Assam, Tripura, Manipur and Nagaland would also pass into Chinese hands.
The Chinese have poised massive forces in the Chumbi Valley between Sikkim and Bhutan, and another invasion from that direction appears imminent. Our areas further north west on the border with Tibet in the States of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh are also threatened. In Ladakh, as I have said in my earlier communications, Chushul is under heavy attack and shelling of the airfield at Chushul has already commenced. We have also noticed increasing air activity by the Chinese Air Force in Tibet.
Hitherto, we have restricted our requests for assistance to essential equipment and we are most grateful for the assistance which has been so readily given to us. We did not ask for more comprehensive assistance particularly air assistance because of the wider implications of such assistance in the global context and we did not want to embarrass our friends.
The situation that has developed is however really desperate. We have to have more comprehensive assistance if the Chinese are to be prevented from taking over the whole of Eastern India. Any delay in this assistance reaching us will result in nothing short of a catastrophe for our country.
We have repeatedly felt the need of using air arm in support of our land forces but have been unable to do so as, in the present state of our air and radar equipment, we have no defence against retaliatory action by the Chinese.
 With kind regards, Yours sincerely, Jawaharlal Nehru』
Oh, Nehru, you poor thick-headed thing ���

『亲爱的总统先生,在我今天早些时候发出电文的几个小时内,印度东北边防局司令部的局势进一步恶化。博姆迪拉(Bomdi La)已经倒下,从塞拉(Sela)撤退的部队被困在塞拉山脊(Sela Ridge)和博姆迪拉(Bomdi La)之间。阿萨姆邦的迪格博伊(Digboi)油田受到严重威胁。随着中国军队的大规模推进,整个雅鲁藏布江流域都受到严重威胁,除非立即采取措施阻止他们,否则整个阿萨姆邦、特里普拉邦、曼尼普尔邦和那加兰邦也将落入中国手中。

Don Le
Neither anyone has intruded into our territory nor taken over any post,"


partha mahanty
@玉麒麟  Yeeeppp. But Chaina Signed after They lost more Than 3000 soldiers within Three days. Why didn't they continue. Don't give us any Info Regarding this. We know what we were capable then, What we are Now. ����

@玉麒麟 是的,但中国在三天内失去3000多名士兵后签署了协议,他们为什么不继续呢?不要给我们任何关于这个的信息。我们知道我们当时的能力,以及我们现在的能力。����

smith tom
Russia asks India what happened? India says: I beat China, they died 45. US asks what happened to India? India says: I won, I killed 40 of them. .
India says I killed 45 Chinese! I'm good! I am a superpower. The world asks, is there proof? You ask Russia and the United States


Praveen joshi
If india occupy the Chinese border then why u Chinese soldier are leaving the border ...u don't have guts now to fight with the Indian soldier .that's why u are leving the border....in 1962 we are not prepare for war ..but now u better know that india have learnt a lot of things from 1962 war,..chinese are giving corona virus to world but indias are giving corona vaccine ..this is the difference between China and india


The Indians were killed much much more than 20, considering such a perfect collapse at night, by a cold river and 4000+ altitude.


why r there so many negative thumb downs for this truth-revealing video? for those thumb down clickers, what r u afraid of? please tell me.


anmol sharma
Lol are you really that dumb releasing a video after an year and then saying it's the truth �


hao pang
@anmol sharma
So you mean that the truth will not be the truth after a year? Or is it that only Indians can prove the truth? Then ask the Indian army to release the real video.

@anmol sharma 所以你的意思是说一年后真相就不是真相了?还是只有印度人才能证明是不是真相?那么请印度军队公布真实的视频。

anmol sharma
@hao pang I mean if this is the truth then why so late in uploading it ......

@hao pang 我是说如果这是真的,为什么这么晚才上传呢.....

@anmol sharma Isn't it obvious that they wanted to descalate the tension instead of creating more hostility and nationalistic sentiment?
What would people say (both sides) if they saw indian soldiers crossing the river with sticks and shields? What kind of conclussion would people take out from the comparison of death counts from both sides (4 vs 20 deaths)?
Even in this video, they still didn't mention India a single; CGTN took the video and decided by themself to put that tittle.

@anmol sharma 他们想缓和紧张局势,而不是制造更多的敌意和民族主义情绪。这不是很明显吗?

Subash Thapa
Rip and support from nepal


Art of explosion
Thank you. As everyone knows, our strategic value in the southwestern part of our country is the trade channel, so in the future we will do our best to help Nepal. We could live peacefully with India, but in order to divert internal conflicts, India took measures to intensify border conflicts, so it is not ruled out that one day we will go to New Delhi to abolish the caste system and release the countries that should have existed on the Indian Peninsula.


Metallus Zorax
Indians only know how to roll in greater number but still got their butts kicked by a much smaller Chinese force. Bollywood should be ashamed because in real life it is the Chinese and not the Indians who know how to win fights like Bollywood movie heroes.


Anju Limbu
So this video shows that Indian army first entered into Chinese border, there is one point, written in Chinese letters on the stones.   Cross the border in numbers of Indian army into the Chinese border and Chinese army kicked them out from their land. By seeing this video Indian media was telling all wrong things. Oh!! But I forget that Indian media are fake news media ����.


I remembered in the news Modi in the first instance admitted that it's Indian army who entered the Chinese territory. But he soon stopped saying so when he saw Indian people's reaction.


Al Loomis
perhaps an initial estimate could be made: who is crossing the river, is probably crossing the border. since they are outfitted with riot gear and grossly out-number the chinese visible, they expect trouble and plan to crush resistance.
very likely the indians brought their cameras too. don't know how they are going to explain crossing the river. eager to see.
a message to mr modi--- as i recall, 2 of india's great rivers begin in china. if you are going to war with china, first you must control the headwaters. that is not going to happen. so it's likely this is theater, to pump up votes at home.
please, mr modi-- don't over-do.


B. Enceladus
India is the culprit, we can clearly see it from the video.


nme w
India is delaying the Asian century. But Asian century will happen with India excluded. Their first and only 500 km high speed rail will take 10 years to complete. China build 30000 kms in 12 years only.
India just provoking incidents with China just to show that it is a great power. They know that China plays restrain and looks at the larger picture in geopolitics i. e more focused on US.
India for China is just like an annoying chewing gum stuck under Chinese shoes


C Da
The video was released after such a long period of time to prevent national sentiment from intensifying during the conflict.  China knows what it needs is economic development


Ashley Harver
C Da so is India doing that too, just china is doing is illegally and using bad way like cheap force laboring and debt trap, but let's not forget stealing land,


Yaorei Vashiwo
@Ashley Harver China and Cheap labouring? 80% People in India work it's ass off for a 4$ per day pay, you smoking something? China's GDP in both  per capita income and nominal is 8 times bigger than India's GDP, get yourself updated.

@Ashley Harver 廉价劳动?印度80%的人都在拼命工作,每天只有4美元的薪水,你抽了啥?中国的人均收入和名义GDP都是印度的8倍,更新一下你自己的知识吧。



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