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本文译自Youtube,原标题:All aboard! Southeast Asia's first high-speed railway




Southeast Asia's first high-speed railway is coming! This joint project between Chinese and Indonesian state-owned companies will run from Jakarta to Bandung. The trains are expected to relieve traffic congestion, but beyond that, the project is expected to do more. Find out how this new line will change Indonesia – from its economy to people's lives.


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Congratulations to our ASEAN brother, Indonesians for having the first HSR in our region. You guys are leading ahead of us now ���������

❤️ from Myanmar




Congratulations to Indonesia...... Obviously Indonesia has made the right choice to have China building your very first High Speed Railway and also the first in South East Asia.


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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" . It's incredible what we can accomplish when we work together.

Let us hope that this good cooperation can continue, that China and Indonesia can flourish and advance together! Thanks the CGTN for sharing.




Indonesia wisely learnt from China, and adopted China experience to build its own country. I believed Indoesia's future will be very bright and its development will be much better than India.



No doubt Indonesia will lead ASEAN and surely ASEAN's future is very bright considering the amt of Investment coming their way be it infrastructure industrial Production and the technology transfer and to help them become Renewable Powerhouse after China.



@priyanksaikia5549  Vietnam and Laos leads ASEAN, which has already adopted socialist style of development like China and the rest of ASEAN can learn from.

@priyanksaikia5549 越南和老挝引领着东盟,东盟已经走上了中国和其他东盟国家可以借鉴的社会主义发展道路。

Ardy Tan

india has no hope of progressing



A business decision based on what is in the best interest of the nation without having to please anybody, least of all the U.S. Both Indonesia and China have shown that countries can cooperate and work together despite differences in the system of government. Of course the U.S will see it as China's growing influence in the region. The moment it learns to keep politics out of business, the world will be a better place.



Looking forward to seeing the project to be finished. Use to have a friend living in a small town away from Vancouver.  Because Vancouver's house are so expensive, he had to drive 4 hours to work and 4 hrs back home after work.  8 hrs work day, 8 hrs traffic, only 8 hrs left for sleep, meals and time with family. Tough life.



I guess this will be replicated in other Asean countries too, then followed by other SCO countries, then BRICS countries with exception of India and finally all other countries within the belt and road initiative program.

It will spread all around the world like mushrooms after rain.




It's great to see Indonesia moving positively with the help of China's technologies. Congratulation on having the first high speed railway in SEA.



Great vision and down to earth steps to prosperity! China has already showcased their ways of development. Glad to see Indonesian leadership recognized this and is making great efforts to accelerate its development...Shared future indeed!



Very good Indonasia. What Chinese built will stay long long enough to eternal.   Just look at their many thousand years of Ancient Temples, Pagodas, Bronze Bowls, Buildings, China wall stairways to Heaven, ABACUS Calculator, - made of ancient rose wood and bamboo, and other objects among other things Ancient China made and Built.   Great  Blessings to You more China.



What a good leader, President Jokowi, making the right decision to choose China's HSR, can achieve! With China having the longest HSR in the world, China is the most experienced in building HSR through any challenging terrains and geography! Congratulations, Indonesia!

Malaysia could have had its own HSR if not for its corrupt world-class kleptocrat, Najib Razak! India, which chose Japan's HSR, is suffering from delays and cost overruns! Let that be a lesson!


如果不是因为腐败的世界级盗贼纳吉布·拉扎克(Najib Razak),马来西亚本可以拥有自己的高铁!选择了日本高铁的印度正遭受延误和成本超支的困扰!让这些例子成为一个教训!

chsb metri

now Indonesia has learned how to build and run hsr , and in the future Indonesia can also help other countries build their hsrs , that's how tech spread and improve people's lives



China also developed a highway connecting Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville in Cambodia which reduced travel time from 6 hours to 1.5 hours. Glory to the next superpower!



Thank you China.. finally my country have high speed train.. its my dream whenever I travel to Japan and ride shinkanzen.. to have this one on my country also..


Kamwai Chan

All infrastructure built or in progress to build is always good for a nation, regardless of how is or which nation helped to build. Is a long term benefit for everyone



"Chinese company won the bidding because of the affordability". Here in India they lied that Chinese companies are way more expensive and chose to go ahead with a Japanese company in laying High speed rail tracks. Over 10 meters of High speed track has been laid since 2017. Govt funds are going down the drain.



if you work with China then you would get infrastrucutures: roads, bridges, railways, ports, power stations, dams, hospitals, schools, even tourists and manufacturing jobs.

if you work with USA then you would get infrastructures: many military base and regime change.




It is lucky that Indonesia didn't choose Japan if not the country will not have a HST by 2023 as happened in India due to political reasons did not choose China but Japan.According to the progress India HST will be complete after over 2030 .

幸运的是,印度尼西亚没有选择日本,否则到 2023 年该国都不会拥有高铁(就像由于政治原因而选择日本而不是中国的印度一样)。根据进度,印度的高铁将在2030年后完工。


Back Then Jpn high tech train

Now its Chn high tech train

Gone is the good old Jpn golden engineering Era





Dear China - keep shining your light as a beacon to the world. The Western countries will de-ride and criticize you... as they try to shield their populations from seeing the magnificent technologies you share with the world.

P.S. I noticed that Western Media blocks comments on their YouTube channels.

Thank you CGTN for keeping the comments open to all.


注:我注意到西方媒体在他们的 YouTube 频道上屏蔽了评论。

感谢 CGTN 对所有人开放评论。


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