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The distance between our village and the market is quite long. So I decided to make some snacks myself before Chinese New Year. Grandma and my mom used to make candies themselves. These traditional treats are usually a mixture of lots of oil and sugar and are high in calorie. Nevertheless, I can't help but miss the sweetness during the holidays. After a year's hard work, I'd like to treat myself with some snacks. There's more than fish and meat during the holidays, sweet snacks are a must-have as well. I'd like to wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year in advance.


This beautiful girl is so talented, they are so lucky to have you in their lives, god bless you and ur family


Saigon Markoff
I saw that you had some tape on your eye, I hope you're having a healthy and blissful new year!! I love your content and it gives me so much inspirations!!


Fahmida SYDNEY
In Bangladesh, the “sweet peanut chips” is called Kotkoti” and the sweet puffed rice” is called Moaa


Decie Jan
Hi, Ms. Dianxi, watching from the Philippines!! My family loves you, dawang, and your family!, we always watch your videos on the tv, we are always amazed of your cooking!! Thank you so much, such an inspiration for us! We started watching last year till now we are enjoying and binge watch your videos!! Love you from the Philippines!!! ❤❤❤


Mayo Utuk
I have lived in the countryside in the last 2 years, I decided to run back to the city a few weeks back, I don't completely regret my decision because it lead me to the realization of how blessed I was to be able to life simply on a farm. �
I say this to say that Your videos really helped in me in my most vulnerable state ,in my state of indecisiveness I didn't know where or what to do. Your videos were a constant reminder of what I am missing out on,  you helped see the value in simple rural living�
Please don't ever stop sharing, you never know who your videos might be helping out there.��


malissa mohamad
Hai Penji. Your content is amazing. I am from Malaysia and I never missed your video no matter how busy i am. We in Malaysia also eat that kind of snacks. Its very traditional n delicious. Continue to make your family, Dawang and community smile. Be happy always.


FichDich InDemArsch
Perfect wife material - beautiful, feminine, can cook and clean. What more could a man ask for? Her husband is a lucky man.


Reemah Abdallah TV
I read in Weibo last night that Liziqi breaks the Chinese Youtube Channel with highest rank of Followers and most her fans is like me from international. Hoping Dianxi will next.����


natalie cunha
I actually prefer Dianxi because her videos are more natural. Lizquis videos are very artistic in  a way and she deserves her success. I wish both the best. They work very hard.


Yes, clearly a lot of us have the same tastes. Although Liziqi does lots of food every once in a while she gets CRAFTY! Then there is Mr. XiaoXi's yes he is good looking, strong silent type. He's very much Liziqi's equal.


nur idaw
I love both Liziqi and Dianxi. But now I watch Dianxi more. If I'm feeling a little bit artistic and mysterious I go to Liziqi. But for daily happiness I watch Dianxi (and Dawang :))


li cheng
I'm just here to check that black rolling barrel. And I expected the "FIRE!". You guys have no idea what that meant to us during our childhood. I haven't seen it on streets for many years, big cities won't allow it.


romantic expectations: danmei novels
omg! you also eat the big  corn popcorn?? ✨�✨ we in Southamerica (Peru, Bolivia) eat it like this too!! that's so interesting and cool! We also get it done with the hot barrels and then pack it in big bags haha! It's so yummy!
i know that some foods from Southamerica (like peanuts, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes) came to China in Ming Dynasty but it's refreshing to see you still eat it like us! Greetings from the other side of the world!

天啊!你也吃大爆米花??✨�✨ 我们在南美洲(秘鲁,玻利维亚)也这样吃!!太有趣了,太酷了!我们也用老式爆米花机做,然后装在大包里哈哈!太好吃了!

Gacha Man
Ah yes chinese new years, i really miss this event every years. Even though myself not a chinese i have lot chinese friend on my village so i really miss the gathering and foods


living with Eva
Hello, lots of love from India..Dear I am really fell jealous that you live in such a beautiful place. And I just love your family member specially your grand parents ❤❤ they are just awesome and cute.. ❤❤

你好,来自印度的很多爱…亲爱的,我真的很嫉妒你住在这么漂亮的地方。我爱你的家人,特别是你的祖父母❤❤ 他们真是太棒了,太可爱了。❤❤

Dikshu Tamang
Dawang here represents each one of us. We can do nothing but stare T_T. Those sweets looks so delicious. Also lmao you don't even have to ask to subscribe because everyone will once they watch start watching the video♥♥



Candace Duncan
Happy Chinese New Year! Those snacks look so good i wish I could try them! I will have to look around my city and see if anyone here makes something similar.


Hana Gio
My names Hana, I'm from Indonesia,and always watch your content...i like it...and my son love your dog...Dawang�


Ah those rolls! They are a traditional winter and New Year's snack in the east of The Netherlands too! We often fill them with whipped cream.


rodica popescu
beautiful video ! loved all the candies oh my goodnesss....YUMMY..
you probably know this Penji, cats and dogs are also prone to diabetes just like humans, so don't give Dawang sweet food/candy
blessings to you and your family :)


Cris Duc
Dawang is very cute,i love him.I hope to have a cute and smart dog like him.I'm from Vietnam.One day i will travel to Yunnan to meet Dawang and your family.I'm from ��


Sido lin
When I was a kid during every spring festival I went to visit my relatives and they prepared rice popcorn tea. Ah, sweet and warm! My best memories!


Rischo Rasmara
I really like to see things that are here, seeing the beauty of the rural nature that is so natural and spoil the eyes �
Say Hi To You From Indonesia ��


Banana Mocha
Imagine having a grandma , who is kindhearted & expert in cooking� everyday is a feast
Dianxi is still young but her homemade dishes r very yummy n special , like made by a grandma�

想象一下,有一位善良且擅长烹饪的奶奶� 每天都是一场盛宴�

It's Raymond
Happy Chinese New Year! All of these snacks look so yummy, I'm excited to eat them and celebrate with my family soon ☺


Steve Forbes
Have a wonderful new year!
I see that Dawang is trying to take over the show, again. Watch out or he will be wanting his own show! ��


marie joy rosal - sumagaysay
Thank you, thank you Dianxi for sharing how these treats are cooked.  Now i have an idea since we have some of these traditional sweets (though starting to disappear) in our place, having had  Chinese migrants long ago. :) God bless you always.  You have a good heart.

谢谢滇西分享这些美食的烹饪方法。现在我有一个想法,因为我们这里有一些传统的零食(虽然已经开始消失),很久以前这里就有中国移民了。 :)愿上帝永远保佑你。你有一颗善良的心。

JEROME The Rural Boy
Many cooking channels are rising in YouTube but Dian Xi has these extraordinary elements in her videos which make you watch them from the start to the end. Talent in cooking, camera angles and the love she shares with her family make her videos stand out. I'm your number 1 fan in the Philippines ��. Godbless and please take care always.

YouTube上有许多烹饪频道正在崛起,但滇西的视频中有许多非凡的元素,能让你从头看到尾。烹饪天赋、摄像角度以及她与家人分享的亲情让她的视频脱颖而出。我是你在菲律宾的头号粉丝��. 愿上帝保佑你,请永远保重。

Mr D
You make lots of sweet snacks .. I love it
But what happened to her face, why is there a bandage lately in the video? Is she hurt?
I hope Dianxi is always doing well so she has a wonderful new year ☺


fantasi rider
you and Liziqi are amazing chinese women.. so proud with both of you


It is painful to see Xiaoge continue to make video and didn't have time to rest her eye to recover properly. Please take care and don't bother too much on content, cure your eye as priority


Pauline OHea
You’re brother has grown so tall and handsome you must be so proud of him. ��❤�


Life in the village
This girl is inspiring millions to return to the roots and live with the earth. She is the inspiration for the whole world and my channel. Love from Sri Lanka.


Anubhav Das
The snacks she prepared looks absolutely tasty & mouthwatering.��� I am an Indian but huge fan of Asian cuisine, culture, food. I think the girl could be a great chef.

她准备的零食看起来非常美味,令人垂涎欲滴。��� 我是一个印度人,但对东亚烹饪、文化、食物非常着迷,我觉得这个女孩会是个很棒的厨师。

Alberose Landingin
She’s from Yunnan and Lizqui is from Sichuan similar style but also very different at the same time, its amazing




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