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本文译自Youtube,原标题:New PV Trailer | Ling Cage 2: Incarnation (Ling Long 2) 3D Donghua 2023 The Legend of Bai Yuekui


Is it my idea or this is not a direct continuation of what we have seen so far? will the story be something entirely different? btw the first season is one of my TOP 5 most favorite Donghua ever & S2 of Ling Cage was my most anticipated Donghua but now after watching this trailer I'm not sure how to feel...


The story is mainly about the human beings on the ground, with Bai Yuekui's memories as an entry point


Season 2 will continue where season 1 left off with Marc trapped in beast form and now living on the surface with other human survivors. There will be flashbacks of Bai Yuekui's past showing what happened before the apocalyptic event.


Nicee i thought they abondoned totally but looks like its in production.


There will be a 20 minute+ PV about Bai Yuekui near the end of this year. The Season 2 continues with the main story line of Season 1


Is ling cage original or based on manhua?


Original donghua. But in the past two years, they have extended a Manhua with an independent story, which is used to supplement the world setting and maintain the popularity of IP.
The original donghua Scissors 7 also has a new Manhua, for the same reason.
And, manhua is another project by another team, which will not affect the production progress of donghua.




Looks like the prequel based on the manhua?


The story is mainly about the human beings on the ground, with Bai Yuekui's memories as an entry point


@DonghuaGameCG3D  I see, so a mix of them, flashbacks + contniuation. We shall see how it goes, any idea on release date, pretty hyped for this one.


@aitharel3009 Maybe 2024, I'm not sure. this animation studio is known for frequently pushing back release dates. ���


@DonghuaGameCG3D  Hope they do a better job on this than Three-Body Problem lol


@DonghuaGameCG3D  Haha true. As long as it's the same quality of storytelling and animation, I don't mind them taking longer.
Although the first season took so long to release, it was worth it in the end haha



@AICW  3-Body Problem is just a very hard book to translate into live-action or animation format tbh. Ling Cage is their original IP and its story is rather straight forward, so they should know what do with it better.



本文译自Youtube,原标题:《诛仙》动画第2季预告上线 十载离人梦,殊途无归处 《诛仙》Jade Dynasty | ENG SUB | 腾讯视频 动漫


Yeah, I'm glad they didn't disappoint me, after a complete years of patience finally its worth waiting for... Was been very eagerly waiting for it, since the last season was a very heartbreaking ending to make myself move on from this donghua ���


thankfully its in 2024 so not much longer to wait I saw the real release date somewhere so we can wait a bit, it won't be exciting for me because i got restless and read the novel for zhu xian 2/ jade dynasty 2 so yeah don't do what I did and loose all the hype for this show im just impatient


First season is emotional ������ first he like his sister then his sister like another man and second he got love by another girl but in the last episode she die emotional damage ������

第一季很感人[哭][哭],一开始他喜欢他的小师妹,但他的小师妹喜欢另一个男人,之后他得到了另一个女孩的爱,但在最后一集中她死于情感 [哭][哭]。

@FlameEmperor69  my poor biyo sacrifice her life for a person that did love her that's why don't love a person with out knowing  what he think of you ��� I will not watch this noble because the writing don't know what is true love is ���


lu xieque always treated xiofan as her bro...and now they are enemies coz xiaofan turned into demon???that will be season2 and i hope bi yao return and get together with....lu xieque never deserved him..she only treated him as mates....after all sacrifcies bi yao had made if she did not end up with xiao fan it will be pity for her


Some kind of spoiler
In the animation, yes, but not in the novel from the books. After Forsake Abyssis many from the Good Factions had understood that Lu Xueqi had some love for Xiaofan.


What about biyao???���
As much I know she will revived but xiaofan will marry lu xueqi, biyao becomes friend.. and some says she will not revived


@alesto3202 bro..if you read book... do you know why they are fighting in this video... I don't think he will be enemy to her...


@tinutinu1033  they will fight at least 3 times,in this season, all the sects are looking for treasures here, and finally Lu Xueqi and Gui Li (Xiaofan) find it at the same time, they are not enemy,at the same time, they are not friends


@alesto3202  does he want to be her enemy or something else?? I'm confused What does he feels for her now??? How long will take for them to be together??


@tinutinu1033  maybe three seasons later, the realation are so complex like a  romantic drama ,they love each other but they have to fight with each other coz of sect mission, misunderstanding and biyao, they will fight together and stay together for a short time after the third season, and then they separate till the end of the story, they stay together again at the end of novel


@alesto3202  why will ther separate after short time?? Misunderstanding or something else?? Don't know but Somehow I feel bad for her..


@tinutinu1033 they will separate  twice Luxurqi will kill Tian Bu yi in the future (Xiaofan's master), then Biyao disappear (we still don't know why),Xueqi find Xiaofan to take care of him and later the final battle coming, Xueqi Back to protect Qingyun Sect, they separate again


@alesto3202  why did she kill him??as I know he was controlled by something


@tinutinu1033  Because sect is everything to her, sect thinks that Zhang Xiaofan is already a traitor, so she can't reject sect's position. At the same time, Zhang Xiaofan couldn't forgive the sect for killing Baguio, so he refused to forgive the sect, and Baguio's father said he could save Biguio, so Zhang Xiaofan stood with him, but at the same time Zhang Xiaofan didn't believe Baguio's father either.



本文译自Youtube,原标题:[DMV] 3D Donghua | Jing Xuan #镜玄 插曲未来 Juan Siliang #WeTV#眷思量#RomanticDonghua#TencentAnimation


So glad that I'm not the only one dying waiting for season 2. Accidentally watched this one out of curiosity and my god it was such a beautiful story. Now I hope season 2 will have more moments of them together in Jing Xuan's real body because I can't get enough of them. What a beautiful couple.


I ship them so much! ��������� Thanks for the trailer! I hear another season is coming and I am excited for that! The animation but this Donghua is literally beyond amazing. Kinda blows my other ones that I like away. ���


This anime almost looks alike to real people. I ship them much. Wonder if it would be produced as drama. Just perfect to me. Waiting for second season but when does it come? Lol


They do use real people with cgi clothing. Thats why you can use the periodic eye twitches and facial ticks which happen naturally for a person but a pain for an animator to make


Jing Xuan is the most handsome and perfect animated character ever. He is the brainchild of one women who dreamed of creating him while studying animation. After finishing her degree she made the face of Jing Xuan. Moreover, wrote the story herself. Directed the animation. As perfect as this animation is, I am also deeply impressed by the dedication & love of her for this character which took her 10 years to finally see Jing Xuan coming to life. I just love him so much, he is perfect & powerful yet a soft baby inside. After watching other donghuas, I always come back to Juan Siliang to appreciate this masterpiece. Hope to see season 2 soon.


Jing Xuan and Tu Li are such a perfect match. The song is so powerful and sweet at the same
time, reflects their love so well 


In episode 11 , Jing Xuan who disguises himself as grandpa Heng says that he is planning something for Tu Li's future
That goes of the lyrics of this song :
That future is the future of both of them , together ���

在第11集中,伪装成恒爷爷的镜玄说他正在为屠丽的未来做打算。这首歌的歌词是这样的:未来就是他们两人的未来 ���

I love their love story it's so fantastic,the male actor waits a right time to meets her love( tuli) after 10 years hiding her face in an old man,he investigate the happening of his family and solved it.


Hello, i have a question. Are they Childhood friends? Didn't they were raised as siblings? I don't know if I will ship them or not. I'm so confused


They only lived together for a few years when they were kids, from about 3 to 6 years old, after which TuLi thought little Jing Xuan was dead. In fact, he was hiding beside her in another identity.


When Tuli was 3 years old, came to Siliang Island with her pirate dad.
Then her dad left with the island mission and disappeared.
Jing xuan's mother adopted tuli and they lived together until the age of 6. until the disaster happened




Such a trash anime!!!! Those who says this anime is good are fooling people !!! Just wasted my time!!! Just imagine after watching episode 1 to 12 with useless conversation and M.C just roming around hinding his identity U will find this part action only in episode 13!!! I don't recommend this coz I know u will regret wasting time like me


Well, it's true that not a lot actually happens in terms of the overarching plot but this is just the start of their story. If you're not someone who likes story driven shows that requires world building then this is not for you. I personally really enjoyed it and felt like 15 episodes went by too quickly! I do understand the disappointment that nothing major is really achieved within the first season BUT this is just setting up for what's to come in the future. I thought it was a good show because the story is pretty solid, the world building is good, there are conspiracies and mysteries to solve and the animation is gorgeous!



本文译自Youtube,原标题:CC SUB The island of Siliang | Part 01 Making Of Juan Siliang and Behind The Scenes 眷思量制作特辑回顾





I loved this show… Im super impressed with all the creators and their dedication.. superb work everyone! Looking forward to more seasons 

我喜欢这个动画……所有的创作者和他们的奉献精神给我留下了深刻的印象...大家干得好!期待更多季动画 ❤

This is the best anime ever! Love this project and Thanks to the team for your contribution and hard work. Cant wait for season 2 ❤ pleaseeeeee

这是有史以来最好的动画!我喜欢这个短片并感谢团队的贡献和努力。等不及想看第二季了 ❤ 求你们了。

im so so obsessed with this drama, cant wait for season 2!!!!!!!!!! please release the season 2 soon ❤❤


Thank you all the talented and very hard working people for bringing this excellent animation to life! Well done!


I see a lot of people asking for season 2 as early as possible. I hope the studio and the director can achieve their vision well and take care of their health. The show is unlike anything else, they should be very proud :-)


Ive watched hundreds of animations, but this one is my Number 1. Best story, even best CG. Keep up the great job. All fans notice all your hard work ��� ���

我看过几百部动画,但这部动画是我心中的南波湾。故事最好,甚至CG也是最好的。继续这了不起的工作吧,所有的粉丝都看到了你们的努力 ��� ���

Aww this donghua is lucky to have all the staff who worked hard and a great director. Your hard work has resulted many positive feedback,,many loves the island of siliang and eager for the second season.


I only enjoy it as a perfect series, never realize how much hard works needed ���❤ Can't express how much I appreciate the time and effort the whole team put in for us to enjoy. Thank you so much ���������

我只是把它当作一个完美的动画系列来享受,从来没有意识到需要付出多少努力,[流汗] ❤ 我无法表达我多么感激整个团队为我们付出的时间和精力。非常感谢 ���������

Im so looking forward for season 2… this donghua is superb!! Thank you for your hard work… best story and animation combined.. I dont think we need a live version❤���

我非常期待第二季……这部动画太棒了!!谢谢你们的努力…这是最好的故事和动画的结合....我认为我们不需要真人版。 ❤ [流汗]

E un vero capolavoro. La pelle del viso, dei vostri personagi, è splendente e luminosa. Un lavoro come il vostro fjno adesso, non ho mai visto. Anche la sceneggiatura è favolosa. Guardando, mi da l'impressione che sono anche io presente nella storia, e così realistico è da vicino montato. Siete eccezionali nel vostro lavoro. Aspetto con piacere la seconda stagione.
Grazie per il vostro duro lavoro


Theyre so many thai fans waiting for this the 3d of this story is the most beautiful ive wait for ss2 more than a year really wish it will start ss2 in 2567




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