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本文译自Youtube,原标题:史诗!10分钟从上古之战到溥仪退位,中国历史年表超燃影视化混剪!EPICChronology of Chinese history in 10 minutes


When I was little, I learnt almost all of these from school textbook for exam purposes. I didn't enjoy memorizing them at all. Now as I grow up, I really appreciate and proud of my culture and history, I would review all these histories and pass them to my kids as well. Thanks for sharing this.


Thanks for all your effort. Really appreciate the extraordinary history of China and could not deny that it makes great progress.


Although China is not a technologically powerful country in modern times, it is indeed a history of perseverance. The elites of the entire Chinese nation have paid a huge price for the strength of the nation!  At this point, the cohesion of the Chinese nation is strong and the national identity is deep!  It is unique in the history of the world!  (Why is this? I think it is because Chinese people like to record their own history. It is the inheritance from generation to generation that makes every Chinese remember who they are, and what flows in their bodies is the blood of the Chinese nation!)


the chinese history IT'S SO EPIC.
I admire the chinese history, i admire China: greets from Argentina.



What a wonderful shot of Chinese history which described a long tremendous nation in this world!


I want to do a video of American history at the same speed, maybe less than a minute.


I'm Japanese high school student.
I love Chinese history! So I was very existing!!!
I want to spread the wonders of Chinese history to many people.
Thank you for making such a great video️ I love China




谢谢你制作了这么棒的视频,我爱中国 [爱心][爱心]

Thanks for many comments.
I became a first-year undergraduate.
I wanna enter history course at university, but unfortunately I can't.
But I definitely wanna get a job take part in Chinese history!
I'm studying Japanese and Chinese literature at university.
I'll do my best from now on too!
When the corona pandemic is over, I would like to go to China���������








Very informative summary of Chinese history, endless cycle of division, coexistence and reunification, artful warriors, politicians and philosophers, timeless resilience of people on the land of what we call China today...
History repeats, as it should, albeit different players at moment in time... history favours those who are adaptive to change... history creates the fittest and the brightest....



If pne talk about continuous recorded history - a civilization that survived eoth ots writtrn history - then yes China. But base on other evidences, India has a history that is at least as long if not longer. The Egyptian and Sumerians (mesopotamia - cradle of civilisation) also had a very early beginning and possibly had a older civilisation than China but in terms of written continuous history it has to be China.


@thekingofrome5426  Well, maybe India or Egype have longer history, but their history are not continuous. The people in India now don't say the ancient Indian, Egype's are the same.


Historical events were 90% shaped by geographic nature.Every times as I looked upon the world map, I was sincerely humbled by how lucky we were. Yes, China had been blessing for 5,000 years undisturbed till 19th century. Now things are different, The Middle Kingdom is no longer in vertical sense but in an abroad horizontal way. We need to adapt, to change. We are in A crossroad.


@sundial655  Actually China was disturbed many many times throughout its long history but mainly by the barbaric northern and north eastern who roamed the great steppes on horses and to a lesser extent by the north western tribes who came in from the much harsher deserts and barren lands. They were all unsettled people, great on horses but without any written records simply because they didnt have any written language. But everytime they managed to win the battles, they lost the final war with China. The powerful Chinese culture eventually overwhelmed them so the conquerors became the captives and they adopted the Chinese way of life. The settled cultured lifestyle of the Chinese attracted them. But alas they did not truly assimilate in the long wheels of time and eventually their old nomadic styled bad habits overcame them and they disintegrated. Even their own or other nomadic tribes attacked each other trying to displace one another and take the precious gem - China. We can see these events happening all through in the long history of China. The Middle Kingdom people are largely protected in other parts of the kingdom mainly by keeping largely within the confines of the two great rivers, a great sea to the east and large jungles and mountains to the south.




Squeaky Redbum , very nice, Yes, youre right. China had a long history struggled with northern tribes and eventually prevailed every time.The northern nomads had no ideas what they would against at that time, Chinese wouldnt go back to the primitive lifestyles of foraging, and agrarian land had little use for the nomadic tribes unless they adapted to agriculture society; including its customs, laws, principles, etc . Now were living in the Industrial Age and mercantile society, Things have changed lot havent they? We have had to adapt, havent we?
BTW, From biology points of view: Our common ancestors lived in East Africa, 70,0000 years ago started to spread and colonized the earth which is the only home we know of. As sapiens as you are , We might have as much in common as we think.



And sorry for fonren friends who are watching thisthis video basically just tends to tell a short part of political events and many literature arts figures. we have lots arts, Kongfu, religion works like Buddha sculpture, cave paint, Chinese tradition medicine theory, folk craft etc, they are even hard to make a brief video, because every aspects are worth to research as life.


Love China comes from India. Interestingly, there are two great ancient civilizations in Asia; Chinese civilization was born here;
A greater Indian civilization has also been born. I am proud to be an Indian...���




India used to be lots of countries, with different languages and cultures. English people make you a country. Don't compare it with the greatest Chinese civilization and sinosphere




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