Youtube李子柒频道:The life of roses | 玫瑰花的一生

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Youtube李子柒频道:The life of roses  | 玫瑰花的一生
本文译自Quora,原标题:The life of roses.玫瑰花的一生。丨Liziqi Channel



chding zuure
She's a girl with multiple talents. She's a chemist, a perfumer, a chef, a fashion designer, an agriculturist, she also landscapes their surrounding. She's TOO PRECIOUS!


Hongha nguyen
 So I read an article about her, her parents divorced when she was very young, then she went to live with her grandparents in the rural area. When she grow up, she tried various job at the city.. once upon a time, she got a call that her grandma was sick so she left everything and cameback to hometown to take care of her nana. She was inspired by her brother who uploads singing videos on Meipai (Chinese social media) and thinking that she could do one of that too. Over the years through trials and errors she was able to build her channel.
After learning this about her, I was really impressed. All I can say is, she is truly a hard working person and never leaves her family. We all should be inspired!!
Ps: All that woodworking and cooking skill she learned from her grandpa. Apart from this channel, I heard that she is also a bussineess woman
I Am Vietnamese <3 …



我是越南人<3 …

Cel Aleya #COVERS
Everytime I'm having a hard time to fell asleep, I always watch your videos and it gives me peace of mind and calm feeling. I've never been so attached with something like this before. You're a legend for me and I just love everything about your content: the visuals, the instrumentals and most especially "you" in every angle. My most sinscere thanks and love to you. May God bless you and give you goodhealth always because you inspire a lot of people.


Vernon Daniels
I just wish this was translated into English, so I can tell what the fruits or vegetables she is using are, because some of them are unfamiliar. Also, what she is using salt or sugar or quinoa or rice etc etc etc would really be nice. I've been watching Liziqi for awhile; I love the Peaceful and Beautiful things I see the Land and mountains lakes and streams it's very tranquil. I would just like to be able to understand what exactly I'm seeing and where. Thank you for the videos


Yolanda Velázquez
Liziqi, eres hermosa. Tus vídeos me tranquilizan… Además me han despertado las ganas de conectarme con la naturaleza de mi entorno. De cocinar con amor y dedicación. Como vivo en un clima totalmente distinto al tuyo, improviso o me baso en tus recetas y aunque a veces no sé qué es algún ingrediente imagino con que lo puedo sustituir y la verdad, a mi familia le ha encantado. Eres una maravillosa mujer. Saludos desde México!


Kay Belmoroe
It’s so inspiring to watch these videos that revolve around a central ingredient or show Chinese traditions that westerners wouldn’t get to witness or experience. Thank you to the translators that do their best to make an English translation available, these videos have influenced the things I try to grow and cook for myself.


I love that everyone is talking about how talented she is, but WHY is no one talking about HOW PRETTY SHE IS- she’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen.


It would be amazing if each culture had their own version of this channel where people could enjoy a calm peek into a traditional lifestyle. I would love to see a version for Ghana or the Philippines or for Uruguay or countless other places. This is such a wonderful way to enjoy and celebrate an area's culture. Production value, calming B roll, traditional methods of raising and preparing food. I love this channel so much






The whole video is amazing! I especially love the shot of the sunset. I remember the video of you making that oven, still, the skill is again amazing. I can only be inspired when I watch those videos and remember the skill and effort she has put into each video. Those flowers all over the place are beautiful and I bet they smell amazing!


Ree Gunawan
Dear Liziqi, I had been watching many of your videos and I admire you and your so many talents. You are very talented and industrious. I wish one day I can taste even only one of the food you prepared. You are blessed with wonderful life in your place. Taking care of your grand mother is also a good deed. You are really a good girl and an inspirational model of good deeds to the young generations. May the God from heaven bless you and your grand mother with long life. Thank you for sharing to the world your talents.


Angel Bella Rose
There's youtubers who show off their jewelry cars mansions etc. And ziqi could do that too. If she wanted she could afford that but she chooses not to spend her money on materialistic things because she knows she would never be happy. Instead she chooses to live this humble life with her grandma which is why she is on of the most underrated people out there. I love her so much she is my favee ����
Edit: so many likes ugghhh you guys stop you're too sweet I don't deserve all this love I'm so grateful. ���


 编辑:这么多点赞,我喜欢你们 ,不用了,不用了,太太甜了,受宠若惊了,非常感激。 ���

Lupita Haro
Hi Lizqui , I saw your videos and I fall of a love of them, I just bought a knife in your website and some clothes love them and I wonder if you can make a video how, we can take care of them special the knife how I can clean so not have the iron smell every time I wash it, and the clothes how you wash them to keep it so WITH?? Thank you  

嗨,李子柒,你的视频我一看就爱上了。我刚在您的网站上买了一把刀和一些衣服,很不错啊,爱了爱了。你能不能做一些关于如何保养他们的视频?这样我可以保养他们, 谢谢。

Joyd Dee
When my grandmother was still alive we used to watch her videos almost everyday that I’m very sure we already watched all of them. When my grandma passed away I stopped watching her videos for awhile. I don’t know, I feel so sad, Liziqi’s grandma reminds me of my late grandmother. I’m happy to finally say that today,
I’m back to watch and support her again. I missed the peacefulness and calmness of her videos and I guess I’ll just imagine that my grandmother was still here beside me watching liziqi too.

我奶奶还活着的时候,我们几乎每天都看她的视频,我很确定我们已经看完了所有这些视频。我奶奶过世后,我有一段时间就没看了。我不知道,我很伤心,李子柒的奶奶让我想起了我已故的奶奶 。我很高兴今天终于说出来了。


Lucky Us
ZiQi, just like to let you know, you have inspired our family, we decided to donate all stuff from our garden, and been working very hard in last 5weeks to build a community garden, to spread the true happiness of connecting with nature and kindness&love to the community.our Australian communities really need this spirit at moment. We’ll name one of the tree as ZiQi️️

子柒,我想让你知道,你启发了我的家人,我们决定捐赠花园中的所有物品,并在过去5周中一直非常努力地建立社区花园,以传播与大自然,善良和爱心联系的真正幸福, 我们的澳大利亚社区现在确实需要这种精神。我们将其中一棵树命名为子柒i�❤❤❤

Cook with Kiruthika
Your grandma s so lucky to have u as her granddaughter. She s enjoying the final days of her life. My grandma doesn't have teeth instead she s having diabetes mellitus � I really love to see your grandma eating chocolates, icecreams even at this age. God bless her..❤


There seems to be an explosion of imitation channels, however, when it comes to originality, story-telling, and artistic appeal, Liziqi is the queen above all others. I just enjoy her masterful done videos so very much. I cannot escape the sense of beauty & peace that fill my heart to the maximum.



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