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本文译自Youtube,原标题:Why has Chinese Internet Star Li Ziqi Stopped Uploading Videos?

Angela D.
I also think that people forget she is human, a person, with an elderly Grandma, that she cherishes the time she has left with her. She has friends and family that she has relationships with and she has a business life and trying to educate herself and learn cool things. I will miss her but I will always support the decisions she makes that work best for her. She needs to live her best life and we should support that.


Brian Ward
Very well put and couldn't agree more. Loved when she ate with her grandmother after cooking something amazing. Miss her, but hope all the best for her and family.


Theweatheris Aokay
She's starting her channel herself from scratches. Now when people see her earnings many want to take advantages of her. Hope she's doing well and happy, that's the most important.


Theweatheris Aokay
@Brian Ward  watch the earliest few videos where she do all from editing to video making herself before her channel getting bigger and she hire people to help her video making. those are her difficult times....but I loved them the most.

@Brian Ward 你可以去看她最早的几部视频,在她的频道变得越来越流行之前,她自己做了从编辑到视频制作的所有工作,后来她雇佣了一些人来帮助她制作视频。那是她在困难时期(制作的视频)……但我最喜欢它们。

The best solution to me is that she would stay with the partnership and try to re-negotiate with Weinian to see if she can get a cut of the products. Weinian may be willing to do that because of the bad publicity that has been created. To start a new channel and build up a subscriber level to the ones she has now in China and on youtube will not be easy at all.


Theweatheris Aokay
If she start another channel and leave all those people who are using her for their own benefit, we , her loyal followers will surely follow her again. We believed in her talent and and she can do this again. Wishing everything goes well with her life. She's alone can do wonders, No need other people.


kylinki 麒麟氣
I support her if she wants to take a break or even leave YouTube. Mental health above all


Florence Bloem
Makes me so sad. She is honestly my favorite Youtuber, and all I can say is I hope she is doing well, and that she is able to be happy and thrive once more.


When she become a big shining star, all the sharks will circle around and try to take advantage of her. It comes with a lot of burden and stressed.  I hope she can overcome and return to her place of peace and creativity.  Her fans will be there when she returns.


Eric Liu
yet another entrepreneur losing to venture capitalists. young entrepreneurs must not only focus on creating values, but also safeguard their business from investors.


Brian Ward
Have to admit that I found myself infatuated with this beautiful talented woman. The filmography was stunning and made me want to visit China. Miss her spectacular content and hope she is happy and will return soon.


She needs to take care of herself mentally, emotionally, and physically, and she also needs to tend to her elderly grandmother. She needs to breathe, and we need to step back and let her be.


Zeta Jolyne
On the surface, she is suffered from personal or organized paid cyber violence. In fact, the confusion and negligence of her personal trademark and intellectual property management in the early years has finally caused side effects. There are many inferior products on the market under her name. It is difficult for her to have any solution.


Ace Lightning
She is a very talented and beautiful woman, and I have enjoyed her videos demonstrating traditional ways of cooking and other traditional aspects of life in China. I wish her strength and luck, and I hope to see her back on YouTube as soon as possible.


kim taehyung's handsome face
as her fan since her beginnings, I think it's normal for her to take a break. She may prepare some videos as some of her videos takes months to years in process. But if she really wants to make indefinite hiatus, I'm fine with it cuz I know she has some prriorities.


This video had one MAJOR mistake in that Li Ziqi's merchandise and product lines are owned by Weinian alone, not their joint enterprise. That's right, whatever product Weinian sells on her name, she gets nothing.


ramna gull
We want to see her back. Whenever I feel down I watched her videos those are so calming and make you feel happy.  I want her back.  Allah please resolve this issue and do best for her.  Ameen


I never paid attention to her posting schedule. I know her videos take time to make and it always feels like a treat when she drops one. I hope her and her family are doing well.


Samantha Thrower
This is very interesting. I watch a couple of rural China and other country channels with people cooking and living a peaceful life; makes me wonder now whether those lives are real or made up. It's strange how the internet has engulfed our lives; you can no longer tell what's real and what's not.


George Martinus
I knew this already from Weibo and some Chinese comment on random Youtube videos about her 'issue' that made her went into police station.
If you care about her life update, just go to a channel named 'Liziqi Music'.
I found recently she received an award and delivered a speech at Farmers Harvest Festival. She also became a representative in talking with Azerbaijan's ambassador, they were exchanging teas from both countries.
She's now stepping up to the next level of her career.
Maybe in the months ahead, we should expect that she will rarely upload videos to her channel due to her business outside.

如果你关心她的日常更新,你可以去一个叫“Liziqi Music”的频道。

Paris qian sen
I support Li ziqi no matter what, Those greedy MCN don't deserve any pity. They are just businessman that knows nothing about her unique content. Without ziqi, this MCN is nothing, yet they make more money than Miss Li, so unfair.


Maria McLean
If I’m not mistaken it’s almost seven months she didn’t make any video at all.We all wish that she is fine and well in her every life.
We all really missed her as one of the best Yotuber in the FB.We missed her unique style of cooking and lovely place in Sichuan China ������ especially her beloved grandma.Maybe she just take a good break away from those people who are using her especially when her name becomes so popular in the whole wide world.Wish she in good health mentally,emotionally and physically.Don’t worry Liziqi we all your fans followers will always support you where ever you go or what ever you do in your come back of making a new video to all of us viewers.We have a lots of patients to wait in your coming back to us Liziqi.
Always stay safe and healthy Liz,cuz we all love ��� as your number one fans followers.Take care cuz we care...!!!


Although I do miss seeing her upload her videos on youtube, I do hope that wherever she is or whatever she is up to may she and her family are well in health and are happy.


Alejandra Parker
I am so angry that someone is taking advantage of Liziqi"s work...must be a greedy person....certainly with her capabilities there is enough bit coins to go around. I miss watching new shows. I can come now pray that Utube never takes her videos down. ...they are my comfort watching when I get sorta' depressed because of the virus, economy, homeless situations in America and Joe sending Billions of our American USD to kill Russians������������������


���sunni /// 수니���
aw, it's been 10 months since her last video. ��� i miss getting excited when a new video was posted so i have been rewatching all of her old ones. whatever she's up to, i just hope her and grandma are safe, well rested and happy.


We will wait for her and support her no matter what platforms she ends up on..we know she is a sincere good person who was too trusting in business that is cuz she is young and not experienced with business world..sorry she has to fight for what she created but am sure she will bounce back and continue to be successful cuz her audience is waiting patiently for her return and will remain faithful followers cuz we love her and all her hard work!!


J.R Xwb
It’s so sad to see her go through this. She deserved to be sole creditors of her own things, videos and foods.
In life when you become big others will try to pull you down or copy and take credits for your own work.
I hope justice comes to her and May she win the fight so she can do more videos for us to enjoy. Miss her and her amazing videos.


Abah shakilasyamila
For those who wonder why Ziqi hasn’t uploaded any new video, she is going through some tough time fight for the fair share of her name brand. Her MCN makes huge money in China selling Liziqi brand merchandises, but Liziqi did not get much because of her lack of experience when she signed those contracts. That’s why she stopped creating new content to protest. Hopefully this whole thing can be settled in her favour and she can get her name brand back.


Amalia Sarraga
Her content has been great, and I had been going back to her every time I feel off and stressed. Her content has been helping me sleep peacefully, and is one of the main reasons I recovered from my bad sleeping habits.
I hope that she and her family are doing well. I will support her if she chooses to take a break, or to permanently stop making content.


I thought she was just cooking something, her video is composed a lot of patience to produced quality video and full of substance just to satisfy her viewrers,. Hoping for her comeback..take your time liziqi, problems will make you strong…


Here in germany we had a similar case of a company trying to take a bunch of youtube stars under their wing and then trying to squish the money out of them. It is important to read every contract carefully so that everyone can get their fair share. I hope to see Li Ziqi back in the near future and hope for the best.


I noticed, and it isn't right. It is a world problem, capitalism. It affects us all.  I hope everything works out best for her, she's an amazing human and deserves much better than how corporate people treat her.  She's a gift to the planet. Please be kind to her.


Justice Empire
This becomes a problem that when u become a Superstar, your hard-earned work will become the commodity of Greedy people. This is really a call for her retirement and spend her time for her precious Grandma.


Behany Ferenc
It has inspired people around the world, especially those living in the countryside. It is possible to return to the traditional week of life and create a better standard of living. In many places there are few job opportunities in the countryside and they have started farming.


That's what happens when you sell out to the big corporations. She was already successful and loved all on her merits, why the need to sell your soul. Greed is what led them here, your views and ads should have yield you more than enough money to keep you happy and well cared for.... the many views received spoke highly of how much the people love and follow you. She should have kept her videos sacred to herself, what ashame.


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