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本文译自Youtube,原标题:Super Friendly Girls of the City Which Administer Aksai Chin 


Heartwarming People, really Sweet. As an Indian, I'm really delighted for the Development China has achieved. You guys Deserve it for the all Hardwork you have done. Love to Zhōngguó


This blog is excellent, big roads, big footpath, neat and clean city, multi story buildings, good hotels, no discrimination against anyone, greenery everywhere, such a small city is developed so nicely. Western media is giving wrong information about Chinas Uyghur provinces. People of any religion look happy.


after watching this series of vlogs my perception regarding china has changed...i want to visit that beautiful country and meet its people


This is a paid propaganda video look at the number of Chinese comments it looks like they are bots,and if everything was so good why don't he talk to random people


Modern China made a great job, women have equality in education, job, payment and freedom, even in remote muslim area. I believe it's one of the most important human right, well done China.


Apart from all the hype of western media, this is beyond impressive and kudos to China. The ladies here reflect their self confidence unlike places like south Asia and middle east.


Hi Tourvashu, I felt your China vlogs are also eye opener like Iran vlogs to common man. Generally we have been always told or seen in media that these part of China are underdevelope or their are lots of problems but in reality these provinces are too developed . People looks friendly, supportive . Keep doing good job and keep showing true reality of the world. Be safe.


People are healthy wealthy educated living a good prosperous life in this par of China .what media shows is totally opposite to this basically I feel they are jealous to of China .love and respect from indian Buddhist to our Chinese Buddhist brothers.


These videos by Indians traveling in China highlight how far advanced China is, 50 years ahead of India!    So clean and people are so nice in China! Amazing!


Its nice to see how nice Uighur people are even in far north west Xinjiang. Local people are lovely, hospitable and respectful.
Love and respect for people of China 



As can be seen in this video, the Chinese have no animosity towards Indians. The Chinese media does not demonize India, unlike some Indian media that tries to incite hatred towards China everyday. Indian people should visit China and see for themselves. Then they can decide whether to believe their own eyes or the media. For the benefit of both peoples, the two neighbouring countries should work together.


as a Indian i love my country ������
But when i see the development no words came out from my mouth ���
respect to china




Everything is the complete opposite of what western media says about Xinjiang. People there look happy, friendly and many women are employed. The place looks developed too.


Before not watching video i used to hate to china but after seeing video i fall in love with Chinese people who are very honest and don't discriminate against people of other countries really china deserve for appreciate from Indian people


After watching this vedio all I can say Chinese peoples are amazing ��� honest and friendly..I really appreciate Chinese peoples. Apart from this the Aksai chin area highly developed and well mentain most important things Peoples are happy being Chinese..India and the Chinese government should build a good relationship between two Countries..


I don't think a Chinese man can travel alone to India so easily, freely, safe, convenience and feel so welcome by the Indians like Indian travelling in China. Indian can wander around anywhere in China freely doing video recording and speaking Hindi language loudly without problem or fear of police. I am sure if a Chinese will to do the same going around in India doing video recording he will be arrested immediately by police and accuse of spying.


This episode truly reflects the complete freedom and equal status of Chinese women with men
This will make Indian women extremely envious ���


这会让印度女人羡慕不已的 [哈哈]

Lol . This didnt make me envious at all , its good to see women being themselves in any part of the world .
We have hyper -feminist movements going on here right now , things will change .
That blank perception you have about Indian women is from the Rural India .




I hope Modiji and his ministers watch all the videos on China and understand that people in Chin are very cordial with Indians regardless of their government. This century can become Asia's century if both countries collaborate in geopolitics of the world at the same time ok to compete in the business.


Since last few days lots of Indian youtuber exploring China and when I see how nice Chinese people they are very hospitable and friendly. This is changed my opinion for Chinese people before this I thought Chinese people are so bad they hate us but it's not true thanks to Chinese government for allow them let's people to people connect who knows we become best friends earlier history we both civilization very ancient and growth together without harming each other so let's a fress start for our friendship if it happens believe me world will be our because we both are great civilization


China's infrastructure is praise worthy... Indias govt should learn from Chinese development, since both the countries started from the same situation 70 years ago




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