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本文译自Youtube,原标题:China's Infrastructure LEADS the World (Americans in Shock)


After living in Fontana, CA as a half homeless car sleeper for four years, a recent college degree in business, and a full time job in Amazon, I could not believe how the USA has changed for the worst for immigrants. Which is why I am back in the Philippines where I live a provincial lifestyle while enjoying a simple life with my 96 year old grandmother. One day I will visit this featured place in this wonderful video inside China. Thank you for sharing this inspiring video. What a narrative and comparison instead of the Western media US vs China point of view with war, economics, and military emphasis.

在加州Fontana作为半无家可归的汽车居士生活了四年之后,我最近拿到了商学学位并在亚马逊找到了一份全职工作。我简直不敢相信对移民来说,美国是怎么变得这么糟糕的。这就是为什么我回到菲律宾,在那里我过着乡下的生活方式,同时和我 96 岁的祖母一起享受简单的生活的原因。总有一天,我会参观这个精彩的视频中的位于中国境内的特色景点。感谢您分享这段鼓舞人心的视频。与西方媒体在战争,经济和军事方面报道美国vs中国相比,这是一个多么好的叙事和比较啊。

Amazing video Jason, especially interesting your coverage of the high speed rail. My office is located right next to the "North East Corridor" line of the US Amtrac
railroad. The busiest US rail link connecting Washington - New York and Boston. Several times per hour so called "high speed trains" rumble by with about 70 mph.
I you listen carefully you quite often hear the clunking of worn out wheel bearings and then you see this, the modern 300 km/h (real) high speed trains of China.
This is SAD !!! 



Richard Branson tried to build a train like this in the UK but could not achieve it. It was built in his head, in China it is reality! If they put that coin on British rail, not only would the coin fly off, the guy sitting in his seat would be plastered over the ceiling.


Totally agree to what said about Western politicians talk whole days on carbon neutrality but nothing actually done!! One of the drawbacks of Western style democracy system is lack of efficiency!! On one side Western politicians always claim democracy can balance all powers not allows the powers flip on one side, on the other side the down side is Im totally fed up with politicians or Congressmen arguing days & nights on one topic without any agreement. Thats makes putting policies ahead really sluggish!!


Building that amount of infrastructure in such a short time is among the greatest of human achievements. Maintaining it over the next several decades will be a much greater achievement, although less flashy. I don't know if it's even possible and certainly wouldn't be possible in the west.


I'm for one proud of China accomplishments, show why its number 1. It shows that with hard work and taking care of your people and anything is possible. Gives example to rest world. usa, even though I live here I care less and less about it the longer I'm here and take joy in videos like your, with hope of finding my own place to move to eventually. Thank you Jason.


Ni hao ma...im from Nigeria so after watching many of your videos i asked my Nigerian friend living in china if these things are true and he said and i quote "guy pack all of europe and America,dem no near china"
TRANSLATION:every western country combined isn't even remotely close to Chinas development.



During Sino-Japanese war, my mother escaped her home town to Guangxi via Guizhou. All her memories were mountains after mountains and her fear of traveling on narrow road along mountain range. There is a famous Chinese saying about Guizhou It rains every three days, three feet of ground is flat. How time has changed, for the good and better.


Thank you for showing us China. I m from Hong Kong but didn't have any desire to visit China until I came across YouTubers like you. I made my first trip back to China last month. I was delighted to see the changes. Look forward to seeing other parts of China very soon.


China is indeed one of most developed and beautiful country in the world. So much more natural wonders than we can imagine. I am so proud of my Chinese origins even though I'm born in Singapore. 50yrs ago, China was a sleeping dragon and now the Dragon has awaken.


We Indians proud to have China as neighbour..though there are border issues ...China is largest exporter and importer of Indian goods especially textile ,coal ,Pharma and Agri produces ...Great China ,superb comeback


Truth will prevail. The world is not blind , people are not stupid. In my humble opinion , China is already a developed & advanced country that surpasses countries in the west including the US. But the leaders still insist that China as a developing country & i find it humbling. Yes , humility is China's strength. Yes , talk less do more. Greetings from S'pore ������ ���.


There is more to China than meets the eye. And when it comes to infrastcuture, there are so many things to consider. China operates high speed lines because unlike the UK, it needs them. It is a large country and large countries are best for high speed. Also, Flashy does not always mean better.


They did these constructions mostly for the GDP and employment, and to be the stepstones for promotion of local officials, not necessarily for the actual needs,  thus most of these constructions are losing money every day as they are not producing enough incomes  to cover the costs, such as loan interests and daily maintenance. The also start to realize the burden these projects are causing to the financial system as they can't pay back the loans that are growing every day.


I saw a reddit post criticising Guiyang's highway above the mountains. Some saying it will fall apart in a week others saying it is corruption and waste of money and bad for the environment. If they would just put their hate blinkers off for a second and reflect they will know that there is something noble about a government that invests heavily in a poor part of their country not to satisfy rich companie's ruinous quick profits but simply for the sake of improving the quality of life for the local people of Guizhou. To know that all of these infrastructure projects will create deficits, will cost trillions of dollars AND IT IS DONE ANYWAY because the people of Guizhou need them to improve their quality of life.
No delays, no back and forth and pleading and negotiating with a private construction conglomerate. Build because it is the duty of government to provide for their citizens. Building villages and new amenties for isolated villages, providing cheap trainfare and unprofitable train lines to these villagers so that their children have a better opportunity in life.
It makes me so jaded that people don't see this. In any case I never bothered to retort those hateful idiots. It will just ruin my day.







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