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It is refreshing feeling to hear someone from the U.S. is telling the truth about the U.S. I could not agree with you more on what you have mentioned about what is going on in the U.S..  I was shocked by how advanced and modernized Chinese cities are once I landed at the Shanghai international airport and travelled many cities in China. That trip gave me deep positive impressions on China and other parts of Asia.  Ever since I dont watch mainstream media for news and information about China because 99% of the news and information regarding China is manipulated for political propaganda.


Living in other countries really give people different perspective. For instance, while some Republicans keep spreading the narrative that it's people killing people not guns, they often ignore the fact that the difference of destructive impact between guns and other tools. For instance, a domestic terrorist launched an attack in a subway car in Tokyo with a knife a couple years ago and only a few people were injured but no one was dead. Imgaine how many people will die if he had a gun in an enclosed subway car.


Also most asian country view drug differently. While drug kinda common in America, people hanging out they usually do coke or smoke joint.. its actually uncommon for Asian. That's one of the reasons you feel safe because people are not high all the time. US government can stop blaming other race for being violent if its actually their policy of letting the capitalist running the show that causing the violence


Thats photos of subway in USA is true?!��� I thought it was made up or something. I was planning on using subway every time I went on traveling. Got accustomed with the subway in China, Japan, Korea and Singapore, now Indonesia, we finally have a subway so… if the subway in USA like that, I have second thoughts of independent traveling there, its better with tour group then?


I was in LA. The homeless are at every street corner. Then there's blocks and blocks of tent cities.
So sad. I went to Beverly Hills and saw opulance. Golden faucets, golden door knobs. The wealth is not distributed fairly.
Rich people are stingy.




American are living in dystopia but they are like frogs that just doesn't know the water is boiling.
Imagine if Americans were to see as many homeless people in the streets in China, they would be calling human rights violations left and right with all major US propaganda network media blasting against China, but since these homeless people are in USA, those same human rights activists turns blind out for their own people. The reason for this is because they are don't really care about human rights, they only care about whatever makes China looks bad so that Americans living in homelessness won't think about revolutionizing against those in whitehouse.



Look likes you guys missed 1 BIGGEST ELEPHANT in the room. Asia government does not made of shareholder military industrial complex and big pharma. We are very modest and content that we do not goes around the world to create chaos, instigate war, regime change, coup, training terrorist to overthrow government and then sell firearms and all those american stuff. This is the main and first thing that you guys should put and talk in the video.


In the early 1900s, China was filled with drugs and guns, and gangsters. When there is a will there is way.  Now, no more guns in China and hardly any illegal drugs.


Note : the rest of the world is supporting the so call american dreams. The usd as currency charges fees everytime it is being use in transactions. The americans should thanks the rest of the world for their lifestyles not warring. But usd currency is not sustainable in the long run. It is not back in gold anymore. It is fiat money getting ut of control. The us gov is also sabotaging its own currency. Dedollarization is a fact.
As I said, americans especially young americans should travel the world more.
If the both of you have the opportunity try and check out the nomad capitalist conference in kl in september this year. It might benefit you.



如果你们两个有机会的话,不妨看看今年9月在吉隆坡举行的游牧资本主义会议(the nomad capitalist conference),这可能会让你们受益。

I think democratically elected president is good, but at least the candidate should screened for qualification.
We want qualified drivers to drive our school bus, we want well trained and qualified pilots to fly the plane, we want certified doctors, certified engineers. But we allow dementia, STEM illiterate old man to run the world most powerful country, and in charge of the Nuclear Launch code.
It is illogical.




A really 'heavy' piece from a travel channel. But also very important and good one. Put this in context, ALL the Asian countries that you have visited were colonies of one or another European country till WW2. And you know the 1st priority of the colonial power is to extract wealth from the colony to enrich the home country of the power. So ALL these countries were dirt poor when they became independent after WW2. And look at them now. You are seeing it first hand. So there is something fundamentally right about the Asian system.


I used to fly to the US often for work. I think it is a beautiful country, but it is a pity that capitalism seems to have run amok there. It is unfair that ordinary people's lives have suffered so much as a result, from homelessness to crime and more. And the more I study US politics the more I realise its more a popularity contest than who can do the best job.
Malaysia has its flaws though. We are not perfect. Our racism is not overt but we do have it. But I can say this - most of us are great people and love to live in harmony. Just that there are unscrupulous parties trying to create divisions among us.
I am thankful, however that we have universal healthcare and good public transportation. That much I am thankful for.




Just a personal opinion... I think the American dream transitioned into a nightmare from some time in the late 80s. The USA was a place that everybody wanted to go to, me included! Now, it just looks so unsafe and chaotic that I won't go there even if given a free ticket. What happened to America?


Asian are generally not violent people compared to Americans. We don't go around killing or bashing up people for the slightest reason. We don't live in fear unlike Americans and we certainly don't need guns to keep us safe or to feel safe. We dont feel as threaten as Americans in daily life. That's the big difference and the number one reason why i will never ever visit US again...


To see why the current situation is like this, you need to trace the time back to the Industrial Revolution and Western powers fought for colonies. Before the establishment of the United States. European wars, the decline of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, two World Wars, the cold war, and the immigrants to the United States. It all started at that time. The West used its technological advantages to launch wars and plunder the world, especially Africa and Asia. The wealth looted made a high welfare social system and technology monopolization possible. At the same time, it puts Asian, African, and Latin American countries in poverty.
But now, there is a tendency for Asia, Africa, and Latin America to reunite. Further integration of the Asian continent. Africa and Latin America are embracing China. China has more STEM talents, better infrastructure capabilities, a more comprehensive industrial system, and higher efficiency. Chinese value education. China has more academic papers, leading the United States in 37 out of 43 crucial fields. Most of all, China determines to face difficulties, not blame others. China believes in peaceful development through trade and hard work.
The breaking of technological monopolies will cause the shifting of power. When the first domino falls, the dream begins to collapse. But this is not even the sad part for Americans. What the US is doing now is the opposite of things the United States used to be proud of.






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