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本文译自Youtube,原标题:Traveling to Wuhan, the Controversial City of China | Indian in China ������


How clean and hygenic their cities are , amazing. Lots to learn. Wide footpaths, big city centres where people can walk freely without worrying about vehicles, motorists etc. Well planned and clean. Streets not filled up with boards , advertisement by political parties, ads by various organisations etc


I never knew that china is this much developed, I dunno why people go to eurpoe and other places for vacation. After watching this man vlog my perception about China and Chinese people has been totally changed. I definitely would like ti visit china for sure with my wife���❤

我从来都不知道中国这么发达,我不知道为什么人们会去欧洲和其他地方度假。看完这个家伙的视频后,我对中国和中国人的看法完全改变了,我非常想和我的妻子一起去中国 [比心][比心]。

A great country of day and night. See how they shop, eat and enjoy trolls late into the night in their liveable cities. Wow!!!. Their night strolls tells their feeling of safety and love for their country. It can't be better than this.


Chinese are living in the future ! So much developed and well planned city and infrastructure.


Must say you are providing a rich and varied insights of Chinese cities. Good coverage Pratik. Moreover, I must compliment you that besides doing good coverage, you are promoting nationalism by spreading the message- Keep India Ahead. After all, being an Indian Youtuber, you are an ambassador of our country abroad .


You are the Indian blogger who understands China the most. You have perfectly demonstrated the talent of Chinese people for eating, drinking, and playing. You are a genius. And the other Indian bloggers in China are like wanderers. And you are the best.


You don't need to ask Chinese strangers' name to show your respect to them. It's unlike western culture, Chinese don't ask stranger's name. Chinese will only ask how the stranger wants to be called if you want to make the communication easier and respectful way...


Qualities recent 10ish vloggers from india conclude Chinese has that Indians lack, including but not limited to___
Open minded
Not plagued by reliqion
Kind, friendly
Harmonious society
Respect to women
If all these put together, saying ������ is 300 years behind ������ is a logical judgment


Most Indian vloggers visit Wuhan to show the closed wet market and the institute. None of them show the proper city actually. Wuhan is the most European looking city in China with beautiful architecture. Except you, none of the other Indian vloggers showed it!


Well dressed Chinese boys and girls, making videos so nicely. They talk to Pratik a foreigner without any hesitation. Advertisement is nicely displayed, You can see cleanliness of roads, footpaths and food shops. Wuhan, a Covid starting point is famous all over world but it seems it has recovered now.


Being indian but i always a fan of Country China.. They are way advanced developed and educated than india. There law and order cleanliness technology everything i admire alot. I have Chinese friends they are so kind. China have rich history and culture they got independence after india still india don't exist near to china still people got offend when someone say learn from china ������no matter what political issues are. Still we indian have to learn alot more from China especially those politicians and administration. In india there isn't a single place where women are safe and freely able to walk in midnights. And no doubt india is heaven but because of that we only see dirt everywhere around. Because none follow law here we need strict implementation of laws


Bhai china ki ladkiya toh aap pe fida ho gyi ���������❤


Don't get me wrong, in China it's just politeness, Indians think girls call him handsome because they admire him, but in China it's just a title. This is equivalent to miss or mr


China is a country of etiquette. Chinese women have good upbringing and these are just reactions out of politeness. You're so naive.


Fantastic vlog on China. An eye opener for every Indian. Beautiful, clean, people with high civic sense who abide by the law. India can learn a lot from China.


About twenty years ago, China was something unimaginable today. Litter everywhere, people still spit, public restrooms were horrific, street could not be crossed even at crossing, cars wouldn't stop for pedestrians, beggars haress people And in twenty years, education, civil  mindset and law enforcement took effect, Chinese cities evolved into a more civil manner.  Peoples' mentality changed,. They now care more about their own cities, their own environment, expect others to follow the same rules and laws. Changes do not come in one day, more infrastructure is not helpful until mentality catch up.  When I was very young in Hongkong 50 years ago, no one lined up for bus, then a metal queue rails were put up for people to line up, then another 10 years passed, the rails were removed, people still lined up. The virtual rails are in their mind. To win the respect of the world, education and laws must be promoted regardless where you are.




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