印度博主在南宁找到无家可归者 | 印度博主游北京发现中国人非常友好,不像西方人那样有优越感

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印度博主在南宁找到无家可归者 印度博主游北京发现中国人非常友好,不像西方人那样有优越感



Those people are not homeless, they are construction workers from outside Nanning, probably temporary workers. Otherwise, construction sites must provide accommodation, otherwise it is illegal in China.


not a construction worker. they are part time workers, or a new comer to this city for job opportunities, and have not found their job yet. Covid time hit Chinese economy, now things are moving better, but still have some people left behind.


Sir, the people in the tunnel are workers in some construction sites. There are more than 35 degrees in this place in Nanning, Guangxi. They do not want to live in the room because they sleep in the tunnel at night. They are drinking and speaking like angry. In fact, they may be drunk. They invite you to join drinking and smoke you. This is the enthusiasm of emotional excitement. You don't understand language, so you will be afraid and misunderstanding.


I have watched various Japanese, southkorean and chinese vlogs. Honestly, I liked Japan and China more than korea. Why?
Development, infra, roads, buildings, facilities etc etc can be built according to aspirations of people and the government in some years or decades. But the originality of civilization is so so important. I liked that of Japan and china. SK is highly westernized.
Learning - One should get inspired by the other to create his own, one should not copy the other especially when it comes to civilizational values.




Amazing China. It is beautiful than America & Europe. All people appears rich as compared to India. It seems India is 50 years behind China in respect of urban & rural life. O my God. Simultaneously, China gives permission to visit those city/town/place which is fixed by Govt of China. One cannot visit any place out of his choices. Hence it is not real picture of China.


This is the first time to see home less people lying under bridges in night


they are not homeless. they are construction workers nearby . it is cool down under bridge. they have temporary house in the contruction site without air conditon. it is very hot in the summer.


Correct, they're construction workers from other cities, not homeless. Hong Kong has them too camping in tents at times while away from home.


It took so many Indian vloggers for months to find someone looks close to be Homeless, and its only construction works living near by, Indian vloggers must be very disappointed.
Modi‘ Media plan has failed.
Well, just have to look harder in next city then.




Guangxi is a relatively poor province in China, but Nanning is also well established. Those who sleep in the tunnel are not homeless, but construction workers. They all have houses and fields in their hometown. Just working in Nanning, through their enthusiasm and playing cards, it proves that they have their own happiness.I saw two elderly beggars who actually used the QR code of their mobile phones, which proved that China is very developed.Later, I saw that Won the lottery and won 100 yuan. IT was really lucky.


but they were so aggressive , we got scared when we were passing from there


@theindotrekker  They are construction workers nearby, and they usually speak loudly.It's just that it's hard for them to meet foreigners. When they see Indians for the first time, they are very excited, say HELLO several times, and want to smoke for you. I saw him take out a cigarette and hand it to you. which means to welcome you and treat you as a friend. you won't be afraid anymore


The two elderly couple are buskers, not beggars.
There's a difference between buskers and beggars.
One important distinction lies in the artistic nature of street performance. While beggars typically offer nothing to the donor as an exchange for the donation being received, buskers consciously provide the donor with the service of performance and entertainment (and they do so before the donor donates).




@theindotrekker  I re-watched it several times. The truth is, they say hello to you. Then there is a person who wants to pass you a cigarette. Passing cigarettes is a very friendly behavior in China (although smoking is not healthy). You may be frightened by his voice and expression, but in fact they did not malicious. I can vouch for this, having re-watched the video several times.goodvibesyougotthisyougotthis



本文译自Youtube,原标题:Chinese Students Behavior with Indian? | Beijing City Tour

Unlike here talking craps and negativity about them, they seems to be very civilised, honest and sincere. We missed that part of honest and simple lifestyle.


PISA students' test rankings 2020*(maths & science):
1. China
2. Singapore
3. Macau, China
4. Hong Kong, China
5. Estonia
6. Japan
7. South Korea
8. Canada
9. Taipei
10. Finland
*India stopped participating since 2009 after their students scored rock bottom at No.72 out of 73 countries


1.中国  2.新加坡  3.中国澳门  4.中国香港  5.爱沙尼亚  6.日本  7.韩国  8.加拿大  9.中国台北  10.芬兰


Fun fact: 7 Chinese universities are ranked among the worlds top 100, with Tsinghua and Peking among the top 20. Tsinghua is considered the worlds leading university for computer science, while Peking is ranked 9th. Likewise, 9 Chinese universities are among the top 50 globally in mathematics. By contrast, no Indian university, including the celebrated IIT, is ranked among the worlds top 100.


I have watched most of this handsome Indian men videos about China recently. What I am impressed about China is seeing everywhere he had goes, everywhere is so clean, so green with many trees, people are friendly and I don't see any beggar begging on the street like India. Why can't India be the same as both China and India are the earliest civilization country on earth. Look like Indian has lots to learn from the Chinese and to catch up with China.


Don't forget China has a communist government and people don't have much say so government can work as per their will bit India is largest democracy with so many religions and alot of diversity so to satisfy eveyone's need is a big task. In India people can strike for so many reasons which can ofcourse delays things.


So much population, but still so cool people, Very transparent govt officers. That's what Education teaches you to be humble. Chinese people are so innocent


I don't know why but these Chinese people are a lot friendly and they also don't have superiority complex as we see in other Western countries


Why is Indian worried about how people would treat them? Don't tell me foreigners or tourists are treated badly in India? Aren't people ought to treat one another with respect and politely? This is the fundamental of any civilised society.


Do you usually use women as the cover every time? What do you want to express? Feeling popular? Girls just feel curious when you come from India. Don't be too sentimental


People comparing India and China yes I agree cHina is alot clean and disciplined but don't forget China has a communist government they can turn whole city into a jail if they want. they can work as per their will and there they don't have chuslam to destroy publiuc property in the name of festival. India is the largest democracy with so many religions and diversity and to satisfy eveyone it's not that easy and here public is also take pride in breaking rules so think before comparing two nations. India is also growing fast and it will take some time.


Now I understand why china developed so much and no doubt they will surpass America one day. People there looks so wholesome and nice behaviour...they are hardworking....I have respect for this country but the govt. is not nice. One difference I saw most of their people don't know about india but here in India everybody knows what china is doing




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