油管网友热议:世界在基础设施上无法与中国相提并论 | 印度博主在南宁坐长途班车旅行:中国的汽车站看起来也比印度的机场更先进

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油管网友热议:世界在基础设施上无法与中国相提并论 | 印度博主在南宁坐长途班车旅行:中国的汽车站看起来也比印度的机场更先进



本文译自Youtube,原标题:The World CANT Compete with China's New Infrastructure! ������ 世界无法与中国的新基础设施竞争!

I have watched all her videos about China and what I am most surprised and impressed about China is every city and everywhere she has gone the streets, roads, roadside pavements, train stations, the parks are all so clean and tidy. No roadside hawker selling food, no beggar begging, no one standing against the wall and pee. So many trees are planted to make the city look so green. The Chinese they are all so well dressed and disciplined. But western and India media don't show us all these.


You are so different from many Indian vloggers who are now travelling around China. You are objectively and often positively presenting China to the world, while other Indian youtubers pretend to be objective but are always trying to show some dark parts of China (though they failed repeatedly, they still keep doing that)


Sarika mentioned that she did not see any homeless people setting up camps in the cities in China. Some bitter Westerners say that this is because the police in China chase away people who settle along the road sides with harsh actions. But let me remind them that most Western cities also had records of clearing their streets of homeless people. It is recently that the city authorities in the US and Europe gave up their actions and preferred to let their cities rot. No matter how, people everywhere want clean and peaceful streets where they can walk along with joy. Clearing the streets of camps is a must.


If you see rats in a metro you can safely assume you are in the US. If there are cast iron bridge, brick walls and rivets you should be in London.  Graffiti is hallmark of the US  but is also available from its allies like Netherlands and Germany in their metro.  If the metro always has air condition it has to be in Asia.  When air conditioning is zoned then you know you are in China.
The other sure way to tell is if the metro is old, dirty, dark, dodgy, probably unsafe and cost a lot of money in the fare it has to be either in US or UK. When it is well lit, clean, modern and cheap you must be in Asia.



Here in Sydney , the Central station will be revamp at the cost of $350 million dollars and expect to complete by 10-15 years !   note , as I  been living in Sydney for 50 + years , I've witness many of  the Australia public projects ,guarantee , the cost will be 5-10 time more and the date of completion will 20+ years ! and the finish " touch " will be 20 year behind from other parts of the world !  just like our underground city toll roads  .. design with TWO lane ONLY ! ! golden Award for been  amateur  management   !


There are many metros in India are built by China made equipment, designed and technology.
The coaches of Bangalore metro are imported from China. CRRC(China Rail Road Company) built a factory in India and manufacturing coaches in India.



India will catch up in 20 -30 years, democracy always prevails which ensures peaceful transition of power. If you look at the past history of China, a period of prosperity is always followed by government collapse, social unrest, famine, blood shed, and foreign invasion. Hope it won't repeat again.


Those infrastructures are built from borrowing money from investors of the developed countries.
But now China big companies and provincial governments are in heavy debts. They can't even pay the interest.
No one is stupid enough to invest in China now. So it will be going down and contract rapidly.
The investors have learned that lesson so investment in India will be more careful. That's good for india.







I am impressed how law abiding citizens Chinese are. You can see them lining up everywhere.  They don't cut lines or rush into anything.  They just quietly line up and wait for their turn.


Even bus stations in china looks more advanced than airports in india.


@weijiaCAI  i have seen those other indian and westerners youtube travel vlogs without bias and propaganda. When it comes to infrastructure, clean, development, convenient, discipline...no one beats china. And yes those tier 1,2,3 cities bus station looks better than all of india airport. China is the singapore version but 100x bigger.

我在Youtube上看过其他印度人和西方人在中国拍摄的不带偏见和宣传的旅行视频,说到基础设施、清洁、发展、便利、纪律... 没有人能打败中国。是的,那些一、二、三线城市的公交车站看起来比整个印度的机场都要好。中国是新加坡的变体,但比新加坡大100倍。

India is like China 100 years ago. At that time, China was at the forefront of the world in terms of economic size. But the entire country is controlled by several families. These families are unwilling to spend money to build their own country so that the vast majority can enjoy the development benefits. The Chinese people made a choice. A party representing the vast majority of the people in society, including farmers, workers, etc., stepped up and fought a war to overthrow that corrupt government. India needs its own proletarian political party that serves the vast majority of Indians, not the wealthy.


Modi sent many Indians vloggers to spot check on China, and these vloggers will do their routine.
1> Speak to pretty young girls.
2> Check every toilets/wash room when they first get on the train.
3> Look for the poorest site in every towns and cities they visit.���
And the result, all toilets on the train from every direction from every city is clean. Difficult to find homeless people and dirty slums in China.
Lastly, every pretty girls are confident and friendly to speak to any man foreign or local, and feel safe to travel, to work, to show off their beauty with no fear.
Because they know, they are in China and equals to man in social status.


1> 和年轻漂亮的女孩交谈。

2> 登上火车之后第一时间检查每个厕所/盥洗室。

3> 在他们访问的每个城镇寻找最穷的地方。




It may be a rude shock to many ! Indians prefer to travel by Air ! Not bus or train ������ , India is third largest air travellers in the world just behind USA and UK ���������


wrong information.... TOP 2 is China and USA ...


Wow just look at the buildings and highways , the infrastructure is just top level


There is no highway in the video. The highway in the video is a Class II ordinary highway. second-class highway is all free, but not totally closed


Taxation system are much deployed powerful to use finance in china.. Reasons for development , unlike india..


India's courts and tax collection system are stronger. Many Chinese companies have been fined huge sums of money.


The other Indian vlogger who walks behind this guy is a dishonest guy, because in his latest YouTube video, he claimed there were beggars and homeless in that underground tunnel despite it is very obvious that those people in the tunnel are neither beggars nor homeless. They are in tunnel during the night simply because the temperature is too hot, it is cooler to spend the night in tunnel than in their homes if they haven't got AC installed at home.




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