生活在中国vs生活在美国:美国的枪杀案越来越多,未来属于印度 | “村BA”正在抢走CBA的风头

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生活在中国vs生活在美国美国的枪杀案越来越多,未来属于印度 “村BA”正在抢走CBA的风头


本文译自Youtube,原标题:Living in China vs Living in America - This is truly shocking... ������ 中国vs美国。。。我震惊了

Gun ownership equates to freedom in America. American gun owners feel safe because he owns a gun. But most of the gun violence are not against intruders but towards acquaintances.


Watching the "". The whole hospital got to stop just to treat GUN SHOT trauma.

你可以去看看《GOOD DOCTOR》。为了治疗枪伤,整个医院都停了下来。

Depending on where you are in the country, living in the US for now has still been mostly OK for my personal situation; not great, not bad.  it's getting increasingly dangerous and expensive.   The govt is getting more corrupt and inept.  I don't plan to be here in 10-15 years if I can help it.

这取决于你在美国哪个地方,目前在美国生活对我个人而言基本上还行;不算太好,也不算太坏。但它正变得越来越危险和昂贵,美国的政府也越来越腐败和无能。如果可以的话,我不打算在 10-15 年内留在这里。

2A people always argue it's the people not the guns..... well lots of gun murders were good gun owners before they pulled the trigger...


Living in high-rise apartments are the best solution for populated countries otherwise they will create slumps. Furthermore, high-rise apartment living are eco friendly, energy efficient & public transport friendly


There is a housing crisis in Canada. Lack of affordability both ownership and rental.  Does China have this issue?  It would be interesting to make the comparison of the housing situations in China compared to developed Western countries.... ��� p.s. Thanks for the video.

加拿大存在住房危机,无论是买房还是租房都缺乏可负担性。中国有这个问题吗?将中国的住房状况与西方发达国家进行比较会很有趣... 谢谢你的视频。

China govt have allowed housing speculation for a long time before they finally came out with the philosophy "housing is for living, not for speculation". Its pretty late and most people CAN'T afford it, even with a lot of empty lots available


I think the future belongs to India: large young population base, technical know-how, emphasis on education, leadership traits of Indian ppl (Kamala, UK PM, Vivek, Nikki Hayley , big tech CEOs et al), and biggest factor, democracy and English proficiency. The 21st century belongs to India and ethnic Indians.


China seems to spent a lot on welfare for good living. The plants and tidiness of the parks and roads are a pleasure to the eyes. Transportation of rails are super, not only the nice designs but technologically impressive. The list can go on. Just the 3rd tier city can filled one with awes and wonder. Mega cities -incredible.


China's no-drug no-gun policies make China one of the safest countries in the world, where people have lots of freedoms. The US claims to be one of freest countries, where people can use drugs, own guns, employ child labors, married kids, but they have to abide by the no-alcohol-in-public rule.���������


You cannot judge any country or say anything about any country unless you've been there and have kind of experience differ in every country and every country has good and bad things no country if perfect. You have perfectly said the fact.
BUT India Firstpost news presenter Palki Sharma and many other from WION they all have never been to China but they are all experts in China affairs. They can report about China everyday with all the negatives side of China. And they don't have to be in China to know what is happening in China.


而印度《第一邮报》新闻主持人Palki Sharma和其他许多来自WION的人都从未去过中国,但他们都是中国事务专家。他们每天都在报道中国的负面新闻,他们不必待在中国就能知道中国发生了什么。


本文译自Youtube,原标题:Why village basketball’ is upstaging professional leagues in China

Such festive spirit! Not for awards but for the game itself! I wonder how these villagers will feel if a couple of NBA players actually turn up for their games…❤


they do have some professional foreigners that play in these village games, not sure if they are ex nba or not


Yeah. Watching people play the game for fun instead of being paid lots of money. That's why I'm starting to not like watching professional sports anymore, all these people are paid lots of money to play the game, lots of these athletes are just doing it for the money, they aren't passionate about the game anymore.


For the game and for the roasted delicacies plus the pure enthusiasm of the crowd that cheered for both teams. And as for NBA players? They'd be welcomed as any others, cheer their plays and reward them the same as others before them: FOOD.


"I don't understand the rules but who ever scores, we cheer"
That's kinda adorable



Village basketball seems more efficient than high level basketball. I have a feeling that players have got what it takes to exceed the expectations of the people around them.


Do the teams also have muses? ���Because in the Philippines, we have this village tournament as well in different age brackets. Very popular during summer and school breaks. During opening game, Different Teams will parade with their muses towards the venue. And there will be a short program which will choose the best muse��� this is kind of the grassroots level of basketball in Ph.

球队也有啦啦队吗?[流汗] 因为在菲律宾,我们也有不同年龄段的乡村锦标赛,它们在暑假和学校放假期间非常受欢迎。揭幕战时,不同的队伍将带着他们的啦啦队进入会场,还会有一个简短的节目选出最棒的啦啦队。这是菲律宾的一种草根篮球比赛。

Maybe, because it feels more real, more genuine. Seeing more ordinary people playing basketball instead of these tall athletically built people playing the game, you can relate more to them.


Bro it's literally the same as the barangay basketball leagues in the Philippines, but at least we have covered courts so that we could play basketball in rainy weather


Hey, people who say Americans dont have culture, take a look. American culture has spread even to Chinas rural areas.


I'm a proud American but I must add that basketball was invented by Canadian because they needed something to keep people busy indoors during the long Winters. The inventor has the same birthday as me.




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