中老铁路开通客运业务,网友:火车非常舒适,就像飞机一样 | 印度博主到达上海:中国人竟把整个房子交给了一小时之前才认识的他

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中老铁路开通客运业务,网友:火车非常舒适,就像飞机一样 | 印度博主到达上海:中国人竟把整个房子交给了一小时之前才认识的他



本文译自Youtube,原标题:Cross-border passenger service launched on China-Laos Railway

A historic trip: the first cross-border passenger service is launched on the China-Laos Railway. The first such train departs from Kunming in China's Yunnan Province for Vientiane, the capital of Laos. The service is seen as a significant achievement of the China-Laos cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.



I am happy to see China lifting the neighbour country's people out of poverty and improving their lives upcoming future������



Excellent cross border clip. Hope Xinhua can narrate in Laotian and Chinese with Arabic Urdu Farsi French Italian and English ( optional ) ���������❤️������



Any video with subtitle files can be automatically translated into the language you need, and now it can be translated into mainstream languages. I believe there will be more languages to be translated in the future.



The inside looks so comfortable, like inside a good airplane, with well dressed hostesses helping around. The train will increase contact and friendship between the people of the two countries.



Much delighted to see this, The Chinese train crew and team here are giving much attention and preparation.

Very happy to see indeed, TYSM




Such a great achievement by China and Laos. Just having the highspeed railway in operation will provide jobs for many people.



Laos and China are moving fast far ahead of the pack among other Asean countries . Laos-China high speed trains definitely will bring huge benefits and properties to both countries .



Next time for Videos/programmes like this PLEASE ask hosts and announcers to speak in MANDARIN and LAOTIAN.Hmong languages and USE subtitles such English. This gives it a smooth and fluent visual/video presentation face-blue-smiling



If it's for a good reason, i support the effort China put to this. But i really hope this won't me misused as usual.



May I know which one is misused as usual?




本文译自Youtube,原标题:When Chinese Hosted me in the Largest City of China (SHANGHAI ���������)


China must be a high-trust society that they left their whole house to a stranger they met only one hour ago. We in India can't even think of doing that. These little intricacies explain a lot of differences between overall development levels in various countries. And nice Chinese hospitality. I don't see Chinese people seething with anti-Indian hatred that the various other propaganda channels would want us to believe.



Because all appliance in China are very cheap, we are largest industrial country of the world . We never worry some one would steal your TV or cooker , nobody would do that, because you could buy a very cheap on in the 2nd market .



No godi media no china propaganda no politics no hate

Just pure satisfaction of life and development


译注:godi media,印度特色词,即那种专门恶意诽谤,挑拨离间的媒体。


I know i may be criticised by some of our Indian brothers/sisters ,but I wana say look how friendly the Chinese people are they're very helpful,kind, welcoming and what not,The couple in this video even left their house when they went outside to him(YouTuber) when they met just a few hours ago . Not only in this video but in almost entire videos of his(this YouTuber's) Chinese series videos Chinese people are very friendly,we Indians need to learn from them , stop spreading hate and negativity . I can tell how the Indians will treat if it was a Chinese tourist visiting India.

Edit: Also I've seen videos of 4-5 other Indian Vloggers who travelled to China recently ,I see Chinese people very friendly and helpful in all of those vloggers' videos aswell




How nice and gentle people of China are! Amazing. Trusting an unknown Indian visiter Torvashu and handing their apartment over to him in good faith ... dear Chinese friends, Indians too are nice and trust worthy people (of course, exceptions are always there). With my best wishes to this Chinese couple.



Through news channel, we could never know that Chinese are so hospitable and good mannered people.

I already know that Chinese people are hard working, they also appear for IIT Advanced like exam,perhaps "GAOKAO".

I already know that China is the 2nd largest economy of the world, It's hub of manufacturing.

But,we didn't know that they are so hospitable and well cultured people.


我知道中国人很努力,他们也参加IIT Advanced之类的考试(也许叫“高考”)。




Tourbasu bro, here is your video after so many days. We had thought that the President of China has not picked you up that's what we were worried about, because your blocks were not coming blog's were not coming. Where were you all these days? Happy Independence day



That's not snake. That's called eel. It is known as Kusiya in Assam. Blood cancer patients or people suffering from anaemia are advised by Doctors to eat that so that the blood situation in the body improves. Many people loves to eat that as well .



आपने इतने देशों की यात्रा की और उनके यहां ठहरे और सबने जी भर के प्यार दिया और एहसास कराया कि आप अपनों के बीच हो। यह सब देखते हुए ऐसा लग रहा है कि दुनिया भर की मक्कारी धूर्तता पाखंड और यौन हिंसा सिर्फ और सिर्फ हमारे यहां ही पायी जाती है। ऊपर से नीचे धनी से गरीब सब गिद्ध दृष्टि से घात लगाए बैठे हैं।



Amazing people ❤ chinese ������ beleive her security system..no one can cheat ��� with Chinese.. technology very good so no one can steal anything ❤

了不起的人 ❤ 中国人相信她的安全系统....没有人能欺骗中国人....中国的技术非常厉害,所以没有人能偷东西 ❤


It's not like your host Trust you Because who u r, It's because they have Trust in their management and they know nobody can get away committing crime this sense of security is something CCP achieved among billions by serving real deals no matter you like it or hate it but it is what it is.




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