中国vs印度-街头食品卫生,无论你带多少止泻药,在印度你都会拉肚子 | 中国的自由长什么样?外国博主因分享中国经历而被贴上宣传员标签

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中国vs印度-街头食品卫生,无论你带多少止泻药,在印度你都会拉肚子 | 中国的自由长什么样?外国博主因分享中国经历而被贴上宣传员标签



本文译自Youtube,原标题:CHINA vs INDIA Street Food Hygiene - This is truly shocking... ������ 中国vs印度街头食品卫生 。。我震惊了


I’m from Singapore and I love to experience street food culture when I travel. I’ve been to 35+ countries, including China and India. Both China and India have amazing street food culture and variety. Unfortunately, when I was in Jodphur, Rajasthan, my friends and I ended up with severe stomach issues after eating some delicious street food. I hope the hygiene standards in all countries keep improving in time; so we can all enjoy the incredible street food each country has to offer. ������


From Singapore too… I think the standards of street food of China is a tad higher than India, in terms of the cleanliness of the environment and the way they are prepared. India would be comparable to perhaps Philippines, where the vendors and hawkers mostly didn’t put on gloves and the places tend to be dirty. However, I’ve no stomach issues in Philippines, but I’ve experienced the same stomach issues like you’ve mentioned in India. I’ve gotten it once badly in Thailand too, surprisingly I’ve not gotten that in Cambodia, which is a good thing.


Thank you for this video clip. Many street vendors in India do not follow basic hygiene practices like using gloves while handling food. Health departments are unable to or unwilling in some cases to enforce health regulations due to political interference from all political parties. In Kerala, health officials even face violence from hoteliers and street food venders while doing inspections and they call out police for protection! It comes down to the basic reality in the country, namely absence of the rule of law. The current rulers don't care as long as they win elections and get to power.


Thank you for the very helpful information. I went to both counties many times. Every time I go to India, no matter how much anti-diarrhea meds I brought with me and even if I always eat in the restaurant of the 5* hotel, I always have diarrhea in India. This never happens in China. I decided not to go to India any longer.


@MDDO402, ������
An Indian friend, a Professor in US, told me even tho' he had developed immunity, he still get diarrhea when return home to visit. His son, born in US always get diarrhea when in India, even when drinking bottled water and prepared home cooked food to avoid vendor street food. ������ Local residents don't get diarrhea bcos they have acquired immunity. ������ His advice, don't visit India. "You'll get diarrhea after eating (5 star restaurants or not). ������
Another friend, an auditor for one of the top public accounting firms was infected with Herpatitis A or E from contaminated food and water while on business travel in India. She now has to constantly undergo treatments after she returned to US. It is a long term illness. It seems India is a risky health hazard country. ������



To all Indian viewers watching this brave lady comparing China and India with regards to street foods hygiene standard. There is a big gap in hygiene standard not just street food, the park, the road, back lane and anywhere between these 2 countries and seriously Indians have a lot to learn from the Chinese. Do not think that she is paid by Chinese CPC gov. to praise China.
This lady is a very proud Indian lady living in China and has seen lots about China. I am sure how she wish India is like China now with great infrastructures, respect and safety for females, hygiene standard, etc....
I believe she's doing all these video clips about China is to show her fellow Indians how far China is way ahead of India in nation developments. Her wish must be hoping that her motherland India in the near future could develop like what China is today. She must be doing all these videos to tell her country men and ladies to learn from the Chinese what is best for the people and nation. Hygiene in importance and it is every citizen responsibility and duty to keep the country clean. Appreciates her hard works for showing how China had come so far ahead of India in many expects. Instead of criticize her for comparing China and India.





译自Youtube,原标题:Do I Really Have FREEDOM In CHINA?

Freedom is relative but China is free country, people in this country have the freedom and rights to live freely just like other countries.
As a foreigner living in this country I’m a witness to the true life in China .
We’ve all being labeled as a propagandist for sharing our experiences in China .


Is there such thing as perfect country? Of course not, both China and States have their issues.  No body is perfect.  Lived in China for few months back in 2016 and 2017, I could say it's the most safest and convenient country on earth.  Can't wait going back next year!


China is an inspiration for the world ��� in economics, environmental science and technology and engineering and infrastructure. The whole world is being lied to by the western media and they should be ashamed. 1.4 billion people living in a wonderful country and you said you haven't seen One homeless person and that is incredible and everyone deserves what China has achieved. It's breathtaking. Congratulations on presenting this exceptional and honest perspective, keep up with the great work.


Thank you Willene for painting a true picture of China. I came across your channel several weeks ago and have been following. It is important to get the story from someone that’s on the ground. When you mentioned theft in China, I have a story. My friend lives in Dongguan and he bikes a lot. There was one time he left his bike outside a noodle shop and when he finished his noodle, his bike disappeared. He asked the owner, whom he knew if he had seen anyone taking it. The owner said no but he would put a notice outside his shop saying that if the bike is not returned in 3 days, it will be reported to the police. Sure enough, the bike reappeared. I dare say this will not happen in most parts of the world. The existence of cameras everywhere may make some uncomfortable as if they are being watched all the time. But if you are a law abiding citizen, they are there to keep you safe. My 2 cents…


If you want to receive, you must give first, that is ultimate wisdom - Lao Tzu.. that is philosophy Chinese people from ancient time..
So if you want freedom, you must give freedom for other people too.. freedom from fear, freedom from being shoot, robbed, bullying, harassment etc..
And if you can't do that then the goverment must act because that is one function of the goverment


I’ve lived in many different countries including China and the most „free“ i ever felt was in Switzerland and in the Netherlands. But even then it was never “perfect”, there are limitations and downsides everywhere. It really comes down to your own personal values and priorities at the end of the day.


About the last question, it is not that easy to give a simple answer. If it is a obvious live or die thing, I think most people will come out to lend a hand. However, it is not always easy for ordinary people to tell how serious the situation is, so the government encourages and educates that the most correct thing is to call police when you see bad things happen and the police should arrive in a very short time (say 5 min). That would be a major reason. Another reason seems not so well is that a lot of Chinese are truely becoming more indifferent nowadays because the social values deviate from old good traditions to more money-oriented ones, which does bring harm to our society but thank god it is not a major issue.




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